Yours Truly, Skye O'Shea

Yours Truly, Skye O'Shea

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by Megan Shull, Pleasant Company, Therese Kauchak

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Eleven-year-old Skye O'Shea, hockey sensation and middle school student, relates her experiences as a pre-teen in an honest, first person narrative form. She talks readers through her frustrations in math class, life with her two elder sisters (who also happen to be hockey stars), love of a boy who she does not think even knows her, and the trials and tribulations in the sport she loves. Seeking someone who might be able to relate to her worries, Skye sends a letter to women's ice hockey Olympian, Haley Bryce. Their correspondence offers Skye friendship and support, even while she feels everyone hates her when she scores a goal for the opposing team during her first game of league play or when she learns that the boy who is sending her mysterious notes is not the love of her life. Shull does an admirable job of capturing the voice of this young girl. Her inclusion of non-traditional texts�a letter home from her teacher on school stationary, a hockey team roster, a school report on Haley Bryce, e-mail conversations between Skye and Haley, and crumpled notes from her admirer�lends authenticity and a playfulness to the work and gives readers glimpses into Skye's daily life. Part of the "American Girl" intermediate fiction series, the novel presents a girl who is strong, smart, and capable, a model for any young female reader to emulate. Well-written and nicely priced. 2003, Pleasant Company Publications,
— Wendy Glenn
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 4-6-Skye Beryl O'Shea, a hockey-playing sixth grader, is the first 11-year-old to make the Ithaca Comets' 15-and-under traveling team. In addition, Haley Bryce, a member of the U.S. Women's Olympic Hockey Team, is Skye's new pen pal, giving advice and encouragement to her biggest fan. School is not going as well for Skye, however. Her secret crush is seen kissing someone else and her math grades keep sinking. Life at home hasn't been great, either. She and her older twin sisters don't get along and her parents have laid down the law. She has to learn to live with them and pull up her math grades or she may have to give up hockey. Skye is a likable protagonist with typical teen issues and, by the end of the book, readers know her fairly well. Though the development of her family and friends is not as thorough, enough information is provided to give readers a sense of their personalities. The plot develops quickly and moves at a rapid pace, integrating lots of information about hockey. E-mail screens, crumpled and folded notes, newspaper clippings, and other bits are scattered throughout. Skye's voice is strong, humorous, and full of promise.-Heather E. Miller, Homewood Public Library, AL Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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Yours Truly, Skye O'Shea 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sixth Grader Skye Shea walked down the halls of Lakeview Middle School. So many things are going through her head. Will her sisters ever stop tattling on her? Will Skye make a good enough impression on Ithaca¿s Hockey teams coach to let her on the team? Will the boy she has had a crush on since the first the day of school ever like her back? And who is the author of these mysterious love notes to Skye? Will Skye be able to deal with all these pressures? Find out in Yours Truly¿ Skye O Shea. I give this book five stars because the writing flows really well. Every night you read this book it makes you want to read more and more. The characters in this book are very realistic and lifelike, you can relate to them really well. The incidents in the book are ones anyone can relate to. I highly recommend this book, and I hope that there will be many more books about Skye¿s life!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book twice and it rocks! I'm going to the bookstore today to buy it because I want to have it! I also read Skye's the Limit once and I wanna buy that too! READ THIS BOOOOOOK! It's AWESOME!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was really good and I really think you should read it. First off this book has a little bit of romance and her trying to make a hockey team... Skye has twin sisters and she just started middle school... Read this book and i am sure you will enjoy it!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is really cool. It's all about a girl who's dealing with everyday issues such as starting middle school, hockey tryouts and mean sisters. This book will keep you turning the pages long after you're supposed to be asleep!!! I'm really enjoying this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hi!! I have read skys the limit and yours truly sky o'shea I love them both!!!!! I hope there will be a third so so so bad!!! you should get 5 stars for both of the books!! Love, Amanda
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am literally speechless after reading this book! Every pre-teen girl will love the story of Skye Beryl O'Shea and her everyday life. From crushes, to bad grades, to making the town hockey team, she relates to many American girls facing typical challenges in her own, unique way! Megan Shull is the future Judy Blume and Meg Cabot mixed together! The book is two thumbs up, 5 stars, and a fantastic read teaching girls they can do anything if they work hard on their dreams!