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Your Health = Your pH: How To Reverse Illness & Gain Vitality

Your Health = Your pH: How To Reverse Illness & Gain Vitality

4.2 5
by Amy Mosher
Do you desire to:
* Experience more physical health?
* Increase your energy level?
* Protect yourself against disease?

With this book you will learn how:
* Your pH affects your cellular health
* Your thoughts and feelings change your pH
* Common foods & beverages undermine you & what to substitute
* You can balance your pH for


Do you desire to:
* Experience more physical health?
* Increase your energy level?
* Protect yourself against disease?

With this book you will learn how:
* Your pH affects your cellular health
* Your thoughts and feelings change your pH
* Common foods & beverages undermine you & what to substitute
* You can balance your pH for optimum wellness

This comprehensive book
* Describes why and how disease gets started
* Explains common illnesses and the underlying root causes they share
* Teaches you how to gauge the state of your health
* Lists what foods to eat and which ones to avoid
* Provides a step-by-step guide to gaining wellness

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Your Health = Your pH: How To Reverse Illness & Gain Vitality 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
lizasarusrex More than 1 year ago
This is a book all about the body's pH level and how much it impacts our lives on a daily basis. This book will introduce you to understanding your body's pH level and open your eyes to how your pH level can adjust your feeling of wellness and how it allows certain illnesses to be accepted into your body.   This is a book everyone should read, and it's fairly short so it shouldn't take any person more than a few days to complete. It's great if you are interested in learning about alternative health care. I know I am always interested in what I can do to better myself and my body with what I have at home, and away from a doctor. But, neither the book or I am suggesting that this is a book to use as alternative health care for serious problems. This book is best used to help small ailments and leave the big stuff to the doctors who get paid the big bucks.  There are so many different factors that change how we feel every day, and this book will help you see what this means, and how to keep negative energy out and stay positive and healthy. Overall I would give this book a 5/5. It contains an abundance amount of information in a short amount of pages, all in which I found very helpful. 
KenishaP More than 1 year ago
This book begins with an overview of how your body's pH level can alter your general feeling of wellness, as well as inhibit or cause/allow certain illnesses and diseases to take hold. It discusses the causes and contributing factors to wonky pH levels. There are lists of foods that are alkaline and acidic. The text generally advocates eating more vegetables, green powders, and drinking freshly juiced fruits and veggies, which is something I can get behind. Next it covers minerals and other supplements you can take to restore balance, and exercises and other ways to deal with stress (which can affect your pH levels). It would have been nice to see more footnotes or sources throughout the text, as I've learned to be critical unless there are reputable sources and research done on the subject matter. I still think the information is really interesting, if only because it's another way to understand the amazingly complex machine known as the human body. The book is pretty short overall, but it explains its purpose clearly and presents the information about how you can begin to correct your body's pH. The writing is clear and direct, and is essay-like. It's well edited. People looking for alternative solutions for common (non-serious) ailments might enjoy the information presented in this book. I do urge people to seek the advice of licensed medical professionals for anything that seems serious. Still, it might be worth it to try some things that this book talks about, just for general health reasons.
Francine1440 More than 1 year ago
Your Health=Your pH: How to Reverse Illness and Gain Vitality is a short (fifty-one pages on my ereader) look at using your body’s pH level to determine your health. Written by Amy Mosher, the book provides a lot of information about how your pH level is affected by everything, from the food you eat to the stress in your life. This in turn affects the health of the cells in your body and how well they can function. Some of the information gets to be a bit mind-boggling but it is very interesting and most of the facts provided make a lot of sense. I found to be of particular interest the section about how our emotions and mental state affect the pH level of our bodies. The author writes of how to test your pH level, the best time of day to do so and which numbers to look for and what they mean. She also gives a lot of her own personal experiences with the litmus tests which makes the book much more personable and not just a lot of health jargon. I found the whole thing to be quite interesting, especially things like the chart of certain foods and where they register on a pH scale. I don’t know that I believe everything Ms. Mosher writes but I’ll certainly take a lot of useful information away from what I’ve read.
MarthaM More than 1 year ago
I am always interested in books that deal with natural ways to deal with illness and positively affect your health. In taking care of myself, I try to consider the many aspects of health and the factors within the body, mind and soul that affect my health. One factor that I had never considered was pH, so this book offered a new direction for healing. This is a short but comprehensive look at the body’s pH factor and how its balance, neutral vs acidic, can indicate the beginning of health issues. It provides the reader with information about how to use resources like food, minerals, supplements, and even meditation to affect the pH balance. I found the book to be well written, full of information, well organized and helpful. I plan to go to the store tomorrow for Phase 1 of my own pH analysis and makeover.
Santosh More than 1 year ago
Book Name: Your Health = Your pH: How To Reverse Illness & Gain Vitality By Amy Mosher Amy Mosher. The name has it all. She is my inspiration. I never thought that my subconscious feelings about certain kind of food had reasons behind them. But now I know what I needed to know. "Your Health = Your pH" is the first book I ever read from Amy. The book name further extends to "How to Reverse Illness & Gain Vitality" which IMHO is what this book is trying to do from page one. This book is for everyone, a book that covers grounds for living healthy life. The book itself is pretty small one, about 60 pages at stretch. But the amount of information it holds is simply outstanding. It begins with the basics like what is pH and why it is so important. I don't want to sound all technical but the simple fact behind this book is "We're all walking chemical equations" and if we keep it balanced, we will live a good healthy and vigorous life. Book starts off with introduction to pH and how it represents state of our body and what are various diseases that could get hold of our lives if pH balance deteriorates. Then author dives into the topic of Minerals and how they are responsible for our growth and wellbeing as well as how they help in fight against intruder viruses and underlying diseases. Amy later discusses, the most common mistakes we do which result in imbalance in our pH level. Book further puts forth various ways through which we could correct our pH levels. There are things in this book that are simply astounding in nature, for example how a simple can of cold drink put's your bodies mineral reserves haywire. In author's words, "Majority of all diseases correlate to a lowered pH, reduced oxygen and shortage of minerals", which makes it inevitable to know what we can do about them. The best way to put this book is (Amy's own words); "Your pH level is an indication of your general health, not a diagnostic tool for a specific ailment." so if you are on a journey to healthy life (or want to) then this book can become the most useful resource to carry. When I bought this book, I had no Idea about the contents it was providing, but small size and promising title pulled me in. So in a sense I got more than I bargained for (in good way :) I am a computers person... so essentially I don't know much about healthcare stuff. Amy's book although little advanced but never let me felt out of place... Every line I read was making me more knowledgeable and more in control of my health. I was little skeptical when in the beginning of the book author put in various Diseases which are the by-product of our pH imbalance. So I guess the book needs some more segregated Index but other than that it’s one of the best books I read on health in general. On concluding notes I would say this book deserves 5 out of 5 stars for everything. I enjoyed the whole book; definitely I'll be reading it few more times because it has lot to offer. And I'll be looking forward to reading other books by Amy in future. Thanks and enjoy your read. Highly recommended!!