Your Complete Wedding Planner : For the Perfect Bride&Groom-to-Be

Your Complete Wedding Planner : For the Perfect Bride&Groom-to-Be

by Marjabelle Young Stewart, Diana Thewlis, Diana Thewlis

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This updated version of Your Complete Wedding Planner (1977) makes its most important contribution in a section dealing with special circumstances, including the intricacies of today's changing family arrangements. The author demonstrates sensitivity and good sense in her advice to the bride and groom. As a guide to organizing weddings of many types and sizes, the book has useful suggestions, and because of its manageable length it is likely to be read rather than merely consulted. There is, however, an unevenness that shows both in the guide's overemphasis on such topics as birthstones by month and how to pack a suitcase, combined with an unrealistic avoidance of how to deal with the last-minute emergencies and unexpected problems. Hilma F. Cooper, Cheltenham Twp. Libs., Pa.

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