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You Can Quote Me On That: Greatest Tennis Quips, Insights, and Zingers

You Can Quote Me On That: Greatest Tennis Quips, Insights, and Zingers

5.0 18
by Paul Fein, Billie Jean King (Foreword by)

You Can Quote Me On That isn’t about the polite, country-club sport where players shake hands over the net and offer congratulations on a fine drop shot. It views tennis from inside, where competition is grueling, tempers flare, and egos collide. Top tennis journalist Paul Fein has compiled hundreds of the most outrageous, most significant, and most


You Can Quote Me On That isn’t about the polite, country-club sport where players shake hands over the net and offer congratulations on a fine drop shot. It views tennis from inside, where competition is grueling, tempers flare, and egos collide. Top tennis journalist Paul Fein has compiled hundreds of the most outrageous, most significant, and most illuminating quotes on, by, and about tennis’s biggest stars and hottest controversies.

You want smack talk? How about Maria Sharapova brushing aside an intended compliment with “I’m not the next Kournikova—I want to win matches!” Wonder why Jimmy Connors was such a cutthroat? According to his mother, “Jimmy was taught to be a tiger on the court. When he was young, if I had a shot I could hit down his throat, I did. And I’d say, ‘See, Jimmy, even your mother will do that to you.’” Fein even delves into the gritty detail of players’ personal lives. Witness Andre Agassi’s explanation that “sex doesn’t interfere with your tennis; it’s staying out all night trying to find it that affects your tennis.” And of course legendary bad boy John McEnroe both fires off and gets hits with multiple zingers.

Fein includes quotes of praise, thoughtful commentary, and interesting points about players, tournaments, and the game—where it’s been and where it’s headed. If it’s about tennis and worth remembering, well, You Can Quote Me On That.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
"Paul Fein hits another ace with You Can Quote Me On That."

"Paul Fein is tennis’s answer to John Bartlett. This exhaustive work belongs next to Bud Collins's encyclopedia on your tennis reference desk."

"Out of the mouths of tennis players comes Paul Fein’s wonderful, witty, profound, catty collection of quotations from a who’s who of tennis past and present."

"Paul Fein has collected many of the defining descriptions of the game and its players--things said in anger and awe, disappointment and desperation. To read this book is to visit tennis through the voices of its people."

"You Can Quote Me On That is as fascinating for its historical dimensions as its human revelations. It’s informative and entertaining."

"Started reading and couldn't stop and not just become I'm a tennis writer. There's a lot of wisdom inside and outside these lines. A fair bit of ignorance, too, which only makes the book more interesting. La Rochefoucauld and John Bartlett would have approved. These are maxims for the modern tennis fan."

"You'll laugh and learn when you read You Can Quote Me On That. The players' unfiltered words capture the dramas, rivalries, and passions that make tennis so entertaining and intriguing. This book is a keeper!"

"It's a must for both tennis cognoscenti and all those who enjoy a light and entertaining read."

"Paul Fein collects the most colorful tennis wit and wisdom through the ages in a book that offers inspiration, insight, and cover-to-cover laughs."

"Whether they’re glad or mortified to have said whatever, Paul Fein wasn’t going to let such good quotes get away from us."

"Irresistible reading . . . You Can Quote Me On That provides a fascinating commentary on a sport packed with human drama--a worth addition to anyone's tennis library."

"Paul Fein delivers the gems. . . . compelling."

"Longtime tennis journalist Paul Fein has compiled about 1,700 of the sport's best quotes, ranging from poignant observations to outrageous blasts from tennis stars and celebrities alike. The collection leaves no doubt that today's talent knows how to serve up a sound bite."

