Your Eternal Self

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Since research scientists began to delve into the nature of the mind and the afterlife in the last quarter of the twentieth century, humankind has made remarkable discoveries that have left researchers in wonder and awe. Your Eternal Self contains descriptions of the results of the thousands of studies that have pointed unmistakably to the finding that we are eternal beings having a physical experience. Death is an illusion. Even hard-nosed skeptics described in the book have ...
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Since research scientists began to delve into the nature of the mind and the afterlife in the last quarter of the twentieth century, humankind has made remarkable discoveries that have left researchers in wonder and awe. Your Eternal Self contains descriptions of the results of the thousands of studies that have pointed unmistakably to the finding that we are eternal beings having a physical experience. Death is an illusion. Even hard-nosed skeptics described in the book have changed their viewpoints in light of the evidence.

Your Eternal Self describes carefully controlled, scientific research done by biologists, physicists, neuroscientists, physicians, psychologists, Nobel laureates, and other renowned scientists showing that the mind is outside of the brain, people see and know things they couldn't know if the mind were in the brain, the afterlife is as real as this life, people's minds are united, and our consciousness actually changes the environment in which we live. The book cites 330 sources from many prestigious scientific, psychological, and medical journals, but distills the essence of the research without technical detail, bringing it down to practical, daily life. It is easy reading and full of fascinating anecdotes and explanations.

Your Eternal Self ends by describing what our purpose seems to be in life, what true spirituality is, how people can grow spiritually to change themselves so they have love and bliss in their lives, how they can provide that loving legacy for their children's children, and what the research has shown about the world of the afterlife.

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  • ISBN-13: 9780980211108
  • Publisher: Greater Reality Publications
  • Publication date: 5/28/2008
  • Pages: 310
  • Sales rank: 444,686
  • Product dimensions: 6.20 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.90 (d)

Meet the Author

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., co-authored Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma, Guided Afterlife Connections, and the Personal Styles Inventory. He is editor of the book, Afterlife Communication. Dr. Hogan is on the boards of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Association for Evaluation and Communication of Evidence for Survival, and the American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation. He wrote two books on business writing, co-authored a book training supervisors in schools to more effectively work with teachers, and developed several Web sites devoted to spiritual understanding.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents iii
Preface xi
Links to the Web Site xiii
Where Are You? 1
Science Doesn't Know Where You Are 2
Many Scientists Are Suggesting
Your Mind Is Not in Your Brain 4
The Brain Doesn't Have the Capacity
to Hold the Mind or Memories 7
Missing Large Parts of the Brain Doesn't Affect Memory. 9
People Can See, Hear, Smell, Taste,
and Touch Without Using the Brain 10
The Government Found Remote Viewing Is Valid. 10
Credible Sources Involved in Government Remote
Viewing Projects Agreed It Occurred as Described. 13
Repeated Research Studies Demonstrated
Remote Viewing's Validity. 13
I Can See without Using My Eyes. 14
What Remote Viewing Means for Where You Are 21
Evidence We Know Information Without Using the Brain 22
A Unified Visual Image in Our Mind Can't Be
Accounted for with Just Using Brain Neurons. 22
Blind People, Whose Brains Cannot Process Sight
Images, Are Able to See During Near-Death
and Out-of-Body Experiences. 23
People Rendered Temporarily Blind Are Able
to Locate Things on a Computer Screen. 24
Blind People Perform Actions and Describe Colors that Show Vision. 24
"Echolocation" Experiments Show Blind People Can See without Physical Eyeballs. 25
People See, Hear, and Remember When
the Brain Is Not Functioning 26
Sample Individual Near-Death Experiences
Indicate the Brain Is Not Involved. 30
People Commonly Describe Separating the Mind from the Body in Out-of-Body Experiences. 33
Psychics Know Information the Brain and
Body Haven't Experienced or Sensed 36
The Mind Knows Information before
the Brain Can Even Have Accessto It 38
People React to Pictures Seconds Before Seeing Them. 38
People Can Successfully Predict "Targets" to be Shown
Before a Computer Even Selects the Target. 39
People Successfully Anticipate Someone's Call or Visit. 40
People React to a Touch About to Happen Before It Even Happens to the Body. 41
People Prepare to Act Before the Deciding Part of the Brain Begins to Show Activity. 41
Scientists Have Become Convinced by the Evidence that
the Mind Knows Before Sensed Information is Available. 41
People Draw Creativity from Some
Source Outside of the Brain 42
Child Prodigies Have Abilities that Come
from Somewhere Other than the Brain. 43
Creativity Comes from Outside the Brain. 44
Savants Have Abilities Outside the Capabilities of Their Brains. 46
The Evidence the Mind Knows without the Brain Having Access to the Information Is Overwhelming 48
Dreams Don't Play Back Memories in the Brain 48
How Does the Mind Interact with the Brain? 49
Then Where Are You? 50
What Are You? 53
Why Do Some Have Difficulty
Realizing We're Eternal Beings? 54
Do Scientists Believe There Is an Afterlife? 57
People Are Coming to Realize that the
Afterlife Is As Real As This Life 61
Millions of Everyday People Are Having
After?Death Communications 61
People Having After-Death Communications
Learn Things They Couldn't Know Otherwise 64
Pre-death and Deathbed Visions Are Common 66
We Know Deathbed Visions Are Not
Medical or Psychological Hallucinations. 69
Visions Are Sometimes of Loved Ones
the Person Couldn't Know Had Died 73
People in the Room with a Dying Person
Sometimes All See the Same Vision 75
Distant People Appear to Loved Ones
at the Moments of Their Deaths 76
Physicians Working with the Dying Come
to Know the Reality of the Afterlife 80
Skeptical Researchers Studying Mediums
Become Convinced of the Afterlife 83
Distinguished Scientists Become Convinced of the Reality
of the Afterlife When They Study the Evidence. 84
Psychologists and Psychotherapists Become Convinced
of the Afterlife from Their Experiences. 90
Professors of the Humanities Researching the
Afterlife Become Convinced of It. 95
Attorneys Who Have Studied the Afterlife
Become Convinced of Its Reality. 98
Clergy Become Convinced of the Nature of the Afterlife Described by Mediums, not a Distant Heavenly Realm 100
A Church of England Committee Studying Mediums Concluded They Speak with Those in the Afterlife. 101
Debunkers Come to Believe the Afterlife Experiences with Mediums are Reality. 102
The Evidence Demonstrates that Mediums Communicate with Living People in the Afterlife 103
Researcher Robert Crookall Finds Accounts
of the Afterlife by Mediums to Be Identical. 103
University of Arizona Experiments Demonstrated
that the Mediums Do Receive Valid Information. 104
A Second Study Also Concluded that Mediums Are Able
to Identify Details About the Deceased in Readings. 105
The Miraval Silent Sitter Experiment Showed the Same Accuracy by Mediums. 105
More Stringent Studies at the University
of Arizona Yielded the Same Results. 106
The British Admiralty Acknowledged a Medium's Abilities. 107
Medium Readings Have Revealed Information that
Could Not Be Known by the Person Being Read. 108
Family Members Have Verified that Medium Readings are Genuine Conversations with the Deceased Loved One. 109
Rigorously Tested Physical Mediums Have Been
Shown to Be Speaking to the Deceased 110
Gladys Osborne Leonard 111
Leonora Piper 112
Rudi Schneider 114
Eileen Garrett 115
Shirley Bray 116
Elwood Babbitt 116
Daniel Dunglas Home 117
Leslie Flint 118
David Thompson 119
The Scole Experiments 120
Studies of the Material from Mediums that Forms Voice Boxes Shows Weight Loss in the Medium When It Appears 121
Materializations of Deceased People Have
Been Seen and Verified by Observers 122
People with Medium Abilities Have Spoken and
Written in Languages They Could Not Know 127
Proof the Mediums Are Speaking to Living
People on the Other Side of Life 128
Cross Correspondences 129
Proxy Sittings 130
Near-Death Experiences Reveal the Reality of the Afterlife 131
Purely Physiological Explanations for the NDE Accounts
Have Been Shown to Be Insufficient to Account for Them. 133
Psychological Explanations for the NDE Accounts Have
Been Shown to Be Insufficient to Account for Them. 137
Suggestions that Descriptions of the Trauma Scene
Come from Other People Are Not Viable. 139
Another Indication NDEs Are Real Experiences: Children Describe Their NDEs Matter of Factly. 141
Conclusions About Near-Death Experiences 141
Induced After-Death Communications Demonstrate
the Reality of the Afterlife 142
The Universe Was Uniquely Made for Us 146
Your Eternal Self Defies Evolution and Entropy 150
The Mystics and Sages Have Known About
This Spiritual, Eternal Self for Millennia 151
Then What Are We? 152
How Long Will the Spiritual You Live? 153
What Is Your Relationship to Other People? 155
Minds are Linked Outside of the Brain 156
Hundreds of Experiments Have Proven
that Our Minds Are Linked. 156
Studies of Telepathy between Subjects Have Demonstrated Repeatedly that People's Minds are Linked. 160
Other Experiments Measuring Involuntary Responses
Show that People's Minds Are Linked. 161
People Influence Each Other Using Their Minds. 164
Healers' Intentions to Link with a Receiver of the Healing Register in the Receiver's Body Instantly. 165
Measures of Brain Waves Show People in the Same Room Synchronize their Brain Waves. 165
Experiments Show that Groups of Meditators 200
Kilometers Apart Can Synchronize Brain Waves. 166
Dream ESP Experiments Show Minds Are Linked. 166
People Share Induced After-Death Communications. 167
Subjects Mentally Experienced the Same Fantasy Reality. 169
Students Spontaneously Imagined the Same
Images without Communicating About Them. 170
People Know When Someone Is Staring at Them. 171
Siblings' Minds Are Linked. 172
Twins' Minds Are Linked. 173
People in Groups Develop a Collective
Sense Greater than the Individuals 174
Data Show We Are Part of Larger Mind. 175
What Is Your Relationship to Other People? 177
What Is the Relationship of Your Eternal
Self to the Physical Realm? 179
Your Mind Becomes the Experience 180
The Mind Can Influence Healing of the
Body that Is in the Physical Realm 181
The Mind Has Been Shown to Influence Other
Growth and Healing in the Physical Realm 184
Data Show the Mind Affects the World Around Us 185
Experiments Have Shown that Minds Can Intentionally Influence Random-Number Generators 186
Random-Number-Generator Studies Show that Events Significant to People Affect the Machines 186
Experiments Have Shown that Minds Can Influence
Patterns in Random Noise (White Noise) 188
Crystals in Frozen Water Form Differently
Depending on the Attitudes of People 189
We Know Our Minds Are Influencing the Physical World 190
We Are One with Nature 191
What Are You to Do with Your Eternal Life? 193
What Those on the Next Planes Do Not Describe as Our Purpose in Life 194
Preparing for the Next Stages of Life 195
We Are to Help Begin the Development
of Heaven on Earth for Our Descendents 196
Then What Are You to Do During This
Earth Phase of Your Eternal Life? 196
What Is Spirituality? 197
Spirituality Is Who You Are, Not What You Do 197
We Were Reared to Believe Having Things and
Money Is All That's Important in Life 199
What Do We Really Want to Become? 200
How Do You Grow Spiritually? 201
Our Assumptions Comprise Our Minds 202
The Assumptions Are Deeply Rooted. 202
We Change Our Minds from Moment to Moment. 203
We Create a Reality Where There Are Just Atoms. 205
The Assumptions Come from Our Culture. 206
Assumptions About the Society of Peace and Brotherhood 209
Finding Out What Your Assumptions and Perspectives Are 210
How that Will Happen in Real Life 211
You Grow in Spiritual Maturity by
Changing Your Assumptions 214
Common Practices that May Not Aid in Spiritual Growth 214
How Do You Grow to Make These
Assumptions Part of Your Nature? 216
Be Open and Childlike. 216
Be Willing to Look at Your Assumptions and Perspectives. 217
Realize the Hidden Assumptions. 218
Move Past Rationalizations. 219
Use Emotions as Clues to Assumptions. 220
Allow Time for the Realizations to Weave
Through All of Your Assumptions. 221
Don't Judge Your Spiritual Growth as Good or Bad. 224
Emulate the Model Even If You Aren't Comfortable
with the Assumptions Yet. 225
Fill Your Life with Spiritual Experiences and People. 226
Become Part of an Intimate Spiritual Group 227
Characteristics of Your Intimate Group 229
What Are the Facts About the Afterlife? 233
The Sources of Our Knowledge About the Afterlife 234
How Our Loved Ones Are 235
Preparation for Death 236
At the Moment of Death 237
Awakening on the Other Side of Life 237
Guides, Rescuers, and Loved Ones 239
Condition after Death 239
The Hell Myth 241
Environment 241
Occupations and Preoccupations 242
The Vastness of the Afterlife 243
Spiritual Development 243
Time 244
Suicides 244
Imminence of the Afterlife with the Earth Plane 244
Ghosts, Poltergeists, and Earthbound Spirits 245
Evil, Demons, and Satan 247
Materializations on the Earth Plane 248
The Afterlife is a World of Thought 248
Communication from the Afterlife 249
Inspiring People on the Earth Plane 250
Religious Beliefs and the Afterlife 251
Recent Indications the Mind Forms the Brain 253
The Mind in the Brain Would Have to Create
Electricity to Make the Brain and Body Work,
but It Has No Mechanism to Do So. 254
Biophysicists Can Detect No Electrical
Activity in Sensory Neurons. 255
The Brain Just Reflects What the Mind Has Already Seen. 256
Endnotes 259

Bibliography 271
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  • Posted February 2, 2009

    more from this reviewer

    Discover Your True Secret Identity

    How can it be possible that ideas come to people fully formed, seemingly out of the blue... out of thin air? Why do people consistently react to pictures physiologically BEFORE seeing the images? How do blind people see without use of their eyes? How have some people been able to speak and write in languages they did not previously know? Dr. Craig Hogan takes us on an astonishing tour through these questions and much, much more in his extraordinary book, 'Your Eternal Self.' The shocking truth of the matter is that our minds are much more than our brains, and through our minds, we have access to and influence over physical things and people which are distant from us both space and time. Packed with excellent cutting-edge references to the most current scientific discoveries in the field of consciousness, 'Your Eternal Self' gracefully opens a door to a completely new understanding of who and what we are. I love the elegant simplicity of layout and organization of this book, as it so artfully guides us through a series of fascinating topics, experiments, questions, and ideas. When describing how we know what we know about the afterlife, 'Your Eternal Self' explains that we are learning about the afterlife through: near death experiences, after death communication, induced after death communication, mental medium communication, and direct voice and physical medium communications. I especially adore Chapter 10, 'Recent Indications the Mind Forms the Brain,' for its tour de force assessment of scientific research describing how the brain is reflecting what the mind has already seen. I give this book my highest recommendation, and hope that every serious seeker, researcher and student of consciousness reads it!

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted March 1, 2008

    Dealing with Humankind's Most Important Issue

    Having read literally hundreds of books offering evidence that consciousness survives physical death, I would have to rank this as number one from the standpoint of offering the reader the full gamut of phenomena supporting the survival hypothesis in clear and concise language. Every hospice should make this book available to its patients. The book deals with the most important question facing mankind ¿ whether we are all marching toward extinction in a meaningless world or whether we are spiritual beings temporarily occupying physical bodies while participating in a divine plan. ¿Our culture has a desperate fear of death, as though death were somehow a bad thing ¿ the end of existence,¿ Dr. R. Craig Hogan, the author, advances, pointing out that much of the money spent in healthcare today is expended on the last two weeks of life, trying to keep the body alive just a few days longer. The problem, Hogan suggests, is that humankind matured intellectually over the past two millennia, but went spiritually backward. ¿The result is that over the two millennia since the Axial Age, humankind has been in a spiritual dark ages,¿ he continues. ¿Religion punished anyone who spoke about spiritual things not sanctioned by the religion.¿ Meanwhile, a ¿herd of stubborn skeptics¿ resisted from the other end out of pure elitist arrogance. As Hogan points out, there is overwhelming evidence that we are eternal beings ¿ evidence that if properly studied and discerned allows those accepting the afterlife on blind faith to move to true faith or conviction. At the same time, the skeptic with an open mind can move off his skepticism to belief. ¿People today who are still not able to accept the abundant data that the afterlife is as real as this life have not read the evidence or participated in medium activities,¿ Hogan explains. ¿They assume that the mind is confined to the brain, so evidence of the mind outside of the body couldn¿t be valid, and that justifies their not reading it. Because they haven¿t read the evidence, they assert that there is no evidence, and since they are not themselves aware of any evidence to the contrary, they are assured that the mind must be confined to the brain and that reinforces their belief that any evidence of the mind outside of the brain must be invalid. That circular reasoning leaves them in an ignorance of their own making.¿ Hogan begins by examining the most recent evidence which strongly suggests that the mind is much greater than and not confined to the physical brain. He first looks at remote viewing, mentioning some very impressive research in the area as well as his own interesting experience with this phenomenon. He then looks at out-of-body experiences, including near-death experiences, various forms of mediumship, including materializations and the direct-voice phenomenon, deathbed visions, apparitions, induced after-death communication, studies in ESP, what-have-you. He summarizes the findings of esteemed scientists and scholars both of yesteryear and today, often quoting them. He examines the arguments by the debunkers and then offers arguments debunking the debunkers. After examining the evidence for survival, Hogan discusses some of the testimony from the spirit world concerning the conditions after death. ¿People do not lose their individuality in the afterlife and don¿t suddenly become omniscient or clairvoyant,¿ he states. ¿They don¿t change. They also don¿t transform into being good or angelic. They carry their fears, conflicts, and problems into the afterlife.¿ The environment one finds himself in depends on the person¿s state of being when he leaves the earth realm. Hogan has taken the best evidence, distilled it, dissected it, and discerned it. The person with an open mind will find much food for thought in this book.

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

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