Your Google Game Plan for Success: Increasing Your Web Presence with Google AdWords, Analytics and Website Optimizer [NOOK Book]


Get the most out of Google's trifecta of tools and optimize your Web presence!

Savvy marketers are always searching for new ways to attract and keep online customers. Google’s array of online tools plus the techniques and tips in this expert guide help you unlock the mystery of doing business in the digital age.

Learn the basics of Google AdWords, Analytics, and Website Optimizer—and then discover how to use this powerful trifecta together to ...

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Your Google Game Plan for Success: Increasing Your Web Presence with Google AdWords, Analytics and Website Optimizer

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Get the most out of Google's trifecta of tools and optimize your Web presence!

Savvy marketers are always searching for new ways to attract and keep online customers. Google’s array of online tools plus the techniques and tips in this expert guide help you unlock the mystery of doing business in the digital age.

Learn the basics of Google AdWords, Analytics, and Website Optimizer—and then discover how to use this powerful trifecta together to help you track, extract, and analyze data and make necessary changes. Topics include cost-per-click advertising, conversion tracking, how to apply what you’re learning, and much more.

  • Brings you up to speed on Google AdWords, Analytics, and Website Optimizer
  • Shows how to use each tool individually—and then together as a powerful trio to track, analyze, and optimize your Web presence
  • Topics include the basics of CPC (cost per click) and how to use Google's Ad Planner, the AdWords Editor, and conversion tracking
  • Covers how to install tracking code in your Web site, what reports are available and how to use them, testing, applying what you learn, and much more

Start increasing ROI, online sales, and web site traffic quality with Google tools and the insights and techniques in this expert guide.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781118080535
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Publication date: 2/14/2011
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 456
  • Sales rank: 1,166,939
  • File size: 26 MB
  • Note: This product may take a few minutes to download.

Meet the Author

Joe Teixeira is Director of Web Intelligence at MoreVisibility and a Google Analytics Certified Partner. He is a leading expert in the field of web analytics, and is Google AdWords Qualified as well as certified in Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter.

