You Are Still Loved

You Are Still Loved

by Dr. Tommy Davis

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Cd Baby


  1. The Gift of Breaking Free  - Tommy Davis
  2. You Are Still Loved  - Tommy Davis
  3. Touch Me Lord Jesus  - Tommy Davis
  4. I Wanna See You Again  - Tommy Davis
  5. Looking Back to Go Forward  - Tommy Davis
  6. Through the Storm  - Tommy Davis
  7. The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow  - Tommy Davis
  8. He'll Make a Way (A Gospel Mantra)  - Tommy Davis
  9. Pressing On  - Audrey M. Mikell
  10. Inner Voice  - Tommy Davis
  11. Something Within  - Tommy Davis
  12. Down by the Riverside There Is Power in the Blood  - Tommy Davis
  13. A Grey Tint in My Rose Colored Glasses  - Tommy Davis
  14. Be Connected  - Tommy Davis
  15. No Matter What I Won't Give Up  - Tommy Davis
  16. Pressing On  - Tommy Davis
  17. What a Friend We Have in Jesus  - Tommy Davis
  18. Reflections  - J. Donald Dumpson

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tommy Davis   Primary Artist
Gabriel Hardeman   Background Vocals
Darrell Lee   Choir, Chorus
Charlene Holloway   Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Annette Hardeman   Background Vocals
Dexter Moore   Keyboards
Kyle Thomas   Choir, Chorus
William Floyd   Choir, Chorus
Tommy 'T' Davis   Vocals,Background Vocals,Spoken Word
William Becton & Friends   Choir, Chorus
Otis Joseph   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Choir Conductor
Charles H. Gabriel   Background Music
Francesca Altema   Choir, Chorus
William Baylor   Keyboards
CeCelia Birt   Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Devin Carr   Choir, Chorus
Joe Dangle   Drums
Naomi Daniels   Choir, Chorus
Frances Dixon Hunter   Choir, Chorus
Dawn Dixon   Choir, Chorus
Latoya Dixon   Choir, Chorus
William H. Doane   Background Music
Deborah Dukes   Choir, Chorus
J. Donald Dumpson   Piano,Choir Conductor
Chucky Ezekiel   Drums
Edward James   Choir, Chorus
Darryl Johnson   Guitar,Bass Guitar
Heidi Morgan   Choir, Chorus
Daria M. Knysh   Choir, Chorus
Audrey M. Mikell   Vocals
Audrey Milike   Background Vocals
Bonite Liles   Choir, Chorus
Coran J. Smith   Choir, Chorus
Helen Vassallo   Choir, Chorus
Jeremy M. Watson   Choir, Chorus
Robert Upshaw   Choir, Chorus
Corey Leak   Choir, Chorus
CJ White Lawrence   Choir, Chorus
Mrs. C.D. Martin   Background Music

Technical Credits

Gabriel Hardeman   Choir Arrangement
Glenn Barratt   Engineer,Mastering
Derrick Graves   Composer,Programming,Producer
Dexter Moore   Composer,Programming,Producer
Ashley Davis   Insert Photography
Tommy 'T' Davis   Arranger,Producer,Executive Producer,Vocal Arrangements,Choir Arrangement
Clarence Brown   Programming,Producer
Dave Gerhart   Engineer
Otis Joseph   Arranger
Dave Schonauer   Engineer
Tommy Davis   Arranger,Composer
CeCelia Birt   Composer
J. Donald Dumpson   Composer,Producer,Choir Arrangement

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