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Z-Boat (Z-Boat Book 1)

Z-Boat (Z-Boat Book 1)

3.6 5
by Suzanne Robb

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Ally Lane is the pilot and navigator of the The Betty Loo, a search and rescue submarine. She took refuge from her demons on the sub a decade ago.

Brian Kingston, a captain with good intentions but a heavy drinking problem, jumps at the opportunity to make more money than he can imagine on a deep-sea dive aboard the search and rescue submarine, The Betty Loo.


Ally Lane is the pilot and navigator of the The Betty Loo, a search and rescue submarine. She took refuge from her demons on the sub a decade ago.

Brian Kingston, a captain with good intentions but a heavy drinking problem, jumps at the opportunity to make more money than he can imagine on a deep-sea dive aboard the search and rescue submarine, The Betty Loo. He quickly discovers just what he�s gotten himself, and his crew, into. The Betty Loo will be going to suicidal depths on a mission to rescue The Peacemaker, a sub once thought to be unsinkable. After receiving an anonymous threat on the day of departure, Brian is left with no choice but to continue on the mission.

But the depths of the sea aren�t the only problems ahead. New crewmembers arrive, and seeds of distrust are sown within hours. And, upon arrival to The Peacemaker, he realizes that though not all the bodies are dead, there is no one to rescue.

The crewmembers, both old and new, have to trust one another and fight for their lives against the adapting undead or join them in the floating graveyard that is The Peacemaker.

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Permuted Press
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Z Series , #1
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Barnes & Noble
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Z-Boat 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
KatZombie More than 1 year ago
Zombies on a submarine, a small, confined space, thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface – can it be any scarier than this? Z-Boat opens with a quick recap on the state of the world, overpopulation has taken its toll, resulting in undrinkable water, overly-genetically modified food that has lost its nutritional value, and of course, the fuel is running out. The superpowers have been taken over by military regimes and dictators – education in Russia is far to superior to that of the American educational system, and spies are rife. The action on the Betty Lou begins with a recap of all the characters – which I really appreciated as the list of characters is quite long, and all of them are introduced into the story right from the beginning. Z-Boat reads like a movie – the first movie that it brought to my mind was Deep Blue Sea – which fits perfectly with the story. The characters are a mish-mash of different personalities, skills and motives, and part of the mystery is trying to work out who is working with whom, who they are working for, and who they are working against. I know nothing about submarines, but the explanation of the workings of the sub and the equipment are well written and add to the story – with just enough content to keep it interesting without being bogged down by an overload of information. There are a few negatives for me in this book – the story takes place over several days, but reads like it is happening all at once, for example there are no references I can remember that refer to the characters sleeping or eating a regular meal. At times the action is a little slow, and other times too fast which made it hard to keep up with what was happening. This is a good, solid Zombie book – the setting is unique, the characters (although there are many) are easily distinguishable from each other, there is a strong mystery element and the writing is good. Zombies don’t appear in force until the second-half of the book which normally would disappoint me, but in Z-Boat the build-up was worthwhile. With a few touch-ups this could be an excellent book.
MattDarst More than 1 year ago
"Z-Boat" is not just a zombie book. No, it is much, much more. It is a genre blend of horror, science fiction, and espionage. It is a chimera, parts "Firefly," Captain Nemo, "Crimson Tide," and Romero. Ms. Robb’s dialogue is tight, fleshing out the diverse characters nicely. Readers will easily settle into their dynamic and applaud the wit. The setting is claustrophobia inducing. If I didn’t know better, I’d bet the author served on a submarine at some point in her life. Her research on the vessels is extensive, and it pays off. Her nautical descriptions are more than believable; they are engrossing. By the end of the book, you’ll swear you could throw a “chicken switch” yourself. The burn is slow…like the wick on an explosive. When the “Bang” comes, you’ll be happy you’re there to watch the zombie carnage. "Z-Boat" is a smart, fun read. Here’s hoping the author writes more about the exploits of the Betty Loo and her crew.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Urgently in need of an editor. Frequently mixes tenses, sometimes indicates wrong speaker for dialog (Nina speaking to the survivors toward the end of the book, for example, when Nina has already become a zombie), a constant sense that it just isn't "flowing" very well. I finished the book because of the unique setting (zombies in a submarine), but found it painful.
AudiobookReviewer More than 1 year ago
If you do not already know this, this is a zombies on a submarine story, makes you think of Snakes on a Plane, right? Also the planet earth has finally been decimated by humans in every imaginable way. Z-Boat had the backbone to be really entertaining and a standalone in the genre. However, it did not come off that way to me. Starting out very slow with character development that I found myself not caring about after awhile. The plot too was very slow to develop into something that was lackluster and left me with a melancholy taste in my mouth. I kept telling myself that it will get better, there will be action, there will be zombies (the title promised it), there will be horror. Well there was some but only after trudging through more than half and realistically, sorry didn't actually keep track, three quarters of the story was gone. I wish there was more emphasis on the destruction of the world. More infected occurrences. More action, more intensity. If you are looking for something to fill your undead craving <em>Z-Boat</em> might quench it. I think Robb has promise and will be looking for more from her. Audiobook purchased by reviewer. Please find this complete review and many others at audiobookreviewer dot com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
New deadliest catch, long anticipated and well worth the wait! A horrific ecological disaster above. Submarines pushing through deadly waters below. Espionage and political intrigue. Monsters. The premise alone makes Z-BOAT attractive, reminiscent of some of the hellish rides from the eighties, DEEP STAR SIX, LEVIATHAN, and even the ALIENS franchise coming to mind. There is something about a group of disparate and hostile personalities stuck in a confined environment that ratchets the terror-factor. Suzanne Robb drops her characters into a pressure cooker from the beginning, then adds beasties and layers of true-to-life human horror. Beginning with the setting, the dystopian world is well researched&mdash;as are the technical details of the submarine and underwater operations&mdash;and could very well serve as foreshadowing of our own future based on corporate greed and the human nature of endless consumption/ waste. Zooming the lens brings an even more detailed backdrop sure to please the SF and tech-oriented bubble heads: mechanics of submarines delivered in hi-def. Each character is well rendered with individual personalities setting them apart from each other with clarity and that in and of itself is fantastic considering the amount of characters portrayed. Something I especially admired about this book is the different POVs that created a sort of literary panoramic effect. It also allowed the writer and advantage, delivering details in creative ways while keeping the mystery/ thriller aspects thumping to the very end. Finally, the best. Zombies. And not the average Romero shuffler/ biter. Ms. Robb&rsquo;s undead defy stereo types, from creation to action. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when the zombies of the Betty Loo did things that made my skin crawl. Gory, oozing, calculated, and raging. Z-Boat more than earned a top shelf five-star in my collection. But definitely not recommended for the squeamish or claustrophobic! Thank you, Ms. Robb, and may we have another!