You Were Born for This: Seven Keys to a Life of Predictable Miracles

You Were Born for This: Seven Keys to a Life of Predictable Miracles

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by Bruce Wilkinson, David Kopp

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What if you missed a miracle yesterday?

Do you believe that if God still works miracles, He only works them through a select group of people-not you? Then it's time to discover the truth. You were created to help others experience personal miracles on a regular basis. You were born to accomplish God's work by His power.

In You Were


What if you missed a miracle yesterday?

Do you believe that if God still works miracles, He only works them through a select group of people-not you? Then it's time to discover the truth. You were created to help others experience personal miracles on a regular basis. You were born to accomplish God's work by His power.

In You Were Born for This, Bruce Wilkinson explores life-changing questions such as: Why do so few people experience miracles? What does it mean to be sent on a miracle mission? And, how can anyone partner with God to deliver miracles to others?

You will learn how to make a lifestyle of predictable miracles your new normal. Because when people ask God to accomplish the miraculous through them, things change. Relationships. Finances. Families. Spiritual lives. Soon the extraordinary becomes the everyday, and God showing up in supernatural ways is no longer something to wish for-it is the life God intended you to live.

Discover why you were born for this!

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For hundreds of thousands of readers, Bruce Wilkinson's The Prayer of Jabez changed their approach to worshipful prayer. You Were Born for This asks believers to reevaluate their concept of divine miracles. He presents seven simple keys of service that will help average readers deliver God's supernatural gifts to people in need. A neatly wrapped parcel of good deeds.

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Chapter 1

A New Way to See the World

You were born to expect a miracle today

What if I told you
I’m certain you missed a miracle yesterday? And not just any miracle but one that Heaven wanted to do through you to significantly change someone’s life for the better–maybe your own?

I would understand if you were doubtful.

But right alongside that doubt, most of us can identify a nearly universal experience. Almost everyone in the world–whatever their religious belief–can point to an event in their lives that seemed directly orchestrated by Heaven, that seemed impossible to explain without using words like “I can’t believe what just happened! That was a miracle!” We call these experiences divine coincidences, miracle moments, supernatural provisions.

Whatever we call them, we tend to value such events so highly that we recount them over and over, often for years. “I’ll never forget the time…,” we say, or “Sooner or later my daughter is going to tell you about…”
Why do we remember such events so clearly? I think it’s because we feel that we have been touched by Heaven. It’s as if God Himself stepped through the curtain that separates the seen from the unseen to make something wonderful happen for us, something only He could do.

But here’s the best part. In the experience we hear a personal and unforgettable message from God. Something like, I’m here. I care about you. I can do for you what you cannot do for yourself. Beginning with this near-universal experience, this book asks a few simple but intriguing questions:

• Why are these experiences of the miraculous so rare for most people?
• What if Heaven actually wanted you to experience them on a regular basis?
• What if ordinary people like you and me are invited to partner with God to deliver miracles to others?

If these questions put a picture in your mind of people everywhere walking around expecting to be a part of miracle moments on a regular basis, you’re not far wrong.

A mysterious encounter
Let me tell you about a mysterious encounter I had in a restaurant outside Denver with a waiter named Jack. I call it mysterious because on the surface everything looked so ordinary. Five friends at a table for six, waiters coming and going, voices, clatter–just what you’d expect in a busy restaurant. But by the time dinner was over, we all knew beyond a doubt that we’d been present for a divine appointment.
It was as if God Himself had walked up and said, “Thank you for saving Me a place. I’ve been wanting to do something for Jack.”

Here’s what happened.

During the course of the meal, Jack had served us well. But apart from the usual exchanges about the menu and our orders, we hadn’t spoken much. Around the table, meanwhile, the conversation revolved around some of Jesus’more extreme teachings–ones like “Ask, and you will receive” and “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” During the conversation I felt unexpectedly nudged by Heaven to try something I’d never done before. At the same time I sensed it was meant to involve Jack.

My experiment involved putting three hundred dollars “at risk.” Now, don’t let the amount throw you. The money wasn’t mine, and believe it or not, the person who was letting me carry it around was expecting me to give it away. (But more about that in a later chapter.)

When Jack came by to refill the water glasses, I posed a question. “Have you ever heard the saying ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’?”

“Yes, I have,” he said.

“Do you believe that?”

“Sure, I guess I do,” he said, looking puzzled.

“Good!” I said. “I have an interesting opportunity for you.” I placed a hundred-dollar bill on the table. “You have an unusual choice, Jack. You can either receive this hundred dollars as a gift, not a tip…”

I paused. I definitely had Jack’s attention, and the two couples with me didn’t appear to be breathing.

I looked at Jack. “Or you can say no to the money and instead give each of us a dessert. But this would be you buying the desserts, not the restaurant. You can’t do both things, and there’s no right or wrong. So what would you like to do–give or receive?”

Jack just stood there holding the water pitcher. He asked twice if I was serious. Then finally he said, “I’ll take the hundred dollars.”

True to my word, I handed him the bill.

“Thank you!” he said. Then he walked back to the kitchen.

After he left and my friends started breathing again, we all tried to figure out what had just happened. Was my unusual test about giving and receiving even fair? What was Jack thinking now? And what in the world was he saying to the crew in the kitchen?

All the while I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable. You see, earlier I had slipped another two hundred dollars under my plate. If the waiter had chosen to buy us desserts and not take the hundred–believing that it is more blessed to give than to receive–I was going to give him the hidden two hundred dollars. I had really hoped he would make the self-sacrificial choice because I’d strongly sensed that God wanted to encourage him with the larger sum.

The next time he came around, I said, “I’m curious, Jack. Do you feel like you made the right choice?”
“Absolutely!” he said excitedly. “In fact, it was a miracle. You see, I’m a single dad.” He pulled out his wallet and proudly showed us a photo of his three-year-old son. “Isn’t he something!” he said with a big smile. Then he explained his reaction. “I have to work three jobs during four days of the week just so I can take care of my son the other three days when my ex-wife works. But I’m having a tough time making ends meet. Just this morning I had to mail my alimony check of a hundred dollars even though my account was down to zero. Driving to work this afternoon, I actually prayed, ‘God, please! I need an extra hundred dollars, and I need it tonight!’ ”

Well, I was speechless, and so were my friends. How could we have known of our waiter’s crisis or of his prayer for a hundred dollars?

Then it was my turn to explain. I told him that even if he had decided to give instead of receive, I’d planned to give him the hundred dollars. “But now that I know your story, I agree. You made the right choice.”
Suddenly I knew what needed to happen next. “You have to know that none of this money was mine,” I told him. “The owner wanted me to pass it on as a kind of message to the right person. And I’m sure that person was you.”

I reached under the plate for the other two hundred. “Obviously God wanted you to have the hundred dollars, and He wants you to have this too.”

What God thinks is normal
What just happened here? Let’s break it down:

• Jack drove to work that evening to wait tables, but he brought with him a secret, pressing need.
• I had come to Colorado from Atlanta on business and ended up having dinner with friends in Jack’s restaurant.
• Unbeknown to Jack or my friends, I was prepared to meet someone’s financial need with money that wasn’t mine.
• By the end of the evening, God had used one person to deliver something that met a big need for another person–and in a way that was clearly miraculous to everyone involved.

You might react differently to what happened around that table. You might think, for example, Well, I don’t have a hundred-dollar bill lying around. And if I did, why would I give it to a stranger? For that matter, how would I figure out whom to give it to?

We’ll look closely at these reactions and more like them in the pages ahead. You’ll see, I promise, that God is just as likely to have plans for five dollars or twenty dollars as He is for a hundred dollars and that He never asks you or me to serve Him in a way that doesn’t fit us personally and perfectly.

For now, though, put yourself in the story of our dinner with Jack. Imagine how you would have felt leaving that table and knowing you had played an active role in delivering God’s provision for a young man’s desperate need. Better yet, imagine a lifestyle of such encounters, where God works through you in unexplainable ways to do a miracle–and on a regular basis.

This kind of life is not only possible but is what God thinks of as normal when He thinks of you.
You see, He did not place you on this earth to notice Him at work only once or twice in your whole life. He did not create you to consistently miss out on the wonder of His presence and power.

The truth is, you were born to live a supernatural life doing God’s work by God’s power. You were born to walk out your door each morning believing that God will use you to deliver a necessary miracle today.
This book will show you how.

The Everyday Miracle Territory
When it comes to miracles, most people I know see the world as divided in two.

On the far left is a region we could call the Land of Signs and Wonders. In this land amazing miracles seem to happen a lot, although only for a select few. Mostly this world reveals itself on television, in a few unusual churches, and in faraway places. Still, Signs and Wonders is a remarkable place. In this land the blind regain their sight and invalids throw away their canes to run around like school kids.

On the far right is the Land of Good Deeds. Nobody is putting on a show here. Fortunately, though, the place is full of good people watching out for each other, doing good works. And certainly God is pleased with that.

Interestingly, in Good Deeds land a lot of people believe in miracles and spend time studying them. They just don’t expect to actually see any miracles, much less be a part of them on a regular basis. When they praise God for miracles, they’re grateful for things that occurred long ago. Good Deeds land doesn’t dazzle like Signs and Wonders, but things are more manageable there. More predictable.

What’s the one big disadvantage in good Deeds land? God rarely shows up in a supernatural way. Why would He? No one is expecting the miraculous, and besides, everything is running just fine. Or so it seems.
Which land would you say you live in most of the time?

A large majority of people live in the Land of Good Deeds. Even though some would say they have experienced meaningful personal miracles in the past–at a point of spiritual awakening or in a time of crisis–they believe those experiences are rare. More important, they believe we don’t have a role in whether one happens again or not, so there’s no point in leaving the house today on the lookout for one.

What I want you to realize is that if you live in either land I’ve described, you’ve overlooked the most promising region of all. You see, between the dazzle of Signs and Wonders and the duty of Good Deeds lies a broad and promising middle ground.

In this book we call this in-between land the Everyday Miracle Territory. Here people believe that God wants to intervene–and does–in supernatural ways in human affairs on a regular basis. Here unmet needs are seen by ordinary people as golden opportunities for God to show up, and to do so through them, at almost any moment. They’re not waiting for special powers for themselves or for God to part the skies on their behalf. They have experienced miracles and know beyond doubt that miracles are for them and others like them, right here and right now.

Those who live in the Everyday Miracle Territory have already made two startling observations.

One is full of hope. Everywhere they look, in every situation, they see potential for an unforgettable “God-incidence”–not a coincidence but a moment when God steps in to meet a real need through them in a way that only He can. Some days it actually feels as though God has a pile of miracles ready to be delivered!

Their other observation is full of dismay.
They are nearly alone.

Would you agree that few people today are living in Everyday Miracle Territory? I wrote this book to help you see that the land of personal, everyday miracles is your rightful home turf. Instead of focusing on the nature defying acts that God is able to do, this book invites you to encounter the miracles that God does do on a regular basis–and to embrace your exciting part in partnering with Him to make them happen.

You’ll discover that what God chooses to depend on for these divine encounters is simply a willing servant. No previous experience required. No record of perfection. No special religious gift or qualification. In this book we call these refreshingly ordinary folks “delivery agents” for God. They are men and women who say to Him, “Please send me to do Your work by Your power today!”

That’s exactly what Jimmy said.

Jimmy the “delivery guy”
Jimmy is one of the most down-to-earth men I’ve ever met. He can fix anything, find anything, make do with anything. You’re stranded with a handful of folks on a desert island? You want Jimmy in the handful. You want to program your iPhone to walk your dog? Jimmy’s your man. Just don’t ask him to spend time over tea talking about relationships or contemplating the meaning of the universe.

The first time Jimmy heard that he could cooperate with God in supernatural events on a regular basis, he thought, Not likely.

He worked in construction, after all, not ministry. He struggled to come up with even one time in the past ten years when he could say with certainty that the supernatural had clearly showed up. The idea of a lifestyle of miracles felt about as real to Jimmy as taking a road trip through an asteroid belt.

But over the course of a You Were Born for This conference, Jimmy realized that he really did want to learn how to partner with Heaven to do God’s work on earth. Taking a big step into the unknown, he committed himself to being God’s delivery agent when and where he was called upon.

The next morning, while Jimmy was dropping off windows at a job site, he struck up a conversation with a carpenter named Nick. Nick let it be known that his marriage was on the rocks and that he didn’t hold out much hope. He just seemed to want to vent.

Normally Jimmy would have expressed sympathy for a man in that kind of misery, then quickly steered as far away as possible from such a sensitive topic. This time, though, Jimmy hung in there. He listened, identified with Nick’s struggle, asked a few questions. Then, sensing that the man’s heart was open, he asked a simple but miracle-inviting question he had learned at the conference: “Nick, I really want to help you. What can I do for you?”

Without hesitation the carpenter said, “You could tell me what to do next. I’m tied up in knots, but I really want this marriage to work.”

Jimmy panicked. Tell another guy how to fix a relationship? Not likely! But he took a deep breath and then took an outrageous step of faith. “Why don’t you get something to write with,” he told the carpenter, “and when you come back, I’ll tell you how to save your marriage.”

The truth was, Jimmy was stalling. He didn’t have a clue what he was going to tell Nick. But as he explained to me later, he was holding on to a couple of things I had said at the conference: “Relax, the miracle is God’s to do, not yours” and “Give God a minute.” Something or Someone seemed to be leading the way in this conversation with Nick, and Jimmy was determined to follow.

When the carpenter returned, Jimmy heard himself saying, “You need to go home and make your bed.”
Jimmy had no idea where that had come from or what good it was. “That’s all have to say,” he told Nick apologetically. “I guess you don’t even need to write it down.”

But the carpenter was staring at Jimmy with his mouth open.

“How did you know?” he gasped. “That is a giant source of conflict for us! I’m the last one up, and I never make the bed. My wife says it’s a sign of everything that’s wrong with the marriage. I don’t get it. But you know what? I’m going to drive back at lunch and make the bed before my wife gets home.”

To me, this story demonstrates God’s willingness to do a personal miracle if we are willing to deliver one. Nick wasn’t expecting help from a stranger. And Jimmy didn’t think he had help to give. What he had, though, was a readiness to pass along what God prompted him to say.

But the best thing the story shows is God’s heart. He cares about the personal struggles of a carpenter named Nick–and He wanted Nick to see that. He cared enough to show Nick a practical step he could take that might say more to his wife than a love letter and just might turn things around for the couple.

All He needed was Jimmy, delivery agent.

Doing what God wants done
You might be like Jimmy, completely unprepared and unqualified but ready to try something different. You may have grown up in the church and have a long list of religious accomplishments to point to. You may be like Nick, uncertain that God exists or that He cares for you. But Heaven works in ways that seem to apply no matter what our spiritual mind-set happens to be.

Perhaps you’ve heard about my book The Prayer of Jabez. It shows how a little-known prayer from three thousand years ago can still result in great blessing and influence for God in our time. Millions bought the book, prayed the prayer…and were astonished at what God began to do in their lives. One reason the message of that book resonated with so many, I believe, is that it made ministry (which simply means doing what God wants done in the world) accessible as a way of life.

Jabez lived in ancient Israel. The Bible says that he was “more honorable than his brothers,” but as far as I can tell, it wasn’t because of his superior spiritual status. Perhaps he was “more honorable” because he asked with all his heart for God to do for him and through him exactly what God already wanted to do.
And the Bible says, “God granted him what he requested.”(1) Through the prayer of Jabez, millions learned to ask God to expand their territory of influence for Him and then to put His hand of power on them. Not surprisingly, as soon as they took these brave steps, people started seeing miracle opportunities all over the place. And thousands wrote excitedly to me to report what was happening.

Here’s what I want you to see: The Prayer of Jabez showed ordinary people how to ask God to greatly expand their opportunities to serve Him. You Were Born for This shows ordinary people how to be intentional about and skilled at inviting the miraculous into the midst of that larger life.
Think of You Were Born for This as Jabez to the miracle power.

For all the Jimmys and Jabezes in the world, this book reveals in practical terms how God works supernaturally through His willing partners to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s the most rewarding and significant life imaginable!

Wouldn’t you know it, in answer to my own prayers during those years, God expanded my territory beyond anything I could have imagined.

He sent our family to Africa.

When good deeds aren’t enough
In 2002 my wife, Darlene, and I experienced a clear call to move to Africa to tackle some of the most daunting challenges of our time. “Will you go?” God said to us. “Will you care?”

This was happening during the busiest months of my speaking and writing about Jabez. Why would God ask us to leave behind an exploding ministry based on a book He was so clearly blessing? We didn’t understand it.
You might think that someone who has studied the character of God in graduate school and dedicated his life to serving Him wouldn’t be surprised when God radically redirects his life. I will confess that until then I had enjoyed a lot of clarity about what God had called me to do. I saw myself as a Bible teacher, leader, and disciplemaker. My publisher saw me as an author. And that was that.

But almost overnight we experienced a spiritual awakening to the needs of a continent. Poverty. Prejudice. Hunger. AIDS. Orphans. God seemed to be saying to our family, “My heart breaks over these things. I want your hearts to break over them too.”

Without knowing what it might mean, we said yes. Then, believing we had been called to a three- to five-year personal mission, we said good-bye to friends and family and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa.
What does this have to do with You Were Born for This? From the start we knew that trying to meet any one of those needs would be far too big a task for us. God would have to show up in extraordinary ways or nothing of significance would get done.

And He did. We started not by asking, “What can we do?” but by asking, “What does God want done?” We set some high-risk goals in the areas of greatest need. Our ministry plan expected–even depended on–God to intervene. Finally we set about working with others, including charitable groups, African organizations, government agencies, churches, and thousands of First World volunteers, to meet faith-stretching goals. Of course not everything we tried succeeded. But we kept asking for miracles and taking risks of faith, and God did show up, as I’ll share in the pages ahead.

By the time we returned to the States, our thinking had changed in two important ways.

First, we’d become convinced that good deeds alone will never be enough to meet the desperate needs of our time. This is true whether the needs are personal or global in scope. We simply need more of God. We desperately need miracles!

Second, we had learned that it’s often longtime Christians who resist miracles the most. Many have stopped expecting miracles, asking for them, or even knowing how to partner with God to invite them. In other words, they have abandoned the Everyday Miracle Territory and often measure success by how little they need God.

As you’d expect, the consequences of limiting what God does on earth to what we can do for Him are disastrous. Just look around. The most pressing personal and global needs go unmet while a generation asks, “Where is God? Doesn’t He care? Does He even exist?” But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Miracles are for everyone
You Were Born for This is a bold initiative to reclaim the miraculous as a normal way of life. Through biblical insights, true stories, and practical how-tos, I’ll show you what that new normal could look like for you.

In part 1 you’ll see why everyone you encounter has an unmet need that God strongly desires to meet, very possibly through you. You’ll discover that the Everyday Miracle Territory is real–and you’re standing in the middle of it.

We define a miracle as “an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.”2 It’s true that most of us will never be empowered by God to heal someone or walk on water. The Bible is clear that not everyone has been gifted to carry out such miracles. Yet the Bible is also clear that we are all invited to do God’s work by God’s power. That’s why in this book we only focus on the personal miracles that are within the reach of all of us.

I’m audacious enough to call these miracles predictable. By that I mean that when we do God’s work in God’s way, He reveals Himself to be a miracle-working God. I mean that miracles will take place so regularly that their occurrence will seem predictable to you–not because of how or when they occur but because they will occur.

In part 2 you’ll be introduced to four keys to a life of miracles. They will enable you as a delivery agent for God to

• make a very specific, urgent request;
• understand and accept His miracle agenda for you;
• know how to partner with an unseen power;
• take a promising but life-changing risk.

In part 3 you’ll discover practical advice on how to deliver a miracle to someone in need. First you’ll learn five universally identifiable signals that will guide you in your partnership with Heaven. Then you’ll learn five steps for delivering a miracle. When you learn and apply these truths regularly, you can invite God to do a miracle through you for anyone at any time.

That’s a startling statement, isn’t it? But as you’ll see, God is so intent on meeting people’s deepest needs that He is always looking for volunteers who will become living links between Heaven and earth.

In part 4 you’ll be introduced to three more keys that unlock what I call special delivery miracles. These miracles meet needs that matter to everyone: finances, life dreams, and forgiveness. Each chapter is based on surprising insights from the Bible and is illustrated with stories you’ll find both instructive and highly motivating.
You Were Born For This will change how you see the world and what you expect God can and will do through you to meet real needs. You will master a few simple but powerful tools and will come to say with confidence, “I want to partner with Heaven to deliver a miracle to someone in need today–and now I know how!”

If that’s what you want, I invite you to turn the page.

Meet the Author

Bruce Wilkinson, one of the world's best-known Bible teachers is the author of numerous bestsellers, including the New York Times #1 bestseller The Prayer of Jabez, The Dream Giver, and other books. He and his wife, Darlene, live near Atlanta.

David Kopp has collaborated with Bruce Wilkinson on more than a dozen bestsellers, including The Prayer of Jabez. He lives in Colorado.

