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Young Anita

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All Music Guide - John Bush
Although it's been repackaged and reissued many times in many ways, Anita O'Day's pre-Verve output has never appeared so thoroughly (and so cheaply) as on Proper's four-disc box, Young Anita. Beginning in 1941 with her stint in Gene Krupa's popular band with Roy Eldridge, O'Day made an immediate impression, appearing on the hits "Let Me Off Uptown," "Boogie Blues," and "Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina." She had moved to the orchestra of Stan Kenton by 1944, and scored another hit by singing on Kenton's "And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine." Solo billing beckoned just after the end of World War II, and although she never hit the charts with the same frequency (the novelty...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - John Bush
Although it's been repackaged and reissued many times in many ways, Anita O'Day's pre-Verve output has never appeared so thoroughly (and so cheaply) as on Proper's four-disc box, Young Anita. Beginning in 1941 with her stint in Gene Krupa's popular band with Roy Eldridge, O'Day made an immediate impression, appearing on the hits "Let Me Off Uptown," "Boogie Blues," and "Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina." She had moved to the orchestra of Stan Kenton by 1944, and scored another hit by singing on Kenton's "And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine." Solo billing beckoned just after the end of World War II, and although she never hit the charts with the same frequency (the novelty "Hi Ho Trailus Boot Whip" was her only moderate hit), the rest of the '40s and early '50s paved the way for her successes on Verve. In similar company to the contemporary work of Frank Sinatra and Doris Day (as well as most band singers), Anita O'Day's material during the '40s and '50s included plenty of novelties and other songs that never became standards, but her way with a song -- any song -- shines through clearly. Also, the recording quality for her solo sides is very muddy at times (the fault of the original masters, not this release). Aside from the hits, her pre-Verve output can't be recommended ahead of what she did for Verve, but those who need to hear everything from Anita O'Day can acquire a good chunk very inexpensively.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 6/12/2001
  • Label: Proper Box Uk
  • UPC: 604988992120
  • Catalog Number: 21


Disc 1
  1. 1 All Reet (2:40)
  2. 2 Georgia on My Mind (2:56)
  3. 3 Fool Am I (2:49)
  4. 4 Let's Get Away from It All (3:05)
  5. 5 Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina (2:42)
  6. 6 Slow Down (3:11)
  7. 7 I Take to You (2:32)
  8. 8 Green Eyes (2:37)
  9. 9 Let Me off Uptown (3:01)
  10. 10 Kick It (2:04)
  11. 11 Stop! The Red Light's On (3:20)
  12. 12 The Walls Keep Talking (3:12)
  13. 13 Two in Love (3:14)
  14. 14 Stop! The Red Light's On (2:24)
  15. 15 How Do? (3:19)
  16. 16 Coppin' a Plea (2:45)
  17. 17 Bolero at the Savoy (2:52)
  18. 18 Skylark (3:09)
  19. 19 Bolero at the Savoy (2:53)
  20. 20 Thanks for the Boogie Ride (3:09)
  21. 21 Pass the Bounce (2:54)
  22. 22 Side by Side (2:55)
  23. 23 Harlem on Parade (2:47)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Fightin' Doug MacArthur (3:00)
  2. 2 That's What You Think (3:16)
  3. 3 Barrelhouse Bessie from Basin Street (3:09)
  4. 4 Deliver Me to Tennessee (3:17)
  5. 5 Massachusetts (3:17)
  6. 6 Murder, He Says (3:22)
  7. 7 Ride On (2:28)
  8. 8 Build It up, Paint It Nice, Tear It Down (3:18)
  9. 9 I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City (2:23)
  10. 10 You Betcha! (3:24)
  11. 11 In a Little Spanish Town (1:57)
  12. 12 I'm Going Mad for a Pad (3:06)
  13. 13 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (3:07)
  14. 14 The Lady in Red (2:43)
  15. 15 Gotta' Be Gettin' (2:47)
  16. 16 Tabby the Cat (2:31)
  17. 17 Gotta' Be Gettin' (2:32)
  18. 18 Wish You Were Waitin' for Me (2:31)
  19. 19 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (2:40)
  20. 20 Are You Livin' Old Man? (2:39)
  21. 21 I Want a Grown-Up Man (1:58)
  22. 22 Travelin' Man (2:55)
Disc 3
  1. 1 Them There Eyes (2:41)
  2. 2 Memories of You (2:59)
  3. 3 How Come? (2:42)
  4. 4 I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me (2:50)
  5. 5 Ain't Misbehavin' (2:25)
  6. 6 Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone) (3:07)
  7. 7 Rosetta (1:45)
  8. 8 Opus One (2:42)
  9. 9 (Did You Ever Get) That Feeling in the Moonlight? (2:12)
  10. 10 Boogie Blues (2:57)
  11. 11 Chickery Chick (3:15)
  12. 12 In the Middle of May (3:22)
  13. 13 Boogie Blues (2:56)
  14. 14 In the Middle of May (3:05)
  15. 15 Tea for Two (2:26)
  16. 16 Harriet (2:51)
  17. 17 Ace in the Hole (2:59)
  18. 18 Sometimes I'm Happy (2:42)
  19. 19 What Is This Thing Called Love? (2:40)
  20. 20 Hi Ho Trailus Boot Whip (2:29)
  21. 21 I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out (2:58)
  22. 22 It's Different When It Happens to You (2:58)
Disc 4
  1. 1 How High the Moon (2:54)
  2. 2 I Ain't Gettin' Any Younger (3:02)
  3. 3 Malaguena (2:56)
  4. 4 Key Largo (2:53)
  5. 5 Malaguena (2:44)
  6. 6 What Is This Thing Called Love? (2:41)
  7. 7 September in the Rain (1:41)
  8. 8 Jamaica Mon (2:26)
  9. 9 Don't Kick It Around (3:25)
  10. 10 So Much of Nothing to Do (3:12)
  11. 11 Poor Simple Simon (2:34)
  12. 12 Blues for Bojangles (3:12)
  13. 13 Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Heart (2:43)
  14. 14 Tennessee Waltz (3:01)
  15. 15 Yea Boo (2:18)
  16. 16 Something I Dreamed Last Night (3:11)
  17. 17 If I Could Steal You from Somebody Else (3:19)
  18. 18 You Took Advantage of Me (2:29)
  19. 19 Once There Lived a Fool (2:58)
  20. 20 I Apologize (3:03)
  21. 21 Black Moonlight (2:44)
  22. 22 Lovesick Blues (2:36)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Anita O'Day Primary Artist, Vocals
George Barnes Guitar
Count Basie Piano
Buddy Childers Trumpet
Tadd Dameron Piano
Johnny Desmond Vocals
Harry "Sweets" Edison Trumpet
Roy Eldridge Trumpet, Vocals
Paul Gonsalves Tenor Saxophone
Wardell Gray Baritone Saxophone
Freddie Green Guitar
Stan Kenton Piano
Gene Krupa Drums
Charlie Ventura Tenor Saxophone
Teddy Wilson Piano
Charlie Shavers Trumpet
Dave Barbour Guitar
Johnny Bothwell Alto Saxophone
Ralph Burns Piano, Vocals
Boots Mussulli Alto Saxophone
Bob Haggart Bass
Ray Linn Trumpet
Oscar Moore Guitar
Singleton Palmer Bass
Gene Roland Trumpet
Zutty Singleton Drums
Heine Beau Trombone
Stan Freeman Piano
Bill Hitz Alto Saxophone
Don Lamond Drums
Tony Rizzi Guitar
Alvy West Alto Saxophone
Bill Pritchard Trombone
Billy Mure Bass
Charlie Kennedy Tenor Saxophone
Bob Ahern Guitar
George Arus Trombone
Bill Atkinson Trombone
Benny Carter Alto Saxophone
Emmett Berry Trumpet
Remo Biondi Guitar
Johnny Blowers Drums
Bob Carter Bass
Clark Terry Trumpet
Kenny Clarke Drums
Nat King Cole Piano
Cutty Cutshall Trombone
Art Depew Trumpet
Don Fagerquist Trumpet
Ted Donnelly Trombone
Buzzy Drootin Drums
Gene Englund Bass
Morey Feld Drums
Hank Freeman Baritone Saxophone
Karl George Trumpet
Bob Gioga Baritone Saxophone
Chris Griffin Trumpet
Herbie Haymer Tenor Saxophone
Milt Holland Drums
Paul Jordan Piano
Milt Kabak Trombone
Bob Kitsis Piano
Joe Koch Baritone Saxophone
Mickey Mangano Trumpet
Lowell Martin Vocals
George Matthews Trombone
Jimmy Maxwell Trumpet
Johnny Miller Bass
Nuncio "Toots" Mondello Alto Saxophone
Sam Musiker Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy Nottingham Trumpet