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Pete Sampras
"Paul Fein hits another ace with You Can Quote Me on That."
Christopher Clarey
"La Rochefoucauld and John Bartlett would have approved. These are maxims for the modern tennis fan."
tennis writer, International Herald and New York Times
Chris Evert
"You'll laugh and learn when you read You Can Quote Me on That. . . . This book is a keeper!"
all-time great
Steve Wilstein
"Offers inspiration, insight and cover-to-cover laughs."
Associated Press
Bud Collins
"Whether they're glad or mortified to have said whatever, Paul Fein wasn't going to let such good quotes get away."
Boston Globe/NBC and tennis Hall of Famer
Jon Wertheim
"Paul Fein is tennis's answer to John Bartlett."
Sports Illustrated

Meet the Author

Paul Fein is a renowned tennis journalist and author of Tennis Confidential: Today’s Greatest Players, Matches, and Controversies (Brassey’s, Inc., 2002) and You Can Quote Me on That: Greatest Tennis Quips, Insights, and Zingers (Potomac Books, Inc., 2005). His articles have appeared in the United States and twenty-five foreign countries, and earned over twenty-five writing awards. Fein’s diverse tennis background includes being a top-ten sectional tournament player, satellite tournament founder and director, USPTA teaching pro, New England tournament consultant, cable TV commentator, and tennis club and council president. He lives in Agawam, Massachusetts.

