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The Youngest Vampire

The Youngest Vampire

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by John Williams

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The book, The is about youngest vampire is about a little boy who was bitten by his uncle, a vampire and was turned into a vampire. and now he travels and lives the life of a vampire. He finds friends as well as enemies as he live the life of a vampire. he also find out that a vampire has feelings too.


The book, The is about youngest vampire is about a little boy who was bitten by his uncle, a vampire and was turned into a vampire. and now he travels and lives the life of a vampire. He finds friends as well as enemies as he live the life of a vampire. he also find out that a vampire has feelings too.

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The Youngest Vampire

By John Williams


Copyright © 2010 John Williams
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-2776-0

Chapter One

It was dark outside and Jay was afraid. As he looked outside, he could see a figure walking up the sidewalk. He soon discovered that it was his father coming home from work. Jay ran to the front door and opened it, to greet his father. He ran and jumped into his father's arms but something was not right. This man looked like his father but it was not his father. Looking at Jay the stranger said, How you doing little man. Jay answered by trembling, his father had told him not to open the door for strangers but he thought this was his father. Then he saw a welcome sight his mother, over this man's shoulder. I see you met your father's twin brother Jay, his mother said... Twin brother, Jay thought to himself, not really, Jay's mother; Mary said; let's go in the house so I can get dinner started. They all went into the house.

By the time dinner was ready Jay's father showed up. Upon entering the house, he was surprised to see his twin brother. Well hello there Sam long time no see. Yes, Bob, was his answer. I figured to come and visit the other half; you know I have never seen my nephew. I know Bob said. By now, Mary was calling them to come eat dinner. They all ate dinner, all but Sam he said he was not hungry but he did sit with them. Then Sam and Bob discussed the good old days. After they each had their fill of the old times it was late. Bob then said; its late Sam, I think we should turn in.

After everyone had went to bed it was late. They had been sleeping for hours by now. Jay was only nine years old but already he was a light sleeper, like his father. The sound of a window in his Uncle Sam's room slowly opening woke him up. Jay went to his Uncle Sam's room to investigate. Upon opening the door, he saw a bat sitting on the windowsill. As Jay was watching the bat, the bat turned to look at him. Then the bat just flew off. Jay walked over to his uncle's bed and it was empty. Just about that time, his uncle came out of the bathroom in the hallway, what you doing in here Jay, he asked. Did you see it; did you see the bat Uncle Sam? Jay said. Sorry Jay I was in the bathroom. There was a bat on the windowsill. Sorry Jay I did not see it. Jay hung his head and went back to his room.

Next morning at breakfast, Sam stayed in his room, sleeping late. Jay looked at his father and said I saw a bat in Uncle Sam's room last night. His father said bats are not in this part of the country. Yes I did Jay yelled and left the table. Everybody got ready for the day, Jay's mother and father got ready for work and Jay for school. Upon leaving, Bob checked in on his brother, he was still sleeping. He told his wife, he must be awful tired sleeping that long, Saying that, they all left the house.

That night when they all got home, Sam had prepared dinner. After they ate, (all but Sam) they all went into the den and watched T V until bedtime. Late in the night while everyone was asleep. Jay felt a warm breath on his neck, just before Sam started to suck the blood out of his neck. Jay could not move. It was as if he were paralyzed, he could not move. He did not suck a lot of blood from Jay but it was enough to weaken Jay back to sleep.

The next morning Jay woke up feeling sick; his complexion was pale. The minute his mother saw him she knew that he was sick. How you feel Jay, she said. Not to good mom, was his reply. She told Bob that Jay was sick and she was going to take the day off to be with him. Bob agreed.

Mary made some chicken noodle soup and fed Jay checking up on him every half hour. Jay seemed to get better as the day went on. It was three o'clock before she realized that Sam had not come out of his room. She went and peeped in his room. There he was covers pulled over his head still asleep. Later on Bob came home about seven o'clock. The first thing that he did was check on Jay. Then he asked Mary how he was doing. Fine she said I guess he had a touch of the flu or something but he is all right now. You know she started to say; that Sam was still sleep but she cut it short because at that time Sam came into the room.

How is everybody doing he said. Bob answered and said ok but Jay is feeling a little under the weather. Sorry to hear that about Jay, Sam said. What is the problem with him? Mary said he woke up this morning Pale and not feeling good. Then she changed the subject and said you know you sleep a lot. Sam

Said yes, I know I was working at Night and it is hard to get use to the night sleeping. Mary said oh, and did not think about it anymore.

Mary said Dinner would be ready in about an hour. Sam said do not worry about me I will get something while I am out. Bob said oh you going somewhere. Sam said yes, I am thinking about going out tonight to enjoy myself.

Sam was a vampire and he needed to go out to feed but of course, he could not tell Bob and Mary this. Jay had seen him in the form of a bat the night before but he did not know if he had seen him change. He figured that he had to do something with Jay but right now, he did not know what. He did not want to kill his young nephew so the only other alternative in his mind was to change him into a vampire.

