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Yo Vengo, Volumen 5

Yo Vengo, Volumen 5

by Susan Davis

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Este es el volumen 5 de la serie de libros proféticos, Yo Vengo. Esta serie contiene mensajes urgentes de Dios El Señor Jesús, Dios Padre, y Dios el Espíritu Santo, sobre el Rapto y la Tribulación que viene pronto. "Este es tu Señor. El tiempo es corto. El tiempo se agota. El reloj está corriendo. Tengo que venir pronto. La


Este es el volumen 5 de la serie de libros proféticos, Yo Vengo. Esta serie contiene mensajes urgentes de Dios El Señor Jesús, Dios Padre, y Dios el Espíritu Santo, sobre el Rapto y la Tribulación que viene pronto. "Este es tu Señor. El tiempo es corto. El tiempo se agota. El reloj está corriendo. Tengo que venir pronto. La vida nunca será la misma. Elija la gloria o la destrucción."

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Meet the Author

This bio is about both Susan and Sabrina.

Around 2007 or so, the LORD brought together two people from two different parts of the globe, one in the U.S. and the other in Belgium. Sabrina, Belgium, and I, Susan, U.S. became friends because I had posted some information about GOD online and I received an email from her about it. I was involved in church outreach at the time and she was having struggles in a very secular region of the world with outreach. I felt the LORD wanted me to support her as she and I both struggled with issues of outreach in our communities, thus began a wonderful friendship, but we did not know that GOD had bigger plans for our lives. Sabrina had the unique gift of being able to hear the voice of the LORD and I totally believed and supported her gift. Then recently she let me know that the LORD had a gift for me, I soon found out that the gift was also hearing the voice of the LORD, I started to write down letters HE gave me recently and I have been filling many notebook pages. The messages are very, very serious, the LORD told us we needed to get these messages out without delay–so here are the letters I received, you can read more about us at the bottom of this message. Please pass this message on to whomever you think needs to read this.

Then I, Sabrina, asked the LORD what about your, Susan’s, letters:

“I have spoken to her so she might learn to understand MY Voice. Send the word out about MY soon coming. Don’t be shy about a thing. The world must get penetrated with MY words. Everybody must know that I am coming very soon. Many do know, but are not ready. Therefore send out MY words! Send them out & don’t be shy about a thing.”

Then the LORD said: “This refers also to you, me, Sabrina, MY daughter, don’t be shy about a thing any more. Do it soon!”

Our personal background info:

Hello. MY name is Sabrina. Let me introduce myself a bit.

I became a Christian in 1992.

God has done a huge job in me concerning emotional recovery. It has been an intense, difficult, painful and long journey, but it has led to an intense wonderful intimate friendship with God. God has been MY perfect counselor. He has treated me with His tender care, wisdom and especially a lot of patience.

God’s heart’s desire was and is intimacy with His children and this also became MY heart’s desire. I learned to hunger and thirst for everything from Him. I learned to worship Him in all MY circumstances, no matter how I felt.

I learned to have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and I discovered that it was He who spoke to me in MY mind. I created a deep respect for Him and invited Him every day in MY prayers to fill and lead me completely. I did everything not to hurt Him.

One day in 2006 God started talking to me about His soon coming. The Lord has also told me that the fact I always hear His Voice, is His gift of grace for me. Later I understood that this gift would also be used in the prophetic and encouraging field for other people. But the principal of this gift was, that He would use me in this end-time to speak about His soon coming.

In April 2008 God told me it was important to spend much time with Him. This desire grew also in MY heart more and more and the Lord said to me that this was also His desire and His Holy Spirit’s.

From then on I put a number of specific days for Him separately during the week. I filled these days with prayer, Bible reading, reading books, listening to good Bible studies on the internet, worship, etc. But it also happened that the Holy Spirit urged me to go to evangelize to someone.

Heaven is too real for me, time too short and the exhortations of the Lord too strong for something else to do.

On January 6 2010, I had a prophetic rapture dream. Though I was engaged much in these matters, I had not received many rapture dreams. This was MY second. The Lord explained that His Coming will be sudden, with great power, followed by immediate panic and chaos.

On May 25 2010, God gave me an important dream of the bride. The explanation was this: “It is important for MY Bride to prepare herself. Behold, I come quickly and then there will be no more time to make up. MY Bride must prepare now. Be ready! I am ready. “God spoke in a serious tone!

On July 9 2010, God gave me an encouraging word. Here is an excerpt from the letter: ‘MY dear daughter, write it down. Know that everything here is as good as ready. There is nothing stopping ME to come for MY bride. Everything is ready. The table for the eternal marriage stands ready. The angels are on post. Everyone is rejoiced & enthusiast! Oh what a joy it will be when I come for MY bride! I want you to encourage each other with these words. It is only the grace of MY Father who holds the sound of the trumpet. Millions of people are still lost.‘

In all those years, I have received many confirmations whenever the Holy Spirit talked to me, through the bible, books or other people’s testimony, preaching, teachings. MY only goal is to be completely obedient to Him. MY days are completely for Him, as I don’t go to work. I keep praying for everyone I witness to, take daily communion, just spent all MY time for & with the Lord. Thank you for taking the time to read all this, so you know MY walk with Him is serious. May the Lord bless you all!

Sabrina De Muynck. jan.sabrina@pandora.be

You can find more information out about me, Susan Davis, and MY relationship with the LORD by checking out the following websites:



And MY email is: lovethewhirlwind@sbcglobal.net

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