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You Can Quote Me On That: Greatest Tennis Quips, Insights, and Zingers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The referenced book is a long historical journey having more and more excitement through eras, type of courts, locker rooms and variety of players. Like a puzzle game where every piece, I mean quote has a special meaning and message-value. For the ones who never saw any tennis match, this book is going be the appropriate guidance; for the passionate fans it can be an mandatory 'chef-d'oeuvre' in their own bookshelf. If you think there are quotes from only the players, you gonna be surprised: from the contributors to the President, from the movie star to the famous novelist, from the baseball Hall of Famer to the God of Basketball. A must-read and must-got-it book for every generation!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is like freshly squeezed orange juice. It's fresh, pure and delicious, and you didn't have to pore over long interviews or entire books to get to the juicy parts. Right to the point on topic after topic -- from the profound to the profane. It's an easy ready with quotes of the most famous, and sometimes, least likely people in and around tennis. There are probably quotes from some of the people you've most loved and some who you've least liked. AND lots of surprises as to who said what! While the book tackles serious and age old topics, it also tackles views on some of tennis' greatest controversies. You'll get a feel for some of the most popular and infamous characters in the tennis world. And you'll get the sweet and wise observations of true authorities. And tennis, like sport generally, is a part of, and a reflection of, life. Many of the quotes reflect personal philosophies and insights of those we normally know only in a sporting context. It's hard to imagine how someone culled the best of the best without spending a lifetime to put it in one book. It has fairly been called the Barlett's Quotations of Tennis - except it's probably a more fun read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Paul Fein¿s 'You Can Quote Me On That' isn¿t a classic page-turner, full of mystery, plot and intrigue. It¿s just what it sounds like--a collection of quotes about tennis. Although it consists of 35 chapters, a necessity for organizing the vast material, I still found it difficult to stop when reaching a chapter¿s conclusion. Under the chapter entitled 'The Feminine Mystique' for example, Fein ends with a quote from Anna Kournikova saying: 'You cannot just be a great tennis player, or just be a beautiful person anymore to succeed in the game. You have to have it all, the talent, the looks, the brains and the drive.' The next chapter, ''Paeans To the Champions,¿ starts with this praise for Pete Sampras from Jim Courier: 'He can hit shots the rest of us can¿t hit and don¿t even think of hitting.' And then continues as Becker, Agassi, McEnroe and Emerson assess Pete¿s standing in the tennis pantheon. What makes the book more than a sum of its considerable parts is the sense of history that pervades it. Nineteen twenties star Bill Tilden, who wrote several books on tennis, is quoted regularly, and we hear from Jack Kramer on early professional men¿s tennis, Billie Jean King on the struggles of the women¿s tour, Arthur Ashe on the class and race barriers, Martina Navratilova on sexual orientation. Not to mention Gussie Moran¿s panties and Suzanne Lenglen¿s rock star status in the 20s. It¿s a whirlwind tour of tennis history in doses as small or large as you like and it's also a reminder that the more tennis changes, the more it stays the same. I¿ll close with two of my favorite quotes: 'Under these absurd and antiquated amateur rules, only a wealthy person can compete, and the fact of the matter is that only wealthy people do compete. Is that fair? Does it advance the sport? Does it makes tennis more popular¿or does it tend to suppress and hinder an enormous amount of tennis talent lying dormant in the bodies of young men and women whose names are not in the social register.' and 'Certainly there does not appear to be anything much wrong with the game of tennis itself, although proposals for changing it always are with us. There has been little change since the rules were settled upon and possibly improvement can be had by changing some rules, but a game so stylized as tennis should be treated with great restraint. One of the things wrong may be that so many people keep trying to alter it to suit other people who do not really play it.' The first quote is from Suzanne Lenglen, circa 1920s the second from Al Laney in 1968.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one great book! Paul Fein's You Can Quote Me On That: Greatest Tennis Quips, Insights And Zingers is one of the most unique tennis books ever published. Why? It's virtually the tennis Smithsonian of insights into the minds of players, coaches, officials, the media, administrators, the intelligencia and others from the world of tennis. Want to know what your favorite tennis star is thinking about on and off the court? It's here. Want to know what the media think about the players? Check it out. Want to know what the tennis world is talking about? Read on. I was really excited to get my copy because as Founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association (IMGCA), I am always searching for new quotes on sports psychology that I can put in our members articles, training programs and our IMGCA Certification programs. This book is loaded with 1700 quotes ranging over 35 chapters from tennis stars, legends, champions, celebrities, also-rans and the rest of the world's tennis denizens. Try finding all these quotes yourself, from the hundreds of sources that Paul used in constructing this masterpiece. You would have to work for years to capture all the wonderful tennis quotes in this compendium. Come to think of it, that's probably exactly what Paul did in writing this book! You Can Quote Me On That is the perfect gift for the tennis lovers in your life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I don't have a lot of time to sit and read a whole book at one