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Your Food

Your Food

by Sally Hewitt

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Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
Yes, the world is getting smaller, and by that, I mean you can go just about anywhere in a relatively short amount of time. There are, however, some negative effects of this. When it is winter in the U.S., fruits are abundant in South America and can be quickly shipped to these markets. Bananas, grapes, strawberries, and the like are now available all year long. The transportation and packaging of these foods require energy, and much of it is non-renewable. In some areas of the world, local farmers may be put out of business by big companies growing foods for export. The text challenges readers to think about where food comes from and the impact that the international movement of produce has on the environment. There are calls for action. For example, Hewitt suggests that readers write letters to persuade their school to buy local produce. Some of the other suggestions may be difficult for students to implement; advocating a school store that sells healthy snacks or creating a school garden would require actions by others in authority. One action that could be undertaken is for readers to research how far foods have traveled. Many of the examples are projects undertaken by schools in lesser developed countries. Kids learn that they can create mini gardens, build compost heaps, and buy products with the Fair-trade logo. The major concluding activity encourages readers to learn about foods grown locally and to select recipes that use those ingredients. Each title in the series closes with a glossary, a list of approximately six appropriate websites, and an index. This is a well-written and informative series. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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Age Range:
8 - 10 Years

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