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Table of Contents

Introduction xix

Part I Getting Started 1

Chapter 1 What’s Your Game Plan for Success? 3

What’s Your Current Plan of Online Action? 4

Why Did You Build a Website? 4

What Does Your Website Look Like? 4

What Does Your Website Do? 6

How Does Someone Benefit from Your Website? 6

How Do You Plan on Marketing Your Website? 7

How Are You Measuring Success? 8

Visits, Hits, and Page Views 8

Time on Site, New vs. Returning Visitors, and Events 9

Conversions, Goals, and Successes 11

Customer/Visitor Feedback 12

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 13

Doing It Online Is Different from Doing It Offline 13

Fast, Faster, Fastest! 14

No Charge for Changes 14

Much Higher Level of Accountability 14

Getting Started on Your Journey to Success 15

Part II Google AdWords 17

Chapter 2 Welcome to Google AdWords! 19

Creating a Google AdWords Account 20

Creating a Google Account 20

Opening a Google AdWords Account 21

Creating Your First AdWords Campaign 23

Choosing a Billing Method and Entering Billing Information 24

Becoming Familiar with the Google AdWords Interface 26

The Home Tab 26

The Campaigns Tab 27

The Opportunities Tab 29

The Reporting Tab 30

The Billing Tab 31

The My Account Tab 31

The Home Tab 32

Alerts 33

Account Status 33

Announcements 33

Watch List 33

Keyword Performance 34

Active Campaigns 35

Campaign Performance 35

Help and Tips 36

The Campaigns Tab 36

Functions and Features within the Campaigns Tab 37

The Campaigns Sub-Tab 39

The Ad Groups Sub-Tab 40

The Settings Sub-Tab 40

The Ads Sub-Tab 42

The Keywords Sub-Tab 42

The Networks Sub-Tab 44

The Audiences Sub-Tab 44

The Opportunities Tab 45

The Reporting Tab 46

Report Types 47

Settings 47

Advanced Settings 48

Templates, Scheduling, and E-Mail 50

Viewing Your Report 50

The Billing Tab 51

Billing Summary 52

Billing Preferences 52

Agency/MCC Billing 52

The My Account Tab 53

Account Access 53

Notification Settings 54

Preferences 54

Chapter 3 Cost-per-Click Advertising 55

A Brief Review of Cost-per-Click Advertising Online 55

What You’re Actually Charged For 56

Where Your Ads Actually Appear 57

The Critical Role that Landing Pages Play 58

The Google AdWords Quality Score 61

Quality Score for Google and Search Partners 61

Quality Score for the Google Content Network 62

Optimizing Your Quality Score 62

Keyword Match Types 65

“Broad Match” Keywords 65

“Phrase Match” Keywords 65

“Exact Match” Keywords 66

“Negative Match” Keywords 66

The Great Debate: Keyword Match Types 67

Cost-per-Click Ads 68

Standard Text Ads and Restrictions 68

Using the “Keyword Insertion” Function 70

Testing and Experimenting with Different Ads 71

Other Types of Ad Formats 72

Geo-Targeting 73

Selecting a Country, State/Region, or City 73

Creating a Custom Targeted Area 74

Who Actually Sees My Geo-Targeted Ads? 75

Chapter 4 Advanced Opportunities within Google AdWords 77

The Google Content Network 77

Text Ads 78

Image Ads 79

Video Ads 81

Automatic and Managed Placements 83

Tips for Success on the Content Network 83

Display Builder 85

Selecting Your Ad Template 85

Editing and Launching Your Display Ad 86

AdWords Bidding Options 88

Bidding Focus on Clicks (CPC) 88

Bidding Focus on Impressions (CPM) 88

Bidding Focus on Conversions (CPA) 89

Advanced Campaign Settings 89

Languages 90

Position Preference 90

Delivery Method 92

Ad Scheduling 92

Ad Rotation 94

Frequency Capping 95

Demographic Bidding 95

Ad Extensions 96

Location Extensions: Business Owners 97

Location Extensions: Non-Business Owners 98

Phone Extensions 99

