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Your New Boss Looks Like This

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The reasons for writing this my first book was two-fold, first I'm am a Speaker and being such you want to have a product to market to the public, second and more to the point I don't think enough people are being exposed to exactly how easy it is to become a business owner today. Especially since job security is no longer a term that we can count on anymore. I wanted to reach people who are interested in having their own business but for whatever reason has been reluctant to invest in themselves.I believe and I ...
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The reasons for writing this my first book was two-fold, first I'm am a Speaker and being such you want to have a product to market to the public, second and more to the point I don't think enough people are being exposed to exactly how easy it is to become a business owner today. Especially since job security is no longer a term that we can count on anymore. I wanted to reach people who are interested in having their own business but for whatever reason has been reluctant to invest in themselves.I believe and I express in this book that it's simply lack of knowledge, or what I call correct knowledge that keeps people in fear of investing in themselves. So by making this book very short and inserting quotes that enlighten and enhance an individuals faith in themselves, my hope is to begin the shift in your mind to bring out the potential in you.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781452098685
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 1/12/2011
  • Pages: 72
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.17 (d)

Table of Contents


Chapter One - No more Job Security....................1
Chapter Two - Your Money and your Time....................11
Chapter Three - Tools and Techniques....................23
Chapter Four - Affiliate Marketing....................39
Chapter Five - Adjusting who you are and your focus....................49
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First Chapter

"Your new boss looks like this"

By Larry D. James


Copyright © 2011 Larry D. James
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-9868-5

Chapter One

No more Job Security

Never before has job security been so difficult to attain or maintain. Many times we are not even able to qualify for a position that has the benefits such as health, dental, vision and the like. So what exactly has happened to our system that no longer allows us to work for twenty, twenty five, or even thirty years and retire with dignity and respect? Well some say its lack of opportunity, others say it's because people are living longer and the benefits are running out, and still others say it's because of technology. I agree with all of the above and probably several others, however now is the time to actually begin to think in terms of you owning your own business. Ok, now after realizing that the business of handling your business has changed I want to take you on a short journey so that you can understand just how simple and easy it is to start your new business. Since computers have changed the way business is done in the new millinumn the way you start, maintain, and grow your business has changed also. In the past you would finish high school, go to college, after four years in your chosen field graduate, get a job in corporate America get two to five years experience and transition into owning your own company. Today your outline looks more like this, graduate high school, maybe go to college for one or two years and quit only to get a job that pays just enough to keep you there, and consequently you do just enough not get fired.

Or you may finish high school join the military go in for four to six years acquire a skill that you can use in the civilian world if you are able to decide what skill you want to learn before you join. Many times when a young person decides to serve their country and perform their military duties they will enlist on what's called an open contract and by doing that they are actually placed where they are needed instead of where they would want to learn the skill for the civilian world. I know this because I was in the Marines, right out of high school and I enlisted not knowing anything about how the system worked and was placed in Infantry. Fortunately after a year I was able to move into the supply field but the opportunities available as a career after my three years were somewhat limited. The beauty of technology in the 2000's is it eliminates so many of the tangibles of the past, things like you no longer have to physically go to a location to pay your bills, you no longer have to go to the location to apply for a job, you don't even have to attend a university any more you can do all those things and more online. Now one of the down sides of those benefits are they eliminate jobs. And as you can imagine, that's a major downside. So what does that cause us as employees to do, it causes us to become more creative. Never before has it been easier to reach so many people so quickly and because of that we are able to start and run our own online business, and all from the comfort of your own home.

One of the caveats involved in owning your own business is the learning curve. When you work for someone else they handle all the details all you have to do is show up and perform your job and go home. When you own your own business you have to constantly learn in order to grow. If you don't want to learn owning your own business is probably something that doesn't interest you because you will be required to wear several different hats. But having said that, it will become imperative that you consider some type of home based business even if only on a part time basis. The economy has begun to dictate that for sure you cannot rely on a job for 20 to 30 years anymore. And for that reason alone at some point you will probably need to supplement your income and your choices are going to be very limited because of the number of people out of work.

There are three very significant things I stay focused on in life and they are the Mind, Body, and the Spirit. I am a person who also believes equally in Balance, meaning you can do almost anything you like as long as you are able to maintain balance, and not over do anything. The mind, body, and spirit should be continuously worked on or added to. I mean everyday of our lives we should be adding to those three. And because we are not perfect we are going to make mistakes, being able to accept responsibility for those mistakes and moving on allows for the growth that comes with the experience.

