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Year's Best SF 11

Year's Best SF 11

5.0 2
by David G. Hartwell

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Travel farther than you've ever dreamed

Man has mused about the nature of our universe since he first gazed up in wonder at the stars. Now some of the most fertile imaginations in speculative fiction offer bold and breathtaking visions of "what's out there" and "what's next" in the eleventh annual celebration of the very best short SF to


Travel farther than you've ever dreamed

Man has mused about the nature of our universe since he first gazed up in wonder at the stars. Now some of the most fertile imaginations in speculative fiction offer bold and breathtaking visions of "what's out there" and "what's next" in the eleventh annual celebration of the very best short SF to appear over the past year.

Once again, acclaimed editors and anthologists David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer have compiled an extraordinary collection featuring stunning works from modern masters as well as dazzling gems from brilliant new talents — tales that carry the reader to the far corners of the galaxy and beyond, into hitherto unexplored regions. Get ready to take glorious flight on a journey to the miraculous.

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HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:
Year's Best SF Series , #11
Product dimensions:
4.18(w) x 6.75(h) x 1.02(d)

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Meet the Author

David G. Hartwell is a senior editor of Tor/Forge Books. His doctorate is in Comparative Medieval Literature. He is the proprietor of Dragon Press, publisher and bookseller, which publishes The New York Review of Science Fiction, and the president of David G. Hartwell, Inc. He is the author of Age of Wonders and the editor of many anthologies, including The Dark Descent, The World Treasury of Science Fiction, The Hard SF Renaissance, The Space Opera Renaissance, and a number of Christmas anthologies, among others. Recently he co-edited his fifteenth annual paperback volume of Year's Best SF, and co-edited the ninth Year's Best Fantasy. John Updike, reviewing The World Treasury of Science Fiction in The New Yorker, characterized him as a "loving expert." He is on the board of the IAFA, is co-chairman of the board of the World Fantasy Convention, and an administrator of the Philip K. Dick Award. He has won the Eaton Award, the World Fantasy Award, and has been nominated for the Hugo Award forty times to date, winning as Best Editor in 2006, 2008, and 2009.

Kathryn Cramer is a writer and anthologist. She won a World Fantasy Award for best anthology for The Architecture of Fear, co-edited with Peter Pautz; she was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for her anthology Walls of Fear. She co-edits anthologies with David G. Hartwell, such as the huge anthologies of hard sf The Ascent of Wonder, The Space Opera Renaissance, and The Hard SF Renaissance, and does the annual Year's Best Fantasy and the Year's Best SF with him. She is an editor of The New York Review of Science Fiction, for which she has been nominated for the Hugo Award seventeen times. Her dark fantasy hypertext, In Small and Large Pieces, was published by Eastgate Systems, Inc. She is employed by Wolfram Research and by L. W. Currey, Inc.

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Year's Best SF 11 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous 7 days ago
I can tell that Pepper is intrigued, but she doesn't speak as I continue.<p>"You see," I say as Pepper takes my hand in hers, "Mom... she was always involved in what I was involved in, you know? Kind of hands-on... and I loved doing anything and everything that I possibly could. So, when I wanted to go birdwatching by Downtown City Harbor, she went with me."<p>I pause.<p>"Little did we know that these birds were hungry for lunch. One grabbed me, and she fought them until I was free. Then they grabbed her..."<p>I let Pepper figure out the rest.<p>"I was only five."<p>I am the one of only two surviving members of the entire Ferguson family. And I can tell that both Dad and I miss her, but I was never going to tell him the truth bout what happened. He would hate me forever, and then who would I have but my friends?<p>No, I was sticking to the story that I told him: that as we were walking to the harbor, a human accidentally stepped on her and she didn't make it.<p>But Pepper deserves the truth.<p>"Oh, Russell..." she whispers, stopping and facing me, "Russell, that's not your fault. It's not your fault at all! She wanted to help you do what you wanted to do and then she saved you from certain death!"<p>"Yeah, but..."<p>"She sounds like an amazing person, Russell, and, even though I know little of her, I can already see her in you. Her legacy lives on in you..."<p>"But still..."<p>"Russell..."<p>And then she kisses me.<p>It was short, but it was still a kiss...<p>We hadn't even officially become a "thing" yet- despite being extremely close for the past two months- but she had kissed me...<p>"I'm glad that she saved you, Russell."<p>"I'm glad, too."<p>~-~<p>When we get back to the pet shop, we're shocked to see everybody in there instead of upstairs in the apartments.<p>We let go of each other and enter the Littlest Pet Shop.<p>"Pepper! Russell! Where have you two been?"<p>All eyes turn to us as Penny asks the question.<p>"I was at the park," I say, "and ran into her as I was heading back. Why?"<p>They seem to buy it, but they look concerned.<p>"What's going on?"<p>"It's Blythe... she had a seizure while driving."<p>"What?!"<p>It was also common knowledge between all of us that Blythe and Josh were expecting their firstborn.<p>Nothing about this sounded good.<p>"Yeah, Blythe had a seizure while driving. It was bad enough where she got knocked out and concussed by the dashboard. Josh was able to pry the steering wheel out of the way and utilize it, but it's pretty bad for Blythe..."<p>We all look at each other and see the tears in everyone's eyes.<p>I'm not super-religious or anything, but I take a seat next to everyone before bowing my head and praying out loud for Blythe and her safety and health. Everyone else chimes in after I'm done, and by the end of it all, we are still scared and sad, but there was no denying the sense of comfort that came over all of us.<p>~-~<p>"Hey, Pepper, I was wondering... would you like to, you know, ACTUALLY go out with me? You know, like be my... be my girlfriend?"<p>She looks at me incredulously before beaming radiantly.<p>"Of course, Russell! I'd love to be your girlfriend!"<p>Four months ago, I never would've imagined this at all. Me asking, her giving a positive response...<p>But I have grown.<p>And I would continue to grow.<p>All I need is a little dash of Pepper.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago