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Young Girl's Astrological Dating Guide

Young Girl's Astrological Dating Guide

by Vera Kaikobad
What's your boyfriend really like?

The beautiful Leo girl needs an outgoing boyfriend; should she date a shy, Cancer guy? The emotional Pisces girl needs an ultra-romantic boyfriend; should she date an independent Aquarius boy? Can the happy-go-lucky Sagittarius girl find lasting love with an ambitious Capricorn boyfriend? Use this handy guide to find out if you and


What's your boyfriend really like?

The beautiful Leo girl needs an outgoing boyfriend; should she date a shy, Cancer guy? The emotional Pisces girl needs an ultra-romantic boyfriend; should she date an independent Aquarius boy? Can the happy-go-lucky Sagittarius girl find lasting love with an ambitious Capricorn boyfriend? Use this handy guide to find out if you and your boyfriend are a match! All you need is your boyfriend's birthday. The Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus and Mars signs reveal all about you and your special heartthrob.

* Learn How to Attract the Most Compatible Boyfriend
Use the 12 male astrological signs to find the perfect sweetheart for you

* What Will Your Future Husband Be Like?
Two special chapters help you find out in seconds

* Sun & Moon Sign Combinations for Boyfriends
Is he a Prince or a Player? Rate him before you date him

* Venus & Mars Signs for Boyfriends
The Sex Appeal Factor: Do you have what he's looking for in a girlfriend?

* Sun & Moon Sign Combinations for Girls
Are you affectionate and sensitive? An extrovert, a go-getter? What are you really like?

*Venus & Mars Signs for Girls
What type of guy turns you on? Does he have what you're looking for in a boyfriend?

And much more!

This book is ideal for anyone in their teens, 20s & 30s.

Astrologer Vera Kaikobad, author of The 12 Moons Signs in Love ~ A Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Partner, brings you yet another handy astrological guide: The Young Girl's Astrological Dating Guide. Based in Arizona and Colorado, Vera has practiced compatibility astrology and numerology for over a decade. Visit Vera's website www.AstrologyCompatibilityReports.com today and get your Moon, Venus, Mars and Rising signs for FREE!

Editorial Reviews

Are you single and searching for that special someone? If so, then you know that finding that special person is not an easy task. Finding someone who is compatible with you often can be a long drawn out process. One of the most effective and powerful books on dating is Vera Kaikobad's The Young Girl's Astrological Dating Guide: Unlock the Secrets of Your Boyfriend's Heart. No matter what your age might be, this is a very powerful and thought-provoking book. It is ideally targeted for the young at heart but anyone can get a very thorough understanding of how astrology can reveal unknown truths about potential mates.

The wealth of knowledge throughout these pages is exceptional! It gives the reader superb guidance on how to find the most compatible sign and how you can gain their attention. In addition, it allows you to discover new and exciting aspects that will help lead to your potential future husband. I was glued to this particular section, each word I read heightened my interest to an all time high.

Vera Kaikobad has found a devoted fan. This is the second book I have reviewed and I find it just as addictive as her first one. This author truly knows how to show appreciation for her readers. Visit her website to discover anyone's Moon, Venus, Mars and Rising signs within seconds for free. This added bonus enhances the overall reading experience. All throughout reading this book, I felt it had been exclusively written with me in mind. It is truly amazing at how she is able to speak to her reader by revealing information about them only they would know. Her skill as an astrologer is highly regarded. I feel her voice is one that deserves to be heard worldwide.
Suzie Housley

Marija Sanderling
Written specifically for single women in their teens, twenties, and thirties, The Young Girl's Astrological Dating Guide - Unlock the Secrets of Your Boyfriend's Heart maps out your potential mate by explaining how his Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus signs will manifest themselves into personality traits. It's all well and good to know your guy's Sun sign and all that comes with it, but did you know that his Moon sign rules his emotions? Or that his Mars sign rules how he expresses both passion and anger, while his Venus sign determines what will make him purr? This book will tell how to deal with all of these aspects and help you decide whether or not he'll make a good life mate for you.

This book is divided into three parts. Part I explains your guy and analyzes each of the various signs. Part II talks about you: what you should look for in a relationship based on your own various signs. I like this part because it doesn't just tell what to look for in a boyfriend, but also what to avoid so your natural tendencies won't be taken advantage of. Part III is just for fun. It includes lucky colors and birthstones, your luckiest romance months, the planets and their ancient meanings, among other things.

I like this book for three reasons. One, if you don't know anything about your own or your boyfriend's charts, the author provides a website to get all that information for free. Two, the book has got solid and accurate information. Her explanation of the various planets in their signs is right on target. And three, it's so easy to use. You don't have to delve into long explanations of what each signs stands for in each house, which can be confusing to a reader or beginning astrologer. You simply have to open the book to the page with your exact sign and read the quick personality traits that go along with it. Furthermore, this book is simply fun! You'll want to share it with all your single friends.
Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, New Hampshire

Astrologer and numerologist Kaikobad claims that she penned this work to help young women from their teens to thirties find their love matches. It appears instead that she wrote it as a companion for her Web site and self-promotion vehicle. No section, from the introduction to the back cover, lacks a gratuitous mention of Kaikobad's Web site, where she offers free moon signs as well as personal and relationship astrology readings for In addition to the flagrant Web site references, there are problems with organization and vocabulary, not to mention the pastel cover reminiscent of feminine hygiene product packaging. Kaikobad places the section entitled All About Your Boyfriend before one called All About You. Assuming the readership will be female, this placement is somewhat insulting. Despite the author's assertion that males have personality quirks unique to their astrological group, her advice to the females who are dating them remains unsettlingly similar: show interest, but not too much; talk, but not too much. It is not a book that one reads from beginning to end but rather consults by section when necessary. Therefore it would have been helpful if the author included an introduction explaining the history, terminology, and structure of Western astrology. Instead Kaikobad plunges straight into analyzing personality types based on astrological signs. She freely uses words and phrases such as "houses," "rising" signs, and "moon in Aries" without fully explaining what they mean. Even libraries that obtain free copies should spend their processing resources on other-and better-materials. VOYA CODES: 1Q 3P S A/YA (Hard to understand how it got published; Will appeal with pushing; SeniorHigh, defined as grades 10 to 12; Adult-marketed book recommended for Young Adults). 2005, Dog Ear Publishing (4010 West 86th Street Suite H, Indianapolis, IN 46268), 356p., Trade pb. Ages 15 to Adult.
—Angelica Delgado

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Lisa Daily
Vera Kaikobad's The Young Girl's Astrological Dating Guide ~ Unlock the Secrets of Your Boyfriend's Heart is a fabulously in-depth look at the stars for what to look for, what to expect and what to avoid when searching for the man of your dreams. Vera knows her stuff - a fascinating read!
Syndicated columnist and author of Stop Getting Dumped!
Judge 9
"This book is fantastic! Grammer is quite strong throughout. It's an intriguing, engrossing, browsable guide that young girls will love. Providing such detail about both girls and their potential mates, it is brilliant and really brings a lot to this category - it makes the book more usable and will help it stand the test of time. Girls won't get sick of it once they know everything about themselves; they can turn to it with each new crush. This is one of the most innovative books on astrology that I've ever seen. The organization is smart and I can easily picture girls flipping through this at a slumber party, or talking about boys on the phone, each girl with a copy in her hand. Information is great and 100% accurate.--(Judge 9, The Writer's Digest 15th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards Judge's Commentary On This Title (2007))

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