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You Were Born for This 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
GodsDancerAlwayz More than 1 year ago
"You Were Born for This." Just the title of Bruce Wilkinson's new book says it all. This book is about "predictable miracles." I know, you're probably thinking "miracles don't happen these days." Has anything ever happened in your life that seemed impossible? Has anyone ever said something to you, and you wondered how did they know that? And have you ever felt the need to do or say a certain thing to only later wonder what in the world would have happened if you didn't listen to that instinct? If your answer was yes, you have not only witnessed a miracle, but a predictable one at that. Wilkinson gives biblical examples on how we can partner with God, so that He can work through us to perform very personal miracles TODAY! After you read this book you will never have a conversation the same way again. You will constantly be looking for opportunities to partner up with God to bring miracles to people. You will probably even experience several yourself. After a biblically rooted look into miracles, forgiveness, and the very dream God placed in your heart to accomplish His, you'll never be the same. You Were Born for This!
Ladybug_Chronicles More than 1 year ago
Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. I wanted to know more and more as I turned each page. I too wanted to feel God's presence in my life more than the regular day to day things. This book showed me that I too can help others in a miraculous way and that miracles still and will happen if we allow God to work within us! Great read and would also be a great gift..
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson is a intriguing follow-up to the best-selling Prayer of Jabez. Wilkinson wants readers to know that the Age of Miracles didn't end with the New Testament. Miracles are happening every day all around us, and God wants us to be a part of them. He has countless more miracles He intends to create, but He wants to act through each of us. Wilkinson uses powerful tales of miracles he's been blessed to be a part of to illustrate the five points of being a Miracle Worker. Of course, he keeps the emphasis on God and the working of the Holy Spirit in us, but it is vital for us to open our eyes to the possibilities around us and make ourselves available to His call. Wilkinson paints a beautiful picture of a world in which we are all on a mission from God seeking to serve each other; it sounds a lot like Heaven on earth to me! The book is perfect for small group or personal study.
LaurieKingery More than 1 year ago
My latest book to review as a Multnomah review blogger is Bruce Wilkinson's YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS. He's the author of the famous THE PRAYER OF JABEZ Christian bestseller and he has another winner for Christians here, in my opinion. Here is the promo information from Multnomah: <<His New York Times phenomenon The Prayer of Jabez changed how millions pray. Now Bruce Wilkinson wants to change what they do next. Anyone can do a good deed, but some good works can only happen by a direct intervention from God. Around the world these acts are called miracles-not that even religious people expect to see one any time soon. But what would happen if millions of ordinary people walked out each morning expecting God to deliver a miracle through them to a person in need? You Were Born for This starts with the dramatic premise that everyone at all times is in need of a miracle, and that God is ready to meet those needs supernaturally through ordinary people who are willing to learn how Heaven works. In the straightforward, story-driven, highly motivating style for which he is known, Wilkinson describes how anyone can help others experience miracles in such universally significant arenas of life as finances, practical help, relationships, purpose, and spiritual growth. You Were Born for This will change how readers see their world, and what they expect God can do through them to meet real needs. They will master seven simple tools of service, and come to say with confidence, "I want to deliver a supernatural gift from God to someone in need today-and now I know how!">> I enjoyed the book tremendously, but I would say this is definitely a book for Christians on how they can help their fellow men and point them toward the God that loves them. My only wish is that he had made that point more strongly-that once the miracle-receiver has realized that God loves him or her and wants to help them, what should he do about God? What step must s/he take to become a Christian too who can deliver miracles? I'm going to put the "7 Keys" principles to work in my life and see what I can do for Him. Blessings, Laurie Kingery THE OUTLAW'S LADY--Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historicals, Aug.'09
LovenGod More than 1 year ago
You Were Born for this 7 Key to a Life of Predictable Miracles Bruce Wilkinson with David Kopp Multnomah Non Fiction/Christian Living/Inspirational Reviewed by Cindy Loven Do you expect miracles? Do you believe in miracles? Would you like to see miracles in your life? Bruce Wilkinson, author of The Prayer of Jabez is back with a book to lead us into living a life full of predictable miracles. Broken into four parts, each part bringing you practical information about allowing God to use you. Part 1: Welcome to Everyday Miracle Territory Part 2: Four Keys to a Life of Miracles Part 3: How to Deliver a Miracle Part 4: Three Keys to Special Delivery Miracles Each chapter in this book, is based upon Scriptural principles, and will include life stories that will instruct, encourage and motivate you. As a person who already believes in miracle I found this book to be a great eye opener to the fact that God is still in the miracle business. I also know that there will be skeptics, who don't believe in miracles. And hopefully there will be those who read this book and come to a realization that God can and will use them. Truly a book that will open your eyes to the needs of others, the miracle working power of God, and that fact that God desires to use you as a tool in his miracle working business. A book that will make you desire to see more miracles in your life. 228 pages $22.99 US
KimMartinez More than 1 year ago
This book surprised me in two ways. First, when I started reading this book, I was frustrated. I asked a friend "why would somebody write a book about this? Doesn't everybody know this stuff?" She laughed! Apparently, if you have been listening to me at all for the last six-10 years, and you know Jesus, you should know the basics of this book. **Every day, God has jobs for you to be doing and people for you to be impacting** Bruce calls these Everyday Miracles. Second, I have always believed that if you read the first three chapters of a book, you basically had the whole book. This book was the opposite. The second half of the book gave me some excellent new tools for my 'toolbox', and I will be rereading two or three of the chapters to solidify the information in my mind. In this book, you will discover the keys to being a lid lifter for other people. The best part of this book is the last 75 pages that give "special deliver keys" showing you how to help people who need miracles of financial provision, life purpose or forgiveness. * Have you ever wondered if you were meant to help someone with financial need or just pray for them? Bruce gives you insight and discernment. * Have you ever wondered how to help someone who seems 'stuck'? Bruce shows you how. I started reading this book thinking it was light weight. I finished reading it and have found it a very valuable resource.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
