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Your Body

Your Body

4.5 2
by Janice Brody

Adolescence can be an exciting time, but let's face it: it's also confusing-when our bodies are doing weird things and our minds are just as difficult to figure out. So what's a girl to do? Relax, Your Body: The Girl's Guide has got you covered-from head to toe-with cool tips on taking care of yourself, loving your body, and feeling great! This


Adolescence can be an exciting time, but let's face it: it's also confusing-when our bodies are doing weird things and our minds are just as difficult to figure out. So what's a girl to do? Relax, Your Body: The Girl's Guide has got you covered-from head to toe-with cool tips on taking care of yourself, loving your body, and feeling great! This fabulous guide for preteen girls talks candidly about:

* Your body: keeping it fit, looking your best, avoiding bad habits, dealing with embarrassing problems, and maintaining a healthy body-image

* Your mind: fighting stress, upping your confidence, practicing good sleep habits, and getting help when you need it

* Food and dieting: eating right, avoiding the dieting trap, and evading eating disorders

* Sports and fitness: how exercise benefits you, finding a sport you love, and why competition (even with boys) is healthy

* And much, much more!

With helpful quizzes, enlightening discussion, and invaluable tips and exercises, Your Body: The Girl's Guide is a must-have for every teen looking to survive and thrive through adolescence!


Your period-is it as annoying as everyone says?

Your friends-what do you do when they're bad for your health?

Diets-do any of them work?

What else can you do to stay in shape?

Your skin-how can you give zits the slip and keep a healthy glow?

Depression-how do you know if you have it and what can you do about it?

FIND OUT IN Your Body: The Girl's Guide

Editorial Reviews

Jump Magazine
Finally! A book that tells it like it is...Wanna survive adolescence? Then put this front and center on your bookshelf.
With a growing and changing body constantly in mind, psychologist Brody travels through the many tenuous aspects of a young woman's development. She deals with getting and keeping friends, getting and keeping boyfriends, finding one's groove in the sports world, and developing a healthy diet to make one's body the best that it can be. Brody makes use of a variety of formats to get her point across, including quizzes, lists, highlighted fact boxes, personal anecdotes about her growing up years, and an "action" section that outlines tips and hints for dealing with each topic. Brody presents her readers with a multiformatted book that gives girls sound advice about their bodies. She offers suggestions for building self-esteem that are incorporated into all of her chapters, and her ideas are very practical for young people. It is possible that Brody's use of archaic terms such as "groovin' " will put teens off initially. Once readers scan through the book, however, and find the quizzes and lists—the list of 101 sports includes some unusual ones such as roller derby, ping pong, wheelchair racing, and stunt kite flying—they will leaf through this book and find something that appeals to everyone. Biblio. Source Notes. Further Reading. Appendix. VOYA CODES: 3Q 3P J S (Readable without serious defects; Will appeal with pushing; Junior High, defined as grades 7 to 9; Senior High, defined as grades 10 to 12). 2000, St. Martin's, 256p, $4.99 pb. Ages 13 to 18. Reviewer: Lynn Evarts

SOURCE: VOYA, October 2000 (Vol. 23, No. 4)

School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 5-10-This guide describes how a girl's developing body can be a source of pride, confusion, and shame, and the forces that spark those feelings. Brody looks at hot spots that most girls will encounter and how to combat negative experiences and emotions. She covers self-image, menstruation, sexuality, sports participation, nutrition and eating disorders, substance abuse, and counseling. Each chapter features a quiz on topics such as "The Big Question" of whether or not to have sex. Suggested activities to build self-esteem include seeking out a women's professional athletic team to follow or participating in a "girlcott" of companies that use unnatural body images to sell products. A list of 101 possible sports activities to take part in is a worthy addition to the section on using athletics for stress relief and healthy living. Unfortunately, the author's use of her own adolescent experiences sometimes backfires when she repeatedly refers to herself as petite and not needing a bra. Additionally, the emphasis on how to stay slim might confuse the young women who have just read that they should work toward being happy with their unique body type. The lack of cited sources and incomplete endnotes limit this as a research tool, but most readers will look to it for more personal information.-Katie O'Dell, Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.

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St. Martin's Press
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Girls' Guides
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4.26(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.72(d)
Age Range:
10 - 15 Years

What People are Saying About This

Patty Lee
. . . easy-to-read book both fun and informative. . . Her non-judgemental attitude and conversational tone are particularly welcome. . . offers practical solutions to awkward or embarrassing situations. . .
—Patty Lee, mother, teacher, and manager of HerIdeas.com

Meet the Author

Janis Brody holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of California at Berkeley, specializing in adolescent development, and a B.A. in Psychology from Columbia University where she graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. She has several years of experience in both developmental psychology research and clinical work with teens and families.

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Your Body 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Your Body: The Girls' Guide is a wonderful resource for girls ages 9 through 17. It is a resource to which girls can return as they grow. For instance, the segment on menstruation may not be relevant to a 9-year-old who has not yet begun menstruating, but it will help her to understand why females menstruate, what body changes she will be going through, and what emotional reactions she might have. When she does begin to menstruate, she can use the book to help her understand her experiences, as well as learn about her practical choices -- e.g. whether to use tampons or pads. In addition to straight talk with girls about answers to questions pre-teens and teens want to know but are afraid ask, Dr. Brody provides what many other books for teens lack: an intelligent, insightful, psychological perspective. For instance, rather than giving tips on how to diet right, Dr. Brody gets to the underlying motivations girls have for dieting, and helps girls identify the attacks on their self-image that lead them to the wish for the 'perfect' (read skinny) figure. She then offers girls a new, healthier perspective so that they can develop self-confidence and positive feelings about themselves that will offset the chance of developing self-destructive behaviors (e.g. anorexia, drinking, drugs) and negative self-esteem. She shifts the focus away from external judgments and towards girls thinking and acting for themselves, making healthy choices that will foster their growth from the inside out. I applaud Dr. Brody for treating her readers with respect and talking to them straight out about what they need to know. Although we of course want our children to talk to us adults about these important issues, they often do not feel comfortable doing so; a primary reason why is because adults are uncomfortable having these frank discussions with their children. Hopefully, this book can serve as a launching point for parents and their growing children to be able to talk about these very important issues with each other.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was very good. When I read the back cover I knew I wanted it. It talks about everything you ever wanted to know- your period, your body, boys, sports, health and more. It's notonly reading but fun because it has facts and quizzes for you to do. I recommend this to a preteen getting ready to go through the hardships of adolescence or a teen who has experienced and knows some but not all.