You Wouldn't Want to Meet Typhoid Mary!: A Deadly Cook You'd Rather Not Know

You Wouldn't Want to Meet Typhoid Mary!: A Deadly Cook You'd Rather Not Know

by Jacqueline Morley

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Children's Literature - Leah Hanson
Stop the presses! You are an intrepid young journalist in 1909, and you've just received the tip of a lifetime. A deadly disease is sweeping through your hometown of New York City, and it seems that the culprit is a cook named Mary Mallon. She will soon go down in history as "Typhoid Mary," but you are just at the beginning of your investigative research. Morleypulls readers into the action from page one, positioning them as part of the story. As a journalist pursuing this story, readers are invited to interview informants, follow Mary's infectious trail, and decide for themselves if Mary deserved her infamy and reputation. Your trail of clues begins in 1906 when a city banker rents a vacation home on Long Island and hires local people to serve and cook for the family. Mary Mallon comes with excellent references, but unfortunately, she also comes as a germ-breeding machine! Further research reveals that although Mary is perfectly healthy, she is a carrier for the disease. Over the next few years, Mary lives in isolation, fights a court battle for her freedom, returns to a quiet, private life, but then...she strikes again. Ignoring the injunction that she must never work as a cook again, Mary finds her way back to the kitchen, which lands her confinement for life at an isolation hospital. Humorous cartoon illustrations, Handy Hints, and a glossary create teaching moments as readers question the facts of the case as well as the ethics of the issues surrounding one person's freedom versus the public good. Reviewer: Leah Hanson

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You Wouldn't Want to Series
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8.30(w) x 10.20(h) x 0.20(d)
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8 - 11 Years

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