Ad Sitelinks 99

Product Extensions 100

Chapter 5 AdWords Tools of the Trade 103

Google AdWords Editor 103

Downloading Your Campaigns 104

Working within AdWords Editor 104

Posting Changes Live 110

Google (DoubleClick) Ad Planner 110

Viewing a Site Listing 111

Creating a Media Plan 112

Ad Planner for Publishers 118

The AdWords Conversion Tracking Tool 118

How Conversion Tracking Works 119

Creating and Installing Conversion Tracking 120

Conversion Tracking Data and Reporting 121

The Search-Based Keyword Tool 123

Other Available AdWords Tools 125

My Change History Tool 125

Ads Diagnostic Tool 126

Ad Preview Tool 127

Keyword Discovery Tool 128

Traffic Estimator 128

IP Address Exclusion Tool 130

Site and Category Exclusion Tool 131

Chapter 6 Google AdWords: Analysis and Insights 133

Measuring Success and Taking Actions 133

Focus on Impressions 134

Focus on Clicks 136

Focus on Conversions 139

General Actions to Take 141

Answers to Common Questions and Problems 143

When Should Ad/Keyword Bids Be Changed? 143

When to Add/Pause/Remove an Ad 145

When to Change Your Campaign Settings 145

When to Create New Campaigns 146

When to Reorganize Your Account 147

Part III Google Analytics 149

Chapter 7 Welcome to Google Analytics! 151

The Google Analytics Account 152

Basic Functions within Google Analytics 156

Date-Range Tool and Comparing Date Ranges 156

Trending Graph Customization 157

Adding Reports to the Dashboard 158

Exporting Reports 159

E-mailing Reports 159

Dimensions (Segmenting) 161

Table Filtering 162

Other Table Options 163

Help, FAQs, and Common Questions 166

The Overview and the Dashboard 167

The Visitors Section 170

Benchmarking 172

Map Overlay 173

New vs. Returning 174

Languages 175

Visitor Trending 176

Visitor Loyalty 177

Browser Capabilities 178

Network Properties 179

Mobile 180

The Traffic Sources Section 181

Direct Traffic 181

Referring Sites 182

Search Engines 183

All Traffic Sources 184

Keywords 185

Campaigns 186

Ad Versions 186

The Content Section 186

Top Content 188

Content by Title 189

Content Drilldown 189

Top Landing Pages 189

Top Exit Pages 190

Site Overlay 190

Navigation Summary 191

Entrance Paths 192

The Goals Section 193

Total Conversions 195

Conversion Rate 195

Goal Verification 195

Reverse Goal Path 196

Goal Value 197

Goal Abandoned Funnels 197

Funnel Visualization 197

The E-Commerce Section 198

Total Revenue 200

Conversion Rate 200

Average Order Value 200

Product Performance 200

Transactions 201

Visits to Purchase 201

Days to Purchase 202

Chapter 8 The Web-Analytics Industry 203

How Google (Web) Analytics Works 203

What Information Does Google Analytics Collect? 206

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) 207

First-Party vs. Third-Party Cookies 208

Limitations of Google Analytics 209

Web-Analytics Metrics 212

The Web-Analytics Association 212

Web Metrics and Dimension Definitions 212

Metrics 212

Dimensions 213

Unfortunate and Common Misconceptions 214

Misconception: Web Analytics Is Accounting Software 214

Misconception: Google Analytics Publicly Shares and Sells My Information 215

Misconception: A $125,000 Tool Will Solve All My Problems 216

Misconception: One Tool Should Be Enough for Me 216

Misconception: Web-Analytics Tool X Should be Exactly the Same as Web-Analytics Tool Y 217

Misconception: Google Analytics Can’t Handle Large Volumes (Because It’s Free) 218

Misconception: The More Data My Dashboard Has, the Better! 218

Misconception: Too Many Visitors Are Listed on the Top Exit Pages Report 219

Misconception: You Should Use Year-over-Year and Decade-over-Decade Comparisons 220