I am going now Sam called out to Bob as he closed the door. Sam was outside no more then a minute as he listens to Mary, telling Bob that he had slept all day. Sam could hear a dime fall a block away it came with being a vampire. Sam started to remember how he changed into a vampire. Being a woman's man, Sam was always looking for some woman to take to bed. This night seemed like he was in luck a beautiful young woman sat beside him at the bar, it did not take much to talk her into going to bed with him. After they got into the hotel room and made love, she reached over to kiss him on the neck but suddenly she bit him. It only took that one bite to change him all thought he did not know it at the time.

The next day the sun begin to hurt his eyes, he began to eat his meat with the blood still running on it. Finally, by the third day he could not take the sun at all. He stayed in the house until nighttime; from then on, everything came natural to him. He changed just by thinking about it a wolf, a bat he would just think about it and he would change into it. His first victim was a young woman walking the streets late at night. When she saw Sam's red eyes, she started to run; she was no match for Sam's speed. Within a minute, he had caught her and was sucking the blood out of her.

Sam's attention moved from his thoughts to a young man sitting on a park bench. He walked up behind the young man without him seeing him. He put his hand around the young man's mouth and held him with the other while he feasted on his blood. When he had finished with him, he left the young man slumped over on the park bench. After another victim, he was ready to go home. It was late and he knew that everyone would be sleep. When he got to the house, he entered through Jay's room. He slowly walked over to Jay's bed and inserted his teeth in the exact same spot he had bit him the first time. This time Jay did not wake up, he slept thought the whole thing.

The next morning although Jay was weak and did not remember Sam biting him, he thought he was hungry for food. When he set down to eat breakfast he got nauseated. He tried to eat but he threw it back up. Mary said; I am taking him to the doctor. Bob said but he looks all right. You saw him just throw up did you not. Bob looked down at the floor and said I guess you right. With that, the conversation was over. Mary was a strong will woman and where Jay was concerned she was very protective.

Why does your brother Sam, sleep all day and stay up all night, Mary asked Bob. She was upset and looking for an argument. I do not know Bob answered. Come on Jay Mary grabbed Jay by the hand and headed for the front door on the way to the hospital. Bob sat at the kitchen table playing with his bacon and eggs he had lost his appetite. He went and looked in on his brother and sure enough, he was lying in bed with the covers pulled over his head. Bob got his coat and left the house to go to work.

By now, Mary had made it to the doctors' office and was waiting for the doctor to call her. After a half hour, the nurse called her. When they went into the doctor's office he took little Jay and sat him on the table, then he turned to Mary and said what seems to be the problem. Mary explained to him that Jay woke up the day before pale and weak. Then she told him how he had thrown up his breakfast this morning. The doctor said lets see, Jay stick out you tongue and Jay did.

After examining Jay, the doctor said his temperature is two degrees low and his heart is beating a little slow. He wrote a prescription and said take him home and put him in bed. Then he added make sure there are no drafts in his room, he might be coming down with a cold or the flu. Then he asked Mary, how he got these two punctures wound on his neck. Mary looked surprised when she saw them, I do not know doctor what does it look like to you. The doctor said well if I believed in vampires then I would say he was bitten by one but we both know that vampires or not real. Then he laughed and left the room.

What the doctor had said about vampires started Mary to thinking about Sam. She thought about how Sam would sleep all Day and stay up all night and how Jay had said that he saw a bat on the windowsill in Sam's room. If that was not bad enough, on the way out of the hospital, she saw a newspaper box and on the front page was how a young man was slumped over, dead on the park bench with all his blood drained out of his body. As she read on, the paper insinuated that it was the work of some crazy person. From what the doctor had said and what she had read, she began to get frightened.

Mary called Bob on his cell phone at work and told him what she knew. Bob just laughed and said you need to stop watching those scary movies they are making you paranoid. Then Mary said I am not going in that house until you get home. Bob said, all right I will be home about eight this evening see you then.

Mary carried Jay to her mother's house. She told her mother that Jay was sick and could not go to school. Her mother said that she understood and was more then happy to keep him. Then Mary went on to work late. She informed her boss that she would be leaving early to pick her son up from her mother's house. Normally Jay road the bus home from school and let himself in, which was a big deal to him, made him feel grown. Mary knew that she could count on Jay to do what he was supposed to do. That is why she let him do it after he was nine years old.

While Jay was at his grandmother's house, he kept complaining that the light hurt his eyes. This made his grandmother cut the lights off in the house. For Mary the day went by to fast, she did not want to confront Sam with what she knew. She just wished he were gone when she got home, never to be heard from again but she knew that was a dream. Bob could not help thinking how crazy Mary sounded, a vampire his brother and he just laughed to himself.

By the time Mary got home, she did not see Bob car so she parked in front of the house to wait on him. After a short time, Bob pulled up. Mary got out of her car and walked toward Bob's car. Bob could not get out of his car before Mary started talking. Wait a minute Bob said. I heard what you said on the phone and it is crazy. Then Mary said, he sleeps all day and goes out at night , Jay saw a bat on his windowsill and look, Mary pointed to the two puncture marks on Jay's neck. This caught Bob's attention; he examined Jay's neck a little closer. Looks like a mosquito bite to me he said. Then he said let me handle this would you, and turned and started toward the house. Mary hollered wait then she showed him the newspaper article she had read at the doctor's office. Bob read the article looked Mary in the eye without saying anything he turned and walked into the house.

When they got in the house, Sam was gone. Mary put Jay to bed and asked him if he was hungry. No mama he said. They waited up for Sam but at three o'clock Sam had not shown. Mary said would you check on Jay for me. No problem said Bob. Then he headed for Jay's room.

When he got to Jay's room, he saw that Jay was asleep with the covers pushed off him. He reached down, grabbed the covers, and started to pull them up on Jay. All of a sudden, Jay jumped up and bit Bob on the neck he started to suck the blood out of Bob's neck. Bob tried to pull away but Jay was to strong. He held Bob there until he was finished and Bob was dead. Mary heard the noise and went to see what was wrong, when Mary opened the door to Jay's room, she saw Jay standing up in the middle of the bed, eyes as red as blood and blood dripping down his chin with Bob lying there not moving.

Jay jumped toward Mary but Mary closed the door and Jay jumped into the door. Mary was running for her life and she knew it. By the time Jay got up Mary was out of the house and in her car driving down the street.

Jay was only nine years old but he was a handsome little boy. His hair was blond and his eyes were blue. Jay's skin was smooth he could have been in a children's commercial. That is how innocent he looked.

Chapter Two

This was Jay's first kill, the first time he had sucked blood and it was his father's blood at that. The minute Jay changed he knew everything that a vampire needed to know, from feeding on people and when to stay inside. He also had gotten stronger; he had the strength of twenty men. He knew everything that Sam knew; he even knew where Sam was. He also knew that he could not stay there; Mary would be coming back with help soon.

By now, Mary was pulling up in front of the police station. She jumped out of the car and ran into the police station screaming. When she got inside a police officer grabbed her and told her to calm down. It was hard for Mary to catch her breath. When she thought that she was calm, she started to scream my baby is a vampire he killed my husband. The police that were there looked at each other. One of the police asked what?

Mary started from the beginning about Sam, not sleeping in the daytime and how Jay had seen a bat on his windowsill and how Sam did not eat. The police looked at her as if she was crazy then they all started to laugh. Where you live miss? One of them said. When she told him he said I will take you home, he took her by the arm and walked her to her car. I will follow you miss, and then he went to his car. Mary started her car and headed for her house. He does not believe me now but wait until we get to my house.

Mary pulled up in front of her house, got out of her car, and waited for the police to get out of his. Is this your house miss? Yes, Mary said. They walked up to the front door, which was still open. The police pulled his revolver out and started to go into the house. Mary stayed behind him and followed him pointing out the way to Jay's room. When they got to Jays room the police pushed the door open. There at the bottom of the bed was Bob's body, with a knife lying next to him. In order to cover up the bite marks Jay had cut his throat with a knife. By now Jay was long gone moving toward where he knew Sam was.

The police officer assumed that Mary had killed her husband. He placed Mary in handcuffs and called it in. Seeing Bob's body put Mary in a trance. She could not think straight. In addition, when he placed her in handcuffs seems like that took all the life out of her. They carried Mary to the police station and started to question her in a small room sitting at a table. Miss could you tell us in your own words what happened. Mary told them the same thing that she had told them before. Still they did not believe her. After Mary had told them her story, three times they took her to a mental hospital. There they gave her a sedative to put her to sleep.

Jay was still making his way to Sam he had no choice. In two hours, it would be daytime and since he was now a full pledge vampire he could not survive in the sunlight. By the time Jay had caught up with Sam He was in a warehouse in a desolated area, he was all the way in the back as to keep out of the sunlight. When Jay was walking toward him, he said I see you made it. Jay said I did not have a choice. By now Jay was thinking and acting like an adult. Although he was just nine years old and small for his age, he was now a vampire in every way. Jay had made it just in time when he looked back at the door he had come in; he could see the sunlight had taken over. Now he could not leave until the sun when down.


Excerpted from The Youngest Vampire by John Williams Copyright © 2010 by John Williams. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

John Williams (1922-1994) was born and raised in northeast Texas. Despite a talent for writing and acting, Williams flunked out of a local junior college after his first year. He reluctantly joined the war effort, enlisting in the Army Air Corps, and managing to write a draft of his first novel while there. Once home, Williams found a small publisher for the novel and enrolled at the University of Denver, where he was eventually to receive both his B.A. and M.A., and where he was to return as an instructor in 1954.

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Youngest Vampire 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
pretty good it was okay
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bad grammer in summary not going to even bother. Sounds stupid anyways. Sorry author i like most of your guides though.
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