Young Merlin

Young Merlin

by Robert D. San Souci, Daniel Horne

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Another version of the childhood story of Merlin. Pamela Service's Wizard of Wind and Rock (Atheneum, 1990) is a retelling more notable for its colorful, cartoonlike illustrations than its text, and is aimed at primary-grade readers. This new collaboration is for somewhat older readers, more romantic in the illustrative style, and more detailed and lyrical in text. It is handsomely designed, offering intriguing perspectives, subtle lines, and warm, deep colors, giving the illustrations a softer look. Text and pictures are well balanced; elegant touches include illuminated capitals and royal purple endpapers. The plot framework is the same as Service's, but this narrative includes more incidental detail and a greater number of secondary characters, adding to the story's interest. Background details are set in the medieval period, which is later than historically accurate, but authentic to longstanding convention for this literature. At the story's end, Stonehenge is introduced as a memorial to Arthur's uncle Aurelius, a memorial set in place by Merlin's magic. Service's version and this one give each other a context, which may help them both find readerships. Now all that's needed is a version of Arthur's own story, suitable for younger readers, faithful to the original, and as well presented as Young Merlin. A good choice for reading aloud or for individual enjoyment. --Barbara Hutcheson, Greater Victoria Public Library, B.C., Canada

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Random House Children's Books
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1st ed
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6 - 9 Years

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