Young Love: The Complete Recordings: 1952-62

Young Love: The Complete Recordings: 1952-62

by Sonny James

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Disc 1

  1. It's So Nice to Make Up  - Sonny James
  2. Believe Another's Lips  - Sonny James
  3. I Wish I Knew  - Sonny James
  4. Shortcut  - Sonny James
  5. That's Me Without You  - Sonny James
  6. Cold, Cold, Colder  - Sonny James
  7. Somebody Else's Heartache  - Sonny James
  8. The One I Can't Forget  - Sonny James
  9. I've Always Wanted You  - Sonny James
  10. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know  - Sonny James
  11. Poor Boy, Rich Lovin'  - Sonny James
  12. Won't Somebody Tell Me  - Sonny James
  13. My Greatest Thrill  - Sonny James
  14. The Table Next to Mine  - Sonny James
  15. That's How I Need You  - Sonny James
  16. This Kiss Must Last Forever  - Sonny James
  17. She Done Give Her Heart to Me  - Sonny James
  18. Oceans of Tears (I've Shed for You)  - Sonny James
  19. 'Till the Last Leaf Shall Fall  - Sonny James
  20. You Don't Have to Walk Alone  - Sonny James
  21. Christmas in My Hometown  - Sonny James
  22. I Forgot to Remember Santa Claus  - Sonny James

Disc 2

  1. Deceive Me Once Again  - Sonny James
  2. Lovin' Season  - Sonny James
  3. Here I Go (Falling for You Again)  - Sonny James
  4. Ain't Gonna Take No Chance (On Losing You)  - Sonny James
  5. Let's Go Bunny Huggin'  - Sonny James
  6. Pigtails and Ribbons  - Sonny James
  7. Too Much  - Sonny James
  8. Careless With My Heart  - Sonny James
  9. My Stolen Love  - Sonny James
  10. My God and I  - Sonny James
  11. May God Be With You  - Sonny James
  12. For Rent (One Empty Heart)  - Sonny James
  13. Twenty Feet of Muddy Water  - Sonny James
  14. All Mixed Up  - Sonny James
  15. I'll Always Wonder (But I'll Never Know)  - Sonny James
  16. Hello Old Broken Heart  - Sonny James
  17. Forgive Me  - Sonny James
  18. I Can't Stop Loving You  - Sonny James
  19. I Got the Feeling  - Sonny James
  20. Just Ask Your Heart  - Sonny James
  21. Can't Get Over Missing You  - Sonny James
  22. The Cat Came Back  - Sonny James
  23. Only One Heart to Give  - Sonny James
  24. Cold, Cold Heart  - Sonny James
  25. Lonesome  - Sonny James
  26. In My Heart  - Sonny James
  27. Only a Shadow Between  - Sonny James
  28. I Wish I Knew  - Sonny James

Disc 3

  1. Young Love  - Sonny James
  2. You're the Reason I'm in Love  - Sonny James
  3. First Date, First Kiss, First Love  - Sonny James
  4. Speak to Me  - Sonny James
  5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words  - Sonny James
  6. Baby You Melt My Heart  - Sonny James
  7. Dear Love  - Sonny James
  8. Lovesick Blues  - Sonny James
  9. Almost  - Sonny James
  10. Secret Love  - Sonny James
  11. Heartaches  - Sonny James
  12. How's the World Treating You  - Sonny James
  13. Beg Your Pardon  - Sonny James
  14. Because of You  - Sonny James
  15. (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I  - Sonny James
  16. Near You  - Sonny James
  17. Ages and Ages Ago  - Sonny James
  18. Just Out of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)  - Sonny James
  19. I'll Never Get Over You  - Sonny James
  20. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know  - Sonny James
  21. A Mighty Lovable Man  - Sonny James
  22. (Love Came, Love Saw) Love Conquered  - Sonny James
  23. Uh-Huh-MM  - Sonny James
  24. Climb Up the Ladder of Love  - Sonny James
  25. Why Can't They Remember  - Sonny James

Disc 4

  1. Walk to the Dance  - Sonny James
  2. Kathleen  - Sonny James
  3. Are You Mine  - Sonny James
  4. Let's Play Love  - Sonny James
  5. I Can See It in Your Eyes  - Sonny James
  6. You Got That Touch  - Sonny James
  7. I'm Making Time With You  - Sonny James
  8. I Can't Stay Away from You  - Sonny James
  9. Let Me Be the One to Love You  - Sonny James
  10. Sweet Thing  - Sonny James
  11. Let's Make Up  - Sonny James
  12. Yo-Yo  - Sonny James
  13. Dream Big  - Sonny James
  14. You Don't Hurt Me Any More  - Sonny James
  15. Love Me Like I Am  - Sonny James
  16. Sweet Thing  - Sonny James
  17. 'Deed I Do  - Sonny James
  18. You're a Sweetheart  - Sonny James
  19. Sweetheart  - Sonny James
  20. You, You, You  - Sonny James
  21. Moments to Remember  - Sonny James
  22. Honey  - Sonny James
  23. If I Had a Talking Picture of You  - Sonny James
  24. Honest and Truly  - Sonny James
  25. That's How Much I Love You  - Sonny James
  26. Goodnight Sweetheart  - Sonny James
  27. Over Somebody Else's Shoulder  - Sonny James
  28. I Love You So Much It Hurts  - Sonny James