The vision involved within me deciding to write this book was because of my interest in online marketing along with today's unemployment rate. I see and hear story after story of people who have all of a sudden gone from making 100K plus per year to having to go to food pantries to get food and sanitation products. I see people who have not been able to find a job in 12, 18, even 24months and more. Then there are those of course who don't have the skills or the education to compete in being able to get a job that will allow them to take care of their families. So consequently, I have been lead to attempt to open the eyes and perhaps some doors for not just the have's that no longer have, but the never have had's as well. One of the true's of the world is no one person is better than another so with that spirit in mind I want to incorporate some of what's known as specialized knowledge to a large group of people about being able to successfully start and run their own home based business. And I will do it with accurate and valid information that people on all levels can understand and apply to their own purpose or what we call reason for being here, because when you are able to work in your true purpose it's not work it's simply living your purpose.

The title of this book was inspired by a conscious realization that today; one not only needs to become computer literate, but also needs to learn how to generate another type of income based not so much on working for someone else as working for themselves. We all have skills, abilities, and things that we really enjoy doing. And if you are able to identify what those are for you, and can be shown a way to generate a second income on a part time basis simply by learning and applying a few new things, I truly believe people will want to learn and begin to think outside the box for a better way for themselves and their families. Never before has information been so easy to acquire and much of it is free to access. Not long ago I made a video called No Money Required that spoke about when you don't have money that is the Best time to learn because you have plenty of free time, and no money to distract you because when you have money you spend money that takes away from your focus. Now the Beauty of learning while your resources are limited is it allows you to connect more with the mind, body, and spirit we spoke about earlier. Along with preparing you for the actual receiving of the money or income that you begin to get, because many times money can be corruptible if you're either not prepared or the amount is more than you are accustom to having.

One of the things that I will share with my readers is Terms that are very important to become more literate with computers. Now as I indicated there will be a bit of learning involved to successfully get your online business up and running, so learn those terms and follow the path that I will be setting up for you and your results will be positive for the growth of your business. Keep in mind that success is a process, and just like yesterday you didn't know you wanted to have an online business, and today you do, will require you to grow in at least one area and probably many areas that you didn't have to yesterday. One of the things that seem to help me when I am required to learn something new is I want to be able to teach it, because at that point I know that I know it. A little Tip: "The computer is the vehicle to the success of your business from this point on". Now having said that, it's not difficult to learn and understand when introduced correctly. Just keep in mind that when you are able to practice what you've learned practice because repetition is a way we learn.

When you are deciding on an online business one of the major things that you should consider is the fact that you will be spending and enormous amount of time doing what it is you select so make certain that it's what you enjoy. Now when I say you, I mean you, not your mother, wife, father, teacher, preacher, anyone but you because at the end of the day you will be able to look yourself in the mirror and say well I can't wait until tomorrow to get back to it. I have known people who spend their entire life doing what we call trying to live up to someone else's expectations, and we all know that's not only impossible, but it's not the way we were designed. We were designed to live our life according to the special gifts that the Lord we pray to has given us. And by doing so we are living our lives in line with our purpose.

Once you have selected your business type, next you will want to begin thinking about how you want to market your product or information. There are several different ways to let people know what you are offering. And with the internet being so effective in reaching people all over the world it has never been easier to connect. A few of the quicker ways to market online is through the classifieds, through your own website, your blog, several different social media site's such as face book, twitter, linked-in, and there are many many more.. You even have access to market online via audio, or video the resources are really unlimited. Keep in mind that the process involved to market online requires a few skills that you don't have at this point, but I will guide you every step of the way. Another reason that I felt compelled to write this book was that I see more and more people in the forty to fifty range who really know very little about computer's, and the jobs they work have absolutely no type of retirement plan. And they truly have no idea what they would do if they were to loose that position they call a job. The second reason was that the economy is in such terrible shape right now and is suppose to be that way for at least the next few years. The unemployment rate is over the top, and the jobs that are available are low paying and have very few benefits. Along with that the high school graduation rate is constantly going down which means that the people who don't have a diploma can't even compete for the normal jobs. That fact alone leads many in that age range to believe that they can't become viable and productive citizens, which is far from the truth. Thanks to the internet and its reach YOU can NOW start your very on cash producing online business, and all that's required is a computer, and a little specialized knowledge to start. Of course you will want to invest in your business as you begin to make money. But by far the biggest investment for your success will be you gaining the few skills required to maneuver around the World Wide Web.