Bernie Peacock Alto Saxophone
Danny Perri Guitar
Jack Pleis Piano
Jesse Price Drums
Milt Raskin Piano
Hank Ross Tenor Saxophone
Frank Rullo Drums
Curly Russell Bass
Hymie Schertzer Baritone Saxophone
Doc Severinsen Trumpet
Artie Shapiro Bass
Shorty Sherock Trumpet
Ray Sims Trombone
Phil Stephens Bass
Buddy Stewart Vocals
Joe Triscari Trumpet
Bart Varsalona Trombone
Teddy Walters Guitar
Earle Warren Alto Saxophone
Jack Washington Baritone Saxophone
Dicky Wells Trombone
Shadow Wilson Drums
Graham Young Trumpet
Freddie Zito Trombone
Paul Ricci Alto Saxophone
Leon Cox Trombone
Phil Giardina Trombone
Teddy Napoleon Piano
Clint Neagley Alto Saxophone
Al Philburn Trombone
Mascagni Ruffo Alto Saxophone
Walter Bates Tenor Saxophone
Al Beck Trumpet
Don Brassfield Tenor Saxophone
Joe Conigliaro Trombone
John Grassi Trombone
Torg Halten Trumpet
Jay Kelliher Trombone, Alto Saxophone
Rex Kittig Baritone Saxophone
Norman Murphy Trumpet
Carl Poole Trumpet
Pinky Savitt Trumpet
Joe Springer Piano
Harry Terrill Alto Saxophone
Babe Wagner Trombone, Alto Saxophone
Buddy Wise Tenor Saxophone
Howard Dulany Vocals
Manny Gershman Tenor Saxophone
Harry Forbes Trombone
Dave Madden Tenor Saxophone
Tommy Pederson Trombone
Mel Green Trumpet
Jim Falzone Drums
Buddy Bastien Bass
Bob Dukoff Tenor Saxophone
Benny Lagasse Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Pat Virgadamo Trombone, Alto Saxophone
Adrian Tei Alto Saxophone
Greg Phillips Trombone
Art Drellinger Tenor Saxophone
Chet Ball Alto Saxophone
Dick Morse Trumpet
Bob Curtis Piano
Abbey Brown Drums
Sid Brown Baritone Saxophone
Eddie Meyers Alto Saxophone
Emmett Carls Tenor Saxophone
Red Solomon Trumpet
Bill Culley Trombone
Joe Dale Drums
Nick Gaglio Trombone
Vince Hughes Trumpet
Bob Kesterton Bass
Bob Lively Alto Saxophone
Ed Yance Guitar
Jon Carroll Trumpet
Bob Caudana Accordion
Technical Credits
Hoagy Carmichael Composer
Buddy Childers Arranger
Herb Ellis Composer
Stan Kenton Arranger, Composer
Gene Krupa Composer
Fats Waller Composer
Ralph Burns Arranger, Orchestra Leader
Matt Dennis Composer
Jimmy Mundy Arranger, Composer
Sy Oliver Arranger
Gene Roland Arranger
Jimmy McHugh Composer
Alvy West Arranger
Vincent Youmans Composer
Frank deVol Composer
Buck Ram Composer
Andy Razaf Composer
Fred E. Ahlert Composer
Benny Carter Arranger, Composer
Remo Biondi Composer
Owen Bradley Composer
Irving Caesar Composer
Redd Evans Composer
Sammy Fain Composer
Johnny Frigo Composer
Nancy Hamilton Composer
Teddy Hill Composer
Jack Lawrence Composer
Jerry Livingston Composer
Herbert Magidson Composer
Lowell Martin Musical Director
Johnny Mercer Composer
Jack Palmer Composer
Cole Porter Composer
Roger "Ram" Ramirez Composer
Leon René Composer
Eddie Rivera Composer
Bob Russell Composer
Al Stillman Composer
Larry Stock Composer
Jack Yellen Composer
Stuart Gorrell Composer
Marvin Hughes Composer
Morey Amsterdam Composer
Paul Cunningham Composer
Tommy Romano Composer
Nilo Menendez Composer
Elton Hill Arranger
Buster Harding Composer
Willard Robison Composer
Skeets Tolbert Composer
Adolfo Utrera Composer
Howard Gibeling Composer
Maceo Pinkard Composer
Tom Adair Composer
Lou Carter Composer
Clarence Gaskill Composer
Clifford Grey Composer
Irene Higginbotham Composer
Morgan Lewis Composer
Sidney Mitchell Composer
Abner Silver Composer
Sunny Skylar Composer
Karl Suessdorf Composer
Doris Tauber Composer
William Tracey Composer
David Saxon Composer
Ira Schuster Composer
Arthur Shaftel Composer
Ralph Wolfe Composer
Abel Baer Composer
Vernier Bauer Composer
James Cavanaugh Composer
Harold Dickinson Composer
Kay Werner Composer
Leah Worth Composer
Joop Visser Producer
Eddie Woods Composer
Joe Greene Composer
Rob Bauer Composer
Johnny Lange Composer
Sue Werner Composer
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  • Anonymous

    Posted October 1, 2010

    Great Music at a Great Price

    A 4 CD set by anyone at this price is a great deal, but when it is someone as good as Anita O'Day, it is a miracle. If you don't know her music, Anita created a style of singing that is still being imitated today. Even Betty Carter, who is not known to be kind to white jazz singers, takes her hat off to Anita. Anita had several phases to her career. This is her early phase when she sang in swing bands and began to solo. During this period she was the first to sing the fast upbeat songs (''rock'' they called it then) in a swinging relaxed way that didn't sound rushed or strained. During this time she has a cool, hip and almost bratty sound that still has a great appeal. The CD contains all the issued recordings from that period and a few air-takes from radio. It doesn't contain EVERY air-take or out-take, and depending on if you are a completist or not, that is either bad or good. The sound quality is very good, and the text informative. There are also some great vintage photos from the era. It is a great CD by a great artist at a great price. Who could ask for anything more?

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
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