Disc 5

  1. Talk of the School  - Sonny James
  2. This Love of Mine  - Sonny James
  3. Pure Love  - Sonny James
  4. The Table  - Sonny James
  5. I'll Always Come Back to You  - Sonny James
  6. Who's Next in Line  - Sonny James
  7. Red Mud  - Sonny James
  8. Yes I Know  - Sonny James
  9. 'Til Tomorrow  - Sonny James
  10. 'Til the Last Leaf Shall Fall  - Sonny James
  11. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know  - Sonny James
  12. Passing Through  - Sonny James
  13. Jenny Lou  - Sonny James
  14. Gold in the Morning Sun  - Sonny James
  15. Wonderin'  - Sonny James
  16. I Wish This Night Would Never End  - Sonny James
  17. Bimbo  - Sonny James
  18. I'll Be There  - Sonny James
  19. Magnetism  - Sonny James
  20. Apache  - Sonny James
  21. Innocent Angel  - Sonny James
  22. Hey Little Ducky  - Sonny James
  23. Listen to My Heart  - Sonny James
  24. Young Love  - Sonny James
  25. Broken Wings  - Sonny James

Disc 6

  1. No Lana  - Sonny James
  2. The Day's Not Over Yet  - Sonny James
  3. Time's Running Backwards for Me  - Sonny James
  4. (The Legend of) The Brown Mountain Light  - Sonny James
  5. Dance Her by Me (One More Time)  - Sonny James
  6. A Mile and a Quarter  - Sonny James
  7. Just One More Lie  - Sonny James
  8. Young Love  - Sonny James
  9. Shiloh  - Sonny James
  10. Jenny Lou  - Sonny James
  11. Lady Be Kind  - Sonny James
  12. Gotta Travel On  - Sonny James
  13. Wanderin'  - Sonny James
  14. Rollin' Stone  - Sonny James
  15. Sugar Cane Song  - Sonny James
  16. My Heart and the Pine  - Sonny James
  17. I Gave My Love a Cherry  - Sonny James
  18. On the Longest Day  - Sonny James
  19. The Only Cure  - Sonny James

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sonny James   Primary Artist,Fiddle,Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Chet Atkins   Electric Guitar
Floyd Cramer   Piano
Herb Alpert   Trumpet
Jordanaires   Choir, Chorus
Pete Jolly   Piano
Grady Martin   Guitar
Hal Blaine   Drums
Brenton Banks   Violin
Paul Buskirk   Electronic Mandolin
Red Callender   Bass
Stella Castellucci   Harp
Lightnin' Chance   Bass
Herman Clebanoff   Violin
Solie Fott   Violin
James Getzoff   Violin
Don Grant   Vocals
Buddy Harman   Drums
Roy Harte   Drums
Hoyt Hawkins   Vocals
Eddie Hill   Rhythm Guitar
Howard Roberts   Guitar
Lillian Hunt   Violin
Hugh Jarrett   Vocals
Neal Jones   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Kathyrine Julye   Harp
Ray Leatherwood   Bass
Leonard Malarsky   Violin
Amerigo Marino   Violin
Louis Dean Nunley   Vocals
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Piano
Jesse Sailes   Drums
Gerald Vinci   Violin
Larry Breen   Bass
Dorothy Ann Dillard   Vocals
Herman Wade   Guitar
Howard Carpenter   Violin
Bob Moore   Bass
Hugh Gordon Stoker   Vocals
Buddy Brady   Fiddle
Jerry Reed Hubbard   Guitar
Mark McIntyre   Piano
Morris Palmer   Bass
Bill Simmons   Piano
Joe Stepansky   Violin
Robert L. Johnson   Banjo
Roy Lanham   Guitar
Ray C. Walker   Vocals
Jack Halloran   Vocals
Jerry Adler   Harmonica
Neal Matthews   Vocals
William F. Pecchi   Drums
Velma E. Williams Smith   Guitar
Marion Z. "Pee Wee" Adams   Drums
Jerry Byrd & the String Dusters   Steel Guitar
Raymond D. Martinez   Drums
Paul Brawley   Bass
Howard Leslie Heitmeyer   Guitar
Irving Kluger   Drums
Robert F. Bain   Guitar,Leader
Frank Joseph Flynn   Percussion

Technical Credits

Sigmund Romberg   Composer
Chet Atkins   Producer
Sonny James   Arranger
Eddie Rabbitt   Composer
Mel Tillis   Composer
Rudy Vallée   Composer
David Bowie   Composer
Bobby Darin   Composer
Drivin' n' Cryin'   Composer
Marvin Gaye   Composer
Little Richard   Composer
Teena Marie   Composer
Ric Ocasek   Composer
Joe South   Composer
Jimmy Campbell   Composer
Richard Berry   Composer
Jim Peterik   Composer
Ray Davies   Composer
Ronald Shannon Jackson   Composer
Bridgette Bryant   Composer
Colin Hay   Composer
Paul Kennerley   Composer
Bill Lowery   Producer
Muddy Waters   Composer
Ken Nelson   Producer
Joey Ramone   Composer
Dee Dee Ramone   Composer
Johnny Ramone   Composer
Tommy Ramone   Composer
B. Smith   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Ben Weisman   Composer
Darla Daret   Vocal Overdubs
Chucky Thompson   Composer
Leverett   Illustrations
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Tape Research
Dave Samuelson   Biographical Information
Jurgen Crasser   Mastering
Holger Von Bargen   Art Direction
Raymond Reeder   Composer
Joe Ricci   Composer
Kent Robbins   Composer
Pete Damato   Composer
Diane DeNota   Composer
Wolfgang Taubenauer   Artwork
Florence Kaye   Composer
Anja Esselmann   Photo Scanning
Robert F. Bain   Arranger
H. Miller   Composer
C. Haendle   Composer
V. F. "Pappy" Stewart   Composer
J. Graydon Hall   Composer

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