Yodeling Mad!: The Best of Country Yodel, Vol. 1

Yodeling Mad!: The Best of Country Yodel, Vol. 1


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Jasmine Music


  1. Hawaiian Cowboy  - Roy Rogers
  2. Yodellin' Rambling Cowboy  - Frank Marvin
  3. H.O.B.O. Calling  - Goebel Reeves
  4. I Don't Work for a Living @@Pete Wiggins
  5. Yodellin' Tex  -  Carson Robison & His Pioneers
  6. I'm Gonna Straddle My Saddle @@Jenkins, Polly & Her Musical Pals
  7. Since That Black Cat Crossed My Path  - Ernest Tubb
  8. A Little Log Shack I Can Always Call My Home  - Wilf Carter
  9. Yodelling Mad @@Yodelling Slim Clark
  10. Queen of the Rodeo  - Rex Allen
  11. I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart  - Rosalie Allen
  12. That Nasty Swing  - Cliff Carlisle
  13. The Little Ranch House on the Old Circle B.  - Gene Autry
  14. When I'd Yoo-Hoo in the Valley
  15. All Set and Saddled  - Tex Morton
  16. That's How the Yodel Was Born  - Elton Britt
  17. Out on the Lone Prairie  -  Prairie Ramblers
  18. The Yodeling Ranger  - Jimmie Rodgers
  19. The Texas Cowboy  - Hank Snow
  20. I'm Casting My Lasso Towards the Sky  - Slim Whitman
  21. Cattle Call  - Eddy Arnold

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