Becoming a Great Web Analyst 220

Failing 221

Segmentation 221

Comparisons 223

Executive Dashboards/Reports 224

Competitive Intelligence 224

Understanding Your Website 225

Chapter 9 Sophisticated Google Analytics Features 227

Intelligence and Custom Alerts 227

Understanding “Intelligence” 228

Significance and Sensitivity 230

Group by Dimension 230

Creating a Custom Alert 231

Advanced Segments 234

Default Advanced Segments 234

Creating a Custom Advanced Segment 235

Sharing and Editing Your Custom Segment 239

Custom Reports 239

Creating a Custom Report 240

Sharing and Editing Your Custom Report 242

Advanced Segments and Custom Reports Together 242

Motion Charts 243

Site Search Reports 244

Secondary Dimensions and Pivoting 247

Advanced Table Filters 248

Annotations 249

Chapter 10 The Technical Side of Google Analytics 251

The Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) 251

The urchin Tracking Code 252

The ga.js Tracking Code 253

The async Tracking Code 254

The JavaScript File 255

The Tracking Code Wizard 255

What the GATC Can’t Track 257

Google Analytics Cookies 258

The __utma Cookie 258

The __utmb and __utmc Cookies 260

The __utmz Cookie 260

The __utmv Cookie 262

E-Commerce Tracking 262

Enabling E-Commerce Tracking 262

The E-Commerce Tracking Snippet 263

Common E-Commerce Tracking Mistakes 266

Event Tracking 267

Categories, Actions, Labels, and Values 268

Event Tracking Reports 269

Custom Variables 271

Schema and Key/Value Pairs for Custom Variables 272

Custom Variables Reports 273

Common Customizations 274

Virtual Page Views 274

PDF and Other File Downloads 275

Sub-Domain and Cross-Domain Tracking 275

Sub-Domain Tracking 276

Cross-Domain Tracking 276

Modifying Cookie Timeout Values 277

Adding an Organic Search Engine 278

Creating Profiles, Goals, Filters, and Other Settings 279

Creating a Profile 279

Editing Profile Settings 280

Goals, Values, Funnels, and Engagement 280

Filters and Regular Expressions 282

User Management 284

Part IV Google Website Optimizer 285

Chapter 11 Welcome to Google Website Optimizer 287

What Is Google Website Optimizer? 287

How Google Website Optimizer Works 289

A/B Experiments 290

Multivariate (MVT) Experiments 292

Reports and Data Available in Google Website Optimizer 295

A/B Experiment Data 295

Multivariate Experiment Data 297

Creating an A/B Experiment with Google Website Optimizer 298

Step 1: Website Owner Buy-In 298

Step 2: Create a Google Account 298

Step 3: Logging in to Google Website Optimizer 298

Step 4: Choosing the Experiment Type 298

Step 5: Review Experiment Checklist 299

Step 6: Identify Experiment Pages 300

Step 7: Tag Your Experiment Pages 300

Step 8: Review Settings and Launch 301

Step 9: Follow-up Experiments 302

Creating a Multivariate Experiment with Google Website Optimizer 302

Chapter 12 Elementary Statistical Concepts 305

Elementary Statistics 306

Why Is Elementary Statistics Important? 306

Types of Statistical Data 306

Types of Surveys and Samples 309

Histograms and Normal Distributions 310

Mean, Median, Mode, and Midrange 311

Averages and Outliers 312

Standard Deviation and the Range Rule of Thumb 313

Z-Scores 315

Confidence Intervals and Margin of Error 315

How to Approach Your Data After Reading This Chapter 316

Chapter 13 The Technical Side of Google Website Optimizer and Experiment Ideas 319

The Google Website Optimizer Tracking Code 320

Tracking Code for an A/B Experiment 320

Original Page Coding 320

Variation(s) Page Coding 322

Conversion Page Coding 323

Tracking Code for a Multivariate Experiment 324

Test-Page Coding 325

Conversion-Page Coding 326

Creating MVT Combinations and Editing HTML 327

Part V Executing Your Game Plan 329

Chapter 14 Google AdWords and Google Analytics 331

Syncing Google AdWords and Google Analytics 331

Step 1: Administrative Rights 332

Step 2: Destination URL Auto-Tagging 334

Step 3: Syncing and Applying Cost Data 334

The Google AdWords Report Subsection 337

New AdWords Segmentation Options 337

The Overview Screen 339

Campaigns Report 340

Keywords Report 341

Day Parts 342

Destination URLs 343

Placements 343

Keyword Positions 344

TV Ads 344

Other Ways to Combine AdWords and Analytics 345

Importing Your Google Analytics Goals into Google AdWords 345

AdWords Search Funnels Report 346

Running Multiple AdWords Accounts at the Same Time 347

Chapter 15 Google AdWords and Google Website Optimizer 349

Using AdWords for Your Website Optimizer Experiments 350

Experiment: New AdWords, New Landing Pages 350

Experiment: New AdWords, Existing Landing Pages 352

Experiment: Existing AdWords, New Landing Pages 352

Experiment: Existing AdWords, Existing Landing Pages 353

Ideas for Landing-Page Experiments 353

Designing for Usability vs. Designing for Conversions 353

Calls to Action 355

Landing-Page Headlines 357

Selling/Value Propositions 358

Short, Medium, and Long Forms 359

People, Places, and Things 360

Chapter 16 Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer 363

Tracking Code Compatibility 363

Using GA and GWO on One Domain 364

Using GA and GWO on Sub-Domains 365

Analyzing Google Website Optimizer Data in Google Analytics 366

Annotations 367

Advanced Segments 367

Custom Reports 368

All Traffic Sources 369

Map Overlay 370

New vs. Returning 370

Mobile Devices 371

Goals Overview 373

Reverse Goal Path 373

Creating a Duplicate Profile for Your Google

Website Optimizer Data 374

Part VI Wrapping It Up 377

Chapter 17 Google Programs to Add to Your Game Plan 379

Programs for Analysis 380

Google Insights for Search 380

Google Trends 384

Programs for Your Website 388

Google Webmaster Tools 388

Google FeedBurner 390

Programs for Advertising 391

Google TV Ads 392

Google Merchant Center 395

Google AdSense 396

Chapter 18 Programs to Add to Your Game Plan Outside Google 399

Manual URL Tagging 399

The Five Query Parameters 400

Tips to Ensure Your Query Parameters Work Properly 403

Pay-per-Click Programs 404

The Yahoo!/Microsoft Search Alliance 404

Ask Sponsored Listings 405

Some Other Tools to Add 406

URL Shorteners 407

Klout 407

Twitalyzer 408

PercentMobile 410

CrazyEgg 411

Appendix A Resources and a Thank-You! 413

Getting in Touch with the Author 413

Thank You, Reader! 414

Google Resources 414

Non-Google Resources 417

Blogs to Subscribe To 421

Index 425

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