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Zero Debt

Zero Debt

3.8 5
by Lynnette Khalfani
This is a reprint of the original edition of Zero Debt.

I know what it s like to have excessive credit card debt. In fact, I know the stresses of having $100,000 in debt. That is the main reason I wrote Zero Debt -- to give people in debt a message of hope: You can conquer your debt! And in many cases, you can do it much faster than you think. If


This is a reprint of the original edition of Zero Debt.

I know what it s like to have excessive credit card debt. In fact, I know the stresses of having $100,000 in debt. That is the main reason I wrote Zero Debt -- to give people in debt a message of hope: You can conquer your debt! And in many cases, you can do it much faster than you think. If you re drowning in debt, I urge you to pick up a copy of Zero Debt to learn how to quickly eliminate that debt and get on the road to financial freedom. Don't delay: start dumping your debt today!

Book Description: Would you like to be free from financial worries, rest at night knowing your bills are paid, and have peace of mind when it comes to money matters? Then you need Zero Debt. In Zero Debt, you'll discover:

* How to get annoying creditors off your back
* Insider secrets to reduce interest rates or eliminate credit card late fees
* Your legal rights and what bill collectors can and can not do under the law
* The best strategies to clean up your credit report or fix errors in your credit file
* How to make lifestyle changes that will save you money for decades to come!

If you want to be debt-free and achieve financial freedom, you need an action plan to guide you. This book is your step-by-step plan. It's simple. It's easy to understand. And it works.

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Zero Debt 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I guarantee you that none of the information provided in this book will be new to you. I thought a day by day guide to relieving debt would be interesting, but most of the daily reads focused on the negative aspect of being in debt. If you are in debt, you don't need to be repeatedly told how bad it is to owe money. You already know. Also, from the very beginning, the book had a negative tone. I almost completely gave up on it when she told me that I should be angry and to use all my anger to get out of debt. Frankly... I'm not angry. Just annoyed with student loans, if nothing else. Didn't like it. Not very helpful at all. Negative. And she seems to think that Rutgers University is located in Princeton, New Jersey. It's not. It's located in New Brunswick. Princeton is located in Princeton. That annoyed me, too. If you really have no idea where debt comes from or how it effects your life, then maybe this is the book for you. If you have a head on your shoulders and even the tiniest sense of how to balance a checkbook, move on to a different title.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a 30-day guide to financial freedom. Many may not need to follow the guide verbatim because some things may not apply. The tips start with evaluating your financial situation. Khalfani suggests writing it down, because once you see, in writing, how much debt you have then you can start your blueprint to becoming debt free. Visualize what¿s causing the undo stress in your money worrying woes. The next and most important step is to determine ¿how¿ you¿re going to get rid of the debt. This is where the pitfall begins. Most think, ¿If I don¿t have money to pay the debt, where am I going to get extra money to pay more on the debt?¿ The answer: Simplify your life. What does that mean? Get rid of those things you think you need (i.e. cellular phones, expensive cars, weekly hairdos, cable TV, etc.). Once you¿ve completed the first two steps, the rest is easy. The first step is always the hardest. Zero Debt explains financial jargon like: FICO, IRA, adjusted rate, 401(k), etc. before information on the subject is presented. Regardless of your level of debt, you¿ll find some useful tips in this easy-to-read book. In short, here are some of the basics to experiencing Zero Debt and financial freedom. Evaluate debt. Stop creditors. Talk to your creditors and let them know what¿s happening. Get rid of the unnecessary; stick with the necessary. Pay more on debt. Check your credit yearly. Check your FICO scores. Write letters disputing discrepancies on your credit report. Don¿t write the credit reporting agencies; write the creditors directly. Start a budget and stick to it. Consistency. Start a savings plan by making small deposits, and gradually increase them as your debt decreases. I like Khalfani¿s approach to becoming debt-free. Most of what she wrote, I¿ve already heard; however, hearing it again didn¿t hurt. Sure this book is not going to solve your money problem; only you can. But you have to make a concerted effort to stick to the program. The only suggestion, from the author, I don¿t recommend is going into a debt-consolidation program. Why pay someone to do what you can do yourself with a simple phone call? Think about it. What makes a stranger asking to reduce your interest rate more credible than you, the customer, calling to ask the same question? Not to mention, sometimes those services damage your credit rating. Hmm, something to ponder. Reviewed by Esther 'Ess' Mays for Loose Leaves Book Review
Guest More than 1 year ago
I also attended the siminar and this author is very informative. Like most people, I'm getting all the information I need to start the year off debt free. I highly recommend this book and Suze Orman's Guides, Surviving Financial Disasters (I saw this author on TV too).
Guest More than 1 year ago
After taking Lynnette khalfani's Zero Debt workshop at the Learning Annex I was convinced that even I could turn my financial life around. During her workshop, she guided us through a number of techniques to help improve our credit ratings, handle existing creditors, and learned what to say to aggressive bill collectors. The room was packed while she spoke for nearly 3 hours! Honestly, we would have stayed for six hours because the author is a wealth of knowledge. I would recommend her book (used extensively during the workshop) to anyone deep in over their heads in debt and especially for young college students...the fastest growing segment filing for bankruptcy (we learned during the workshop). Zero Debt is written as a 30 day action plan. However, it won't take you 30 days to read this gem. The information is delivered clearly and in a reader friendly format that anyone can understand.