You Were Born For This by Bruce Wilkinson is an inspiring book that shows how God can work miracles today, in this modern world through cooperative believers through faith. Many bible believeing Christians dismiss the possibility of miracles. Many discount the possibility of any type of miracle with the idea that it is a rare occurance. Yet Bruce Wilkinson says this does not have to be the case. When discussing miracles, the author does not refer to supernatural miracles that defy the laws of nature or, but rather the every day miracles accomplished by God through the actions and cooperation of his servants. For example, this book isn't about visions, or physical healings or miraculous ressurections from the dead. Instead this book portrays miracles that are possible every day- such as answers to prayers that are accomplished through other believers that the Holy Spirit may work through. As an example, the Holy Spirit may nudge you to help another person in some way or form- whether it is through a conversation, comfort or even a gift. Modern culture takes pride in individuality, competition and the amassing of wealth and recognition. This book teaches the opposite. It is about helping others- even when it is not easy or comfortable. In a society which glorifies the occult and where popular movies and television shows about the supernatural romanticise possession- this book may be the opporsite of being possessed in which the author teaches the reader to be filled with the Spirit and how to become more attune to the subtle callings of the Holy Spirit to help others. This is a hands on how to manuel that teaches the reader how to become more aware and open to helping others through everyday miracles. There are inspiring ideas such as the concept of the "God pocket" in one's wallet, and how to start a conversation in order to fascilitate a miracle. The reader is taught to understand subtle cues in conversations or behaviors- that might lead to life changing opportunities to help others in need. Fear or anxiety is considered to be a normal reaction- and not a sign to turn away from someone's need but to explore it further. The discussion questions at the end of the book provide an easy format that organizes the main points for future reference. As a blogger for Multnomah publishers I recieved this book for the purpose of writing this review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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What if you missed a miracle yesterday? Do you believe that if God still works miracles, He only works them through a select group of people-not you? Then it's time to discover the truth. You were created to help others experience personal miracles on a regular basis. You were born to accomplish God's work by His power. This book will touch your heart. How often can you find a book that will help you discover that God wants you to be in the miracle business? When Wilkinson suggested that we begin each day by praying for God to use us to do a miracle in someone's life, now a decision to set aside your agenda for God's agenda. Asking God to use you today, not sometime, but today requires you to demonstrate radical trust and sacrifice. Perhaps the reason we see so few miracles is that so few of us are truly available to God. You Were Born for This not only opens our eyes to miracles we may otherwise ignore, but it teaches us to actively accept God's requests for us to carry out His supernatural miracles in the natural world. The book's emphasis is on delivering miracles to others, not about asking for miracles for ourselves. Wilkinson provides a guide for inviting God to use oneself to deliver miracles. This is a good book about how God uses people to deliver his miracles. We tend to put God in a box which then squashes the things he can do through us. Written in an easy to read style, a reminder to be open to what God wants to do through all of us if we let him. I liked the practical ways the author gives to help others with where to start with being a miracle deliverer. I recommend this book if you want to discover ways to please God. I received this book through the Blogging for Books Program from WaterBrook Multnomah for my review.
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Awsome, When you find ur self doing things that at one time you said to ur self, I could never do it. 5 words YOU WHER BORN FOR THIS. BE BLESSED
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Bruce Wilkinson's "You Were Born for This" is an interesting read. The book talks about miracles, and how we should be alert to the Spirit nudging us to take part in something that could be a miracle. I agree with the premise of the book - that God uses those of us here on Earth to work miracles through. I think that this book tries to push you to be one of God's tools that he can work through, but I think that at the end of the day, God chooses who he needs to use, and sometimes it just isn't us. I think the book makes good points about being attune to the Spirit. Overall, I enjoyed the book, but think that all we can do is be willing to be used by God, but we can't make him choose us. I would give the book a rating of 3/5. ~I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.
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I've read many of Bruce Wilkinson's books, and have always found them to easy but enlightening reads. He has a wonderful way of using stories from his life and ministries to illustrate the points he is making. In YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS, Wilkinson asks us to consider an important question: If we believe God still work miracles, what happens if we are bold enough to ask God to accomplish those miracles through us? Wilkinson sets out the idea that we are meant to serve as a "living link" between Heaven and Earth. That the miracles God wants to accomplish in this world require our willingness to partner with God. This partnership requires our active asking of God to be sent on miracle missions on God's behalf, requires our willingness to take risks of faith. In the book, he lists 4 keys to living a life of miracles, this idea of making ourselves open and available to God. He also gives the reader the tools to "deliver" the miracle, although the delivery is still God's to do, we are as it has been said many times, God's hands and feet in the world. In all, it was a good read, but to me felt a little predictable, and a little too contrived. "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review".
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Some people may be confused by this book if they don't read the synopsis, as the subtitle is, "Seven Keys to a Life of Predictable Miracles." Most people will assume this means miracles in their own life. That's not what this book is about. It's about being a servant of God and letting Him use you to deliver miracles to other people. I think the whole idea of the book is great. Being open to God to help give others miracles is a wonderful thing for which to strive. The author, Bruce Wilkinson breaks his idea down into seven steps to show the reader how they can do this. It involves listening to and for God, and speaking to people who quite often do not really want to be spoken to. One issue I had with this book is, the author seemed to repeat himself over and over. Basically giving the same thoughts with maybe a few word changes. Some repetition is fine, it helps get the ideas to stick in the reader's head, but I thought the redundancy was a little too much. Still, the premise of the book is an honorable one. Anyone committing to following the steps put forward are heros in my book! *Disclaimer: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. I was not required to write a positive review.
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In You Were Born for This, Bruce Wilkinson explored how to deliver every day miracles to anyone who God nudges you to. He believes that God still wants miracles to occur. God wants to use us as a partner to accomplish them. We have to listen to his leading and take risks. Wilkinson teaches that you must give God the credit for prompting you to help deliver a miracle. It is by his power and leading that you can help other people. The book contains five signals that help the deliver to listen to the leading of God. He will walk you through delivering a miracle to people who are in deep need of one. Wilkinson has found that there are three keys that cover everyone needs. The three keys are money, dreams, forgiveness. Everyone is affected and needs a miracle from God. Anybody can partner with God to let him use them for his Glory. We just have to be willing and listening to him. The book also contains a special section entitled "Real People, Real Miracles". This section gives stories about miracles from everyday people. The book contains "Discussion Questions" to help you to go deeper in your study. I would recommend this book to everyone who is longing to make a difference in someone else's life. God can use anybody if they will let him! No one is useless or unable to help deliver a miracle for the Glory of our Father! I have learned to partner with God to let him use me willingly. The steps in this book will lead you to helping accomplish a delivery miracle for God. You will learn how to make a difference in someone else's life and give God the credit! The book will make you believe that miracles do happen daily! "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review".
