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by Mindware


Reach new heights with Zenith, the fast-paced stacking strategy game where players climb their way to victory. With fewer places to play as you work your way to the top, the challenge increases and players must outmaneuber each other to stay in the game. Should you build a strong foundation at the base or lay claim to territory near the peak? Just don't stretch too far, or you may find yourself with no place left to stand! For 2-4 players, Zenith comes complete with colorful wooden pieces and four beautiful mountain-themed boards.HOW TO PLAY: Choose one of the four game boards; each board creates its own unique challenges. Players take turns placing game piueces on any white space on the board or on top of game pieces already placed. To stack vertically, a game piece must match at least one of the three adjacent pieces below it. Players aim to outmaneuver and, ultimately, eliminate their opponents.If a player cannot place a game piece during a turn, he or she is out! Remaining players continue untiul all possible moves are eliminated. The last player to stack a game piece is the winner!

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