Yes, Let's

Yes, Let's

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by Galen Goodwin Longstreth, Maris Wicks

Let's get into the station wagon, roll those windows down,
Let's sing out loud and wave to cows as we drive out of town.
Let's park the car beneath the trees and trade our shoes for boots,
Let's set the timer, all say "Cheese!" then head into the woods.

In this cute book about a family's camping trip, the simple, rhyming text is enhanced by


Let's get into the station wagon, roll those windows down,
Let's sing out loud and wave to cows as we drive out of town.
Let's park the car beneath the trees and trade our shoes for boots,
Let's set the timer, all say "Cheese!" then head into the woods.

In this cute book about a family's camping trip, the simple, rhyming text is enhanced by comical illustrations that bring wit and energy to every page. Packaged in a smaller size for little hands and easy to pack up, this book would be a perfect read-aloud during the car ride, along with a great way to recap a trip at the end. The illustrations inside the front cover serve as a reminder of things to pack, and the story inspires activities to plan. There is even a space in the back to paste a picture of the reader's own family trip. This little book serves as a loving tribute to family togetherness.

Editorial Reviews

The New York Times Book Review - Sarah Harrison Smith
Yes, Let's gives a real sense of the squabbles and satisfactions of family life. Wicks…is an outstanding observer of natural settings, adding imaginative, comic detail to Longstreth's rhyming verse…Get your boots on! This outing looks like fun.
Publishers Weekly
In an age of technology overload, debut talents Longstreth and Wicks remind readers of the things that matter: family outings, the vitamin D that comes from time spent outdoors, and the memories that accompany such excursions. A family of seven—two parents, four kids, and a large and rambunctious dog—wake up early one morning, pack up the station wagon, and head out for a day in the woods: “Let’s hike the trail, hop the stream,/ and duck the fallen logs./ Let’s go this way,/ we’ve got all day—/ someone call the dog.” Despite the back-to-basics fun—swimming, picnic lunches, card games, and “milkshakes all around” on the way home—technology isn’t forbidden. The family’s digital camera “clicks” in several scenes, and the family poses twice for group pictures: once while they’re still fresh-faced, and again just before they leave, scuffed up and exhausted. Wicks’s clean-lined cartooning greatly expands on Longstreth’s understated but evocative verse, filling the pages with visual mini-narratives, dashes of humor, and details to pore over, all while capturing the cheerful chaos of a big, happy family. Ages 3–8. (May)
From the Publisher

"From the children's creative ideas and Wicks's illustrations of their inventiveness, children and families everywhere will be inspired to head outside to make memories together." — Jennifer M. Brown, Children's editor, Shelf Awareness

"Let's get into the station wagon, roll those windows down,
Let's sing out loud and wave to cows as we drive out of town.
Let's park the car beneath the trees and trade our shoes for boots,
Let's set the timer, all say 'Cheese!' then head into the woods."
— from the book

Children's Literature - Peg Glisson
Come along on a fun family day in the woods, from sun-up to sun-down. Rhyming text takes the reader through waking up, packing gear, riding there, hiking, playing, swimming, eating, and eventually sleepily returning home. Every sentence begins with "Let's," inviting the reader to join in the fun. The understated verse conjures up visual images: "Let's gather rocks and build a dam/ and make a little boat./Let's try with leaves and bark and grass/until it finally floats." Wicks has great fun bringing the day and the family to life in her comic-style illustrations. She shows a family that enjoys each other—at least most of the time! The illustrations abound with humor, as well as details hinting at the personalities of each family member. There is one brother, with his ever-present yo-yo, and another loading up the trail mix with chocolate chips, an older sister who does not want to change from pink flats to hiking boots, and Mom is dismayed at filthy hands at lunchtime. Youngsters will go back to the illustrations again and again, examining both family and wildlife actions—and then beg for it to be read again. While there is a not-so-subtle get out and enjoy nature message, it is not heavy-handed. Technology is allowed (the digital camera snaps away all day), as is a stop at a burger joint. This family lives in today's world, but definitely understands the value of time spent together outdoors and the importance of trying things with a positive attitude. A good choice for a summer story time or to kick off a nature unit. Reviewer: Peg Glisson
Kirkus Reviews
Tag along on a family's hiking trip as they enjoy (mostly) the great outdoors and (almost always) each other. Longstreth and Wicks have created an Everyfamily that most readers will be able to identify with, even if they have never been on a family hike. The language helps: Every sentence, save the final one, starts with "Let's," bringing readers into the adventure. Early one morning, four children tiptoe in to wake their parents (and dog) for a day of hiking through the woods to the river. As in reality, not everything goes perfectly; what matters are the interactions, and there are plenty as the family members enjoy swimming, playing games, building boats and dams, exploring, having lunch and pursuing their own interests. While the rhymes don't always work ("cards" with "far"), Wicks' illustrations are standouts. She captures the family's every thought and feeling, from the teenage girl's defiance over exchanging her pink flats for hiking boots to the mother's horror at her youngest son's hands at lunchtime. (The oddly applied noses may distract some, though.) The kids are nicely individuated: The oldest boy has his ever-present yo-yo, the youngest one is always losing or dropping something. But best of all are the small details. Not only are there endpaper checklists of animals, hiking gear and groceries to find, but very observant readers will notice a whole other subplot going on in the illustrations. Ready the backpacks--this is sure to inspire many a family. (Picture book. 3-8)

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Tanglewood Press IN
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8.20(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.40(d)
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4 - 8 Years

Meet the Author

Galen Longstreth grew up on Mercer Island, Washington, where she became a voracious reader, learned to drive stick on steep hills, swam in Lake Washington, and went on many outdoor adventures with her family. Though she has had a number of different jobs, she persistently maintains her connection to children’s literature. She has taught kindergarten in Philadelphia, sold children’s books at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon, and reviewed children’s books for a Washington State newspaper. She now works at a non-profit organization that provides picture books and professional development for teachers in kindergarten through third grade classrooms. She lives in Philadelphia.

Longstreth received her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She also has a Masters in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She writes picture books, poetry, comics, and stories, all for children and young adults. She is currently working on a graphic novel script, a young adult novel, and a number of picture books. She and her brother, comics artist Alec Longstreth, are currently collaborating on a picture book about summer camp. Her work has appeared in comics anthologies published by Tugboat Press. Yes, Let’s is her first book.

Maris Wicks grew up exploring the woods of New England with her family. She now lives in sunny Somerville, MA with fellow illustrator Joe Quinones and their cat Biggs. Wicks has written and drawn for Spongebob Comics, Adhouse Books and Tugboat Press, and has recently finished the graphic novel Primates: The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas, written by Jim Ottaviani, for First Second Books. When she is not drawing, she can be found working as a program educator at the New England Aquarium.

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Yes, Let's 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
GratefulGrandma More than 1 year ago
What a great story about a family who heads off to the woods/camping park for a wonderful day. The story is told in rhyme about the adventures they have. From getting up, loading the car, taking a picture before they begin, hiking, swimming, picnicing to heading home they share a wonderful day full of family fun and adventure. Reading this story with your family before you head off on your own trip or setting the stage for a summer vacation would be fun. As another reviewer said about this family, "There is fun, there is reality, there is love." The pictures are great, showing the happy faces of the people, but also the wonderful dog that is part of the family and of course the adventure as well. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.