time, life is too busy for me, so this book was perfect for me. I could take it to work and read it on my breaks or lunch, or in the evening when I had some time to relax. To me this was very much like a tennis history book. Paul has quotes from many players who I had never heard of, so I would look them up after reading their quote, which made me more tennis literate. One quote I really liked was by Jim Courier: 'I've been reading how I don't have much talent. There are many different talents besides hitting a tennis ball. Having guts on the court is a talent having desire is talent having courage to go for a shot when you are (down) love-40 is a talent.' This is a very thought provoking quote that makes you think about all areas of life and what talent really is. There are many quality quotes like this, as well as the funny ones. It is really a great book, worth buying and reading. With the holidays quickly approaching, I think this would be a great gift for anyone who enjoys quotes, not just tennis fans!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a collector of quotes books as well as a fairly new and enthusiastic tennis fan. 'You Can Quote Me on That' very much increased my interest in tennis. This 259-page book has many virtues. It is both an excellent introduction to tennis and an authoritative and wide-ranging collection of quotes for the cognoscenti. The splendidly organized contents covers 35 different topics from the universal, such as The Fame Game,True Confessions, and All in the Family, to the more tennis-specific, such as the Majesty of Winbledon, Open Tennis, and Styles and Strategies, which are highly educational. The comprehensive index is especially user-friendly. Most of the quotes cite the source, year and content which serves to clarify them fully. One learns about what motivates the sound and fury of the likes John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors and Serena and Venus Williams. Amusing quotes abound! After Vitas Gerulaitis finally beat nemeis Connors, he quipped 'Nobody beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a row!' The book is filled with erudite and provocative quotes by icons Billie Jean King, Arthur Ashe, Chris Evert, Jack Kramer and going way back, Big Bill Tilden, plus topical quotes by Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Borsi Becker, Chris Evert and always-outspoken Martina Navratilova. Whether you're a quotes lover or a tennis aficionado, 'You Can Quote Me on That' is a valuable addition to your library.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this book! Whatever the topic, there are terrific quotes. In the 'Talk is Cheap' chapter, Arthur Ashe predicted in 1970, 'Women's tennis won't draw flies.' Fireworks explode on every page in the 'Nothing Personal' chapter. Maria Sharapova says, 'I'm not the next Kournikova. I want to win matches.' In the very revealing 'True Confessions' chapter, Andre Agassi admits, 'I have taken off some years that I have spent a lot of nights regretting.' And best of all, there are lots of hilarious quotes. When he was 22, Mark Philippousis, the Australian hunk, said, 'I don't want a girlfriend now. They're hard work and they're very dangerous.' My other favorite chapters are 'The Ego Has Landed,' 'Styles and Strategies,' 'All in the Family,' and 'Did They Really Say That?' This book makes you think about the stars and facets of the tennis world, and you have a great time all the way.
Hos More than 1 year ago
I bought this book to to read and write a book report for a class assigment when I was a student at Tennis Tech program in Tyler Junior College in 2002. I liked the book a lot because it was easy to read and contained lot of quotes from many tennis players that allowed me to get to know their personalities, know more about what they think, what they said about other players etc. I started playing tennis in the 80s and because of where I came from or where I lived at that time I never really had much of an access to watch tennis on TV or read or get any information about tennis / tennis players in the written media. So in the 80s and 90s I had limited access to get information about players, especially about the ones who were actually more popular in the 70s and early 80s like Jimmy Conners, McEnroe and Borg. This book gave me lot of information about the players (my favorite ones as well as non-favoriye ones), their personalities, etc. It was fun too read quotes, commets they made about tennis, about their opponents, etc. And one other reason I liked this book because, these kind of information is really hard to find all in one place. Paul Fein did an excellent job on researching and gathering all this information in one book which allows readers to read and enjoy. I definetely recommend this book. Hos Komurcu
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As Billie Jean King wrote in the foreword, "Tennis players tell it like it is. They praise and lambaste opponents, confide their hopes and fears, talk tennis issues, and express themselves in every conceivable way."
"You Can Quote Me on That" captures all of that and more with about 1,700 quips, insights and zingers, exactly as the subtitle promises. The quips are especially hilarious in the "Nothing Personal" and "Talk Is Cheap" and "Did They Really Say That?" chapters. The insights are terrific in the "Stuff of Champions", "All in the Mind," "Points of Contention" and "Styles and Strategies" chapters.
"True Confessions" is a fascinating chapter because of the confessions by King, Sampras, Agassi, Borg, McEnroe, Capriati and Navratilova who revealed she used to carry a gun with her on tour. Both President Bush 41 has some interesting things to say as does President Clinton.
