Yellow Animals

Yellow Animals

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by Melissa Stewart

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Children's Literature - Enid Portnoy
Enlarged and colorful photographs of animals all the same color are part of the charm of the “All About a Rainbow of Animals” series. Each book is designed the pre-readers who will appreciate the large photographs and simple word choice, as they can identify words and phrases that link the words and pictures. Each title has an end page giving the briefest of information on sources that provide more animal information. Photographs in Yellow Animals feature a snake, a bird, a fish, and a monkey. When the child identifies each picture, it is a good opportunity to entertain further questions and answers about similarities and differences between pictures. The book is short, with only 24 pages, and there is no story line, but the reader and listener can certainly make one up. These nonfiction books are best used often and with enthusiasm as a first introduction to informational texts in early childhood. Even without a narrative, the information in this book can be highlighted by trips to see real animals and other yellow creatures. Reviewer: Enid Portnoy; Ages 4 to 7.
School Library Journal
PreS—Living things including insects, amphibians, birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals are grouped according to color. Only two words are used to describe each photo such as "yellow fish," "green snake," "blue spider," except for the last page, which depicts an animal with partial coloration such as "duck with a green head" or "owl with yellow eyes." The texts are brief and meant to reinforce color concepts, and the photos are clear close-ups. Because of the books' simplicity, children will feel as if they are really reading, and they'll pause to explore the engaging illustrations.—Sandra Welzenbach, Villarreal Elementary School, San Antonio, TX

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Enslow Publishers, Incorporated
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All About a Rainbow of Animals
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6.32(w) x 7.32(h) x 0.32(d)
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3 Years

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