Your Health

Your Health

by Joan Iveson-Iveson

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
ea. vol: 24p. illus. by Bill Donohoe. photogs. glossary. index. (All About You Series). CIP. Bookwright Pr, dist. by Watts. Mar. 1986. PLB $8.90. Gr 2-4 This series covers specific topics of basic anatomy and physiology, but both the ``Let's-Read-and-Find-Out-Science-Book'' series (Crowell) and the ``New True Books'' series (Childrens) are better choices. Your Hands and Feet discusses hands, fingers, nails, touch, feet, walking, balancing, shoes and socks and care of hands and feet. Your Nose and Ears deals with breathing, smell, ears, hearing and balance, deafness, and care of the nose and ears. Your Skin and Hair covers temperature control, hair on skin and body, kinds of hair and skin and hair care. Your Health is the weakest of the four titles because the information given is so general. Much of the text seems so obvious (``Wearing fresh, clean clothes is all part of feeling happy and well''), and some comments may provoke controversy (``You do not need to eat many dairy foods. . .''). Each volume includes illustrations on nearly every page. Unfortunately, while the text and vocabulary may be most appropriate for third or fourth graders, the illustrations (especially the drawings on the covers) depict much younger children. Kathryn M. Weisman, Willowbrook Library Media Center, Glenview, Ill.

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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All about You Ser.
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5 - 8 Years

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