This is a superb book. And you can quote me on that!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Paul's books are always entertaining. This book provides insight into some of your favorite and not so favorite players. A great read around Open time as these quotes will make for entertaining match watching banter. I am always amused by what they will actually say to a reporter and Paul has found some of the best zingers. A great gift for your tennis friends and bring an extra copy to the next tennis party and pass it around - its alot of fun.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Paul's books are always entertaining and informative. They provide us with a window into the world of pro tennis and what the players are thinking and saying. Paul's books also make a great gift.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I always enjoy Paul Fein's books and artilces. He is a wonderful writer and so insightful and interesting. I just love his 'You Can Quote Me On That'. I carry it with me on all my tennis trips and just open it up anywhere and I find myself transfixed. I am amazed at the width and breadth of these quotes. How on earth did he amass them all? They are poignant, entertaining, explanatory, funny, and zany. And they illuminate the wonderful world of tennis . . . . . Wayne Bryan, Coach and Father of Mike & Bob Bryan, the #1 doubles team in the world.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It took me a long time to finish reading this book because I did not want it to end.I have seen many of the tennis players on TV or in person over the years that were quoted in this book. What made it so interesting was that their quotes gave an insight into their personality versus how I perceived them. You Can Quote Me On That is dynamite.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Reading 'You Can Quote Me On That' was really enjoyable. I read every quote, cover to cover. Eddie Moylan Former top 10 player
Guest More than 1 year ago
I find it a particular pleasure to read a book which is written on different levels, such as: fun to read, but also informative. YCQMOT fulfils these criteria so well that when I started dipping into it I found instead I would finish a whole chapter and then wanted to read the next. The book is a good mix of amusing, outrageous and philosophical comments from almost everyone of note in the tennis world, and I was often surprised to see who had said what. Some quotes even tended to change my former opinion of who said it - sometimes for the better, sometimes worse! Here are just a couple of my favourites: 'I have always considered tennis as combat in an arena between two gladiators who have their rackets and their courage as weapons.' Yannick Noah, 1983 French Open Champion. 'Tracy, I want you to know that I'm going to be much more famous than you.' Pete Sampras, age 10, to Tracy Austen at their club in Los Angeles, after she had won her second US Open title (1981). The book is also beautifully produced, on good quality paper, with a number of fine black and white photographs, and a comprehensive index. It would make a great gift for anyone interested in tennis.
Guest More than 1 year ago
YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT! This is a masterpiece of work by Paul Fein! If like me you are a diehard tennis fan then this is the book for you! Some of the quotes in this book will make you laugh out loud, some will make you think, some make you feel a little anger too and some just give an insight into the minds of some of the most complex of characters! You get to read just how competitive some of the great tennis stars were & also how some of the competitors took their rivalries with other players to the press rooms causing on going feuds¿but all this makes for amusing reading! Let me give just a taster of some of the quotes: ¿I don¿t think I could ever be that phoney.¿ John McEnroe, on the nice-guy image Jimmy Connors cultivated late in his career. ¿ Nobody should be ranked No.1 who looks like he just swung from a tree.¿ Andre Agassi¿s cheap shot at Pete Sampras, for which he later apologised (1993) ¿Ten Grand Slams.¿ Pete Sampras¿s reply when asked what is the difference between him and Patrick Rafter, ranked No.2 (1997) ¿I think both of our worst nightmares would be to wake up the next morning and be the other.¿ Andre Agassi, on being polar opposites with archrival Pete Sampras (2002) If you want to read more than I strongly suggest you buy a copy of this fantastic book! Written by Georgia Christoforou, United Kingdom
Guest More than 1 year ago
You Can Quote Me On That is unique because it covers every facet of the tennis world and every big name from Agassi to Serena. In the ironically titled 'Nothing Personal' chapter, the top stars fire wicked and funny zingers at each other. In 'Paeans to the Champions' they laud themselves most respectfully. 'The Feminine Mystique' beautifully captures the appeal of women tennis players through the eras. I may even frame one quote by Helen Wills Moody, the 1920s champion: 'Concerning the limits and limitations of the game, why should we believe there are any?' The 'Did They Really Say That?' and the 'Love Affairs' chapters are especially hilarious. There are plenty of serious perceptive quotes, too, about race, religion, the sport's fascinating history, racket and playing style evolution, and so forth. I'm not a sports fanatic, but I couldn't put the book down. It's a lot of fun. It also made me think about tennis, sports, relationships and other topics in new ways. You'll definitely love this book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Forget Serena, Roddick and Roger. Paul Fein is this year's star of the tennis world with his fabulous new book 'You Can quote Me on That.' The most comprehensive and compelling collection of quotes the tennis world has ever seen, this book is not just a series of witty one-liners. Fein's book contains 1700 quotes from tennis legends (ranging from Bill Tilden up through Serena Williams) celebrities, philosophers and even a president or two. Readers will have a great time as they move from page to page and uncover the hidden treasures that not only entertain but also inform and enlighten. This book is a must-read for tennis lovers as well as those that understand that there is much to be learned about the game of life through the world of sports. 'You Can Quote Me On That' is a book that can be enjoyed over and over again as you can never be quite sure when a particular quote will touch you in a certain way or teach you something about yourself. Buy this book for yourself and your friends, and you'll be enjoying it and talking about it for months to come.