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You'll Be Sorry

You'll Be Sorry

by Josh Schneider

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Don't hit your brother, or you'll be sorry," say Samantha's parents. But Samantha like to hit her brother and does not think she will be sorry.

She's wrong of course.


Don't hit your brother, or you'll be sorry," say Samantha's parents. But Samantha like to hit her brother and does not think she will be sorry.

She's wrong of course.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Jennie DeGenaro
The author, also the illustrator, has done an amazing job of illustrating this picture book. Children will be delighted at the humorous situation when Samantha hits her brother. Her mother has told her not to hit her brother or she will be sorry. Samantha cannot resist and hits him anyway. He will not stop crying and soon the whole house is wet with his tears. In fact, the house is flooded, as are the streets, and her brother continues crying buckets of tears. Samantha's brother keeps crying and his tears bring on a flood that requires the family to use a rowboat to get to the supermarket. As they row, they fish. Samantha's father catches an orange and Samantha catches a box of soggy crackers. They even have to sleep in the rowboat and many activities are cancelled. Everyone in the family becomes grumpy, including Samantha, and she is beginning to be sorry. She puts her arms around her brother and tells him she is sorry. They row back home and her mother reminds her not to pinch her brother. Samantha wants to but she knows she would be sorry. The illustrations of family members are actually animals with individual expressions. Children should enjoy this humorous book that has a consequence when Samantha does not follow her mother's directions.
School Library Journal

PreS-Gr 1- "Don't hit your brother, or you'll be sorry," say Samantha's parents. And the little mouse certainly is. Baby brother cries so hard that the carpets get wet, the house floods, the whole neighborhood is underwater, and the family has to use a rowboat to get from place to place. When they have to spend the night in the rowboat and her brother is still crying, Samantha is really sorry. She finally apologizes and comforts him, and he stops sobbing. At book's end, when Samantha is very tempted to pinch her sibling, she doesn't do it because she knows what will happen. The watercolor and pen-and-ink drawings work nicely to enhance this humorous cautionary tale. Torrents of water pour out of the youngster's eyes and cascade down the stairs, and a mouse in a family portrait holds an SOS sign. Samantha holds the same pose at the end as in the beginning, with the same mischievous look-but without the clenched fist. Silly fun with a bit of a moral.-Shelley B. Sutherland, Niles Public Library, IL

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Kirkus Reviews
Sandwiched between Schneider's stout denials that the episode is based on personal experiences is a puckish tale of impulsive sibling violence and remorse in a family of Kevin Henkes-like mice. When Samantha ignores her parents' warning (see title) and hits her little brother, his tears gush out in such quantity that the family has to spend the night outside in a rowboat, with only soggy crackers for meals. So miserable is Samantha that not even the flooded school's cancellation lifts her spirits, so she finally apologizes-and, more significantly, manages to resist a subsequent urge to pinch. Because the actual punch is delivered offstage and the characters are expressively drawn with outsized noses and ears, the humor will be more visible to children than the trauma. Though even younger ones will reckon the unlikelihood of ever being in the same (so to speak) boat with Samantha, they may come away at least a little more convinced of the frequent connection between rash acts and unforeseen consequences. (Picture book. 5-7)

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Josh Schneider has never hit his brothers, who were definitely not the inspiration for this story. Josh is a student and lives in Winnetka, Illinois. This is his first book.

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