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You Were Born for This - 7 Keys to a Life of Predictable Miracles by Bruce Wilkinson with David Kopp is a book for all Christians. Do you know what a "God pocket" is? Do you realize that we are all called to be servants of our fellow man? Are you sensitive to the "nudges" that God uses to remind you of the opportunities to be a blessing in the life of others? Some folks may claim that miracles are a thing of the past - a tool that was used to kick start, or prime the early church. We are reminded that miracles exist every day if we are only attentive to the working of God in and around our lives. God desires not only to fellowship with us, but also to lead us in ways that we can be a miracle provider to someone in need. A very touching story is retold about how God used a fantatical craving for ice cream to arrange for just such a delivery of a miracle. Without reservation, this is a book you must read! Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through their bloggers review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 : "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
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This was an exceptional book and I am so glad that I read it. Wilkinson shows us in this books ways that we can become partners with God so that we are able to enjoy the everyday little miracles that are thrown our way. Not only does this book talk about everyday miracles that you can experience with knowing God, it also helps you understand new ways of becoming closer to God. This book also shows you how to be yourself and that the plan for your life was created by God the same day that God created you. A wonderful read for anyone who needs to be enlightened. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review
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"He (God) never asks you or me to serve Him in a way that doesn't fit us personally or perfectly." In You Were Born for This, Bruce Wilkinson reminds us that we all have a purpose and helps identify an action plan of interacting with others to spread the love and Word of God. The book points out that God uses us in a way that fits our personality and lifestyle opening opportunities to be a witness through our every day activities. The book outlines 4 Keys to a Life of Miracles: The Master Key (God knows the plan he has for us); The People Key (the reason for our existence is to share the Word with others); The Spirit Key (hearing from God through the Holy Spirit as the medium) and The Risk Key (depend on faith in God to direct our path). Wilkinson writes there are 3 Keys to Special Delivery Miracles: The Money Key (delivering a miracle to someone in need of money); The Dream Key (inspiring someone to pursue a dream); and The Forgiveness Key (the healing process and happiness can often be unobtainable unless forgiveness is granted to someone who has wronged you). Wilkinson believes there are 5 Signals that Guide Action: nudge (an inner push); cue (communicated by someone's action or body language); bump (asking questions that reveal the need); prompt (gaining insight into the help needed by another); and alert (signal from emotion that prompts a faith action). Many times we are busy with our "to-do" list that we miss blessings intended for us and blessings intended to be passed through us. God's plan must be executed by his servants here on earth. You Were Born for This encourages ordinary people to do extraordinary things with direction from the Holy Spirit. The book is a simple, yet complex read. The author assumes that the reader is a mature Believer that can distinguish between a human emotion and a Spirit-led unction. For example: did you drop money in a panhandler's cup while walking by because you felt sorry for them or did you stop and offer to sow into their life a prayer of salvation, hope and encouragement and money through a nudge? It also assumes that the reader is mature enough to ascertain for whom the "miracle" is intended. For those interested in pursuing a "bless and be blessed" relationship, this book could help put you on the path. WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group provided a copy of this book to me in exchange for an unbiased review as part of their Blogging for Books program.
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This is a very practical book giving you how to's to becoming a miracle delivery agent which according to Bruce Wilkinson is what we were born for. Have you ever witnessed miracles if not maybe it's because you aren't looking for them, and seeing how God wants to use you as a miracle delivery agent to someone who needs a miracle. This being an agent is possible by looking at the world in a new way which is what Mr. Wilkinson calls the every day miracle territory lifestyle which consist of believing that God wants to intervene-using you-and to do so on a regular basis. For this to happen we must be willing to be used, want to be a partner with God,expect miracles as a regular thing, and be that miracle to someone else. The book gives a four part plan (lifestyle) to show you how to be in that everyday miracle territory. This lifestyle consists of four keys-the Master key-the people key-the Spirit key, and the risk key. This risk key is the one I can relate to the most.A risk of faith requires that we exercise our faith in a way that we attempt what we cannot do, depending on God to do what only He can do. This risk is a little scary, causing us to second guess, but carrying through with it knowing that God is in it and will complete it through us. This is a book every Christian should read, it will help you become other conscience (like Jesus) instead of being self conscience. I received this book from WaterBrook Multinomah Publishers for this review
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You have probably heard of "The Prayer of Jabez" by Bruce Wilkinson or his other book "Secrets of the Vine" or his wife's book "Secrets of the Vine for Women". I knew when I first saw these books that they were trouble. A nice little Christian message of promises that are just too good to be true. The give away was the pretty size of the small cover book - the look of a small easy quick read devotional but with a gift book look. It's a sales gimmick - HELLO! The entire series by Wilkinson focus on getting what you want out of God - making God your personal genie. It's the "Name It, Claim It" "Prosperity Gospel" under a different name. And Wilkinson works REALLY hard to slap on lots of "Christian" words and phrases to trick you into believing this stuff is for real. So this book fits right in with the next. Except, it is the Prayer of Jabez on STEROIDS!!! There is a 7 step plan on exactly how you can push God's buttons in the right way to make even more sure that you get what you want from him. If you are a faithful Christian, you will want to chuck this book as soon as you read: "Four Keys to a Life of Miracles" and "Five Signals That Guide a Miracle Delivery"! This book is a complete sales pitch - from start to finish - even with some bonus good one-liners! The biggest problem with the book is it appeals to weak Christians and misleads them. It's like marrying God for his money. We ALL know marrying your husband/wife for what they can give you is WRONG. But oh, it feels so good to get what you want. Soooo... maybe..... and down you go, down that slippery slope right into the pig sty, until you are so covered with slop that you never want to leave your mud slop. Disclaimer: Received this book from the publisher for free but giving honest review
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