On the internet there are literally hundreds and even thousands of companies to join and become an affiliate with, but before you decide on one there are a few things to consider before joining, and I will go into more detail later but for now just be mindful that you'll want to ask yourself whether the management is experienced in building their own network organization. Many people join companies as affiliates and do everything they are required to do but still don't make any money or they may make 50 or 100 dollars per month, which in this or any other business is not acceptable if you are setting up your system to retire one day. Just a few tips to use when thinking about becoming an affiliate: 1. Do a Google search for the owners of the company, 2. In the Policy and Procedures section as you are reading it, and you should read it; look for things like "Termination, with or without cause" or "Unreasonable". 3. Always ask yourself whether or not the contract protects you or the company. Now that's just a few of the things you should do in the beginning, but a few tips that indicate for SURE that you are involved in a SCAM is: If it's a Cash Only business, or if you can buy a position at the Top, these are 100% scams so be aware and if you are in one you should get out as soon as possible.

Another indicator to ponder is has the company passed the two year time line most start up companies fail within. One of the reasons you want to consider this is because involved with start ups are what's known as growing pains and that means things will come up that the company perhaps didn't expect and they will have to make adjustments when they arise. Did you know that 97 to 99% of companies don't last two years? What about, did you know that it's a bad idea to join a company that has passed it's "momentum phase" and have become familiar to most people. When companies use the phrase "get in on the ground floor" their really saying bring all your skills, your money, your contacts, etc. And help us grow our company and if you are able to make a few dollars along the way, its ok if not that's ok to. Since they don't have a track record that will indicate success and if they are affiliated with a publically traded company their first allegiance is to their investors, not you.

There are a number of terms someone interested in the internet marketing business should become familiar with. Knowing the rules of how things are done will shorten your journey in understanding how to benefit from them. Just like you need to know terms, you will also need to work on acquiring certain skills such as, copy and paste, upload, download, just to name a few. And some of the terms would be, server, host, client, browser, and on and on, now don't get discouraged because of all the things necessary to effectively get the job done, it all comes together fairly quickly after you begin. Another Tip, I want to leave with you in regards to learning this process is: Success leaves clues and you would be shocked at how many people begin their systems just like someone else, almost to the point of duplication. As long as you are not violation any infringement rights you are ok. Always remember there will be people who will come behind you, and the same thing you will learn they to will have to learn as well, very few changes will be necessary for them to succeed because the real change comes from within yourself and not the system.

One of the nice things about marketing online or off line is you can be an expert in what ever the field you select. That means once you have learned a particular topic or subject when you introduce yourself to the marketing world you can be the Coach, Mentor, Guru, and so on. All this is possible because you are simply teaching others how to do what it is you have learned, and for that reason you have full rein to select any and I do mean any topic because the world of knowledge and information is so vast people have a need to learn all types of things. One of the guidelines I recommend to my followers is remain professional because as I indicated people will step in your footsteps and if you are acting with Integrity and transparency, when they do come behind you they will be on the right track and not have to restructure because you have exaggerated the truth or even mislead something or someone. Someone once said if you tell the truth you don't have to have a good memory. This statement I know for a fact to be true.

Now I want to cover a few details involved in certain types of marketing. First I will touch on article marketing; this is something I am very familiar with because I have published over 35 articles on several different sites and by doing so I have earned the title of expert which also comes will a small insignia that you are able to apply to your articles. Another of the great benefits about article marketing is you are able to add your contact information in the form of a link at the bottom of your article along with a picture of you or your company logo, that's big. What that does is it allows your reader to be able to click on the link and be taken to your site or the site that you are an affiliate for. This is designed to market either information, products, and so on. Now what you have actually done by marketing via articles is you have learn to write articles, you have learned to how to publish articles, you have learned how to upload a picture to your article, you have learn how to insert a link to your article, and you have learned the full process involved to market products through sending a prospect to a place that they can decide if they want to purchase more information or an actual product. Keep in mind that the benefits only increase because just like you wrote the article on one site after you have finished inserting everything and it's published you can then go to another article marketing site and simply copy and paste your article to that site and reach more and more readers. Now remember there are several article marketing sites so you can simply take a couple of hours register with some of the other sites and simply increase you readership by two, three, or even six, or seven fold. Better yet you have the ability to outsource this process which allows you to do other things, i.e. write more articles, add friends, learn another skill etc. Th e absolute best reason to learn article marketing and publishing is it's all totally FREE, that's right I said Free.


Excerpted from "Your new boss looks like this" by Larry D. James Copyright © 2011 by Larry D. James. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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