Yellow & Pink

Yellow & Pink

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by William Steig

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Steig's witty dialectic on the nature of existence

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Steig's witty dialectic on the nature of existence

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Publishers Weekly
A pair of wooden puppets, one lean and yellow, the other pink and plump, contemplate existential questions in Yellow & Pink (1984) by William Steig. ("I can't help wondering... how we got to be here. It all seems new and strange. Who are we?") Steig's pen-and-inks, with occasional gray wash, are accented only with the titular tones. PW called it "a comic fable that has more clout than the most fervent homily." Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature
As two freshly painted puppets dry in the sun, they wonder about their existence. "Do you happen to know what we're doing here?" asks the thin, yellow puppet of his fat, pink companion. "Someone must have made us," says Pink. "But how," Yellow asks, "could anyone make something like me, so intricate, so perfect?" Pink is certain that they were created by someone, but Yellow argues that they are a fluke, that over eons they just happened. Unconvinced, Pink asks several awkward questions. Why can they see and hear? How can the paint on their bodies be so neat and symmetrical—"with perfect edges, in just the right places?" In the end, Yellow concludes that "some things will have to remain a mystery. Maybe forever," and decides they don't need to argue on such a fine day. Just then a disheveled man ambles over, tucks the dry puppets under his arm and heads back to where he's come from. "Who is this guy?" Yellow whispers. Pink doesn't know, but one can imagine the discussion that will ensue between these two wooden philosophers. Illustrated with simple three-color drawings, this is a book that will delight adults as well as children and lead to some very interesting discussions! 2003 (orig.1984), Farrar, Straus and Giroux,
— Anita Barnes Lowen

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