Zippy: Type

Zippy: Type "Z" Personality

by Bill Griffith

America's last great newspaper strip, presented the way it should be read!See more details below


America's last great newspaper strip, presented the way it should be read!

Editorial Reviews

Village Voice
“Totally wigged-out, oddly endearing, off-the-wall hysterical!”
Ray Olson - Booklist
“The third annual gathering of the strangest and, for many, most delightful newspaper comic since "Krazy Kat."”
The Sun
“The smartest, funniest, most culturally forward-looking syndicated feature in American newspapers...celebrate this wonderful bundle of the stuff.”
Los Angeles Reader
“Not since Rabelais or Twain has down-to-earth humor packed such a profound, and at the same time sublime, punch!”
Herb Caen
“Griffith has achieved immortality.”
Stanford Daily
“Zippy is the ultimate amalgamation of the insane, the absurd and the hilarious. ”
R. Crumb
“Zippy is the best comic strip being drawn in America.”
Publishers Weekly
Subscribers to newspapers that run Zippy the Pinhead should be grateful for just how wonderful their world is. Every day they can open up the funnies and among formulaic strips read about a freak (of the Tod Browning variety) in a muu-muu who helps us comprehend our pop culture-soaked world in a most postmodern way. It's rare to find something so smart that's so accessible. To help newcomers get a handle on the strip, this collection opens with the six-part series Understand Zippy. Zippy and Griffith's cartoon alter-ego, Griffy, explain the philosophy of the strip, declaring that the boundary between high and low art shall not be observed and the absurd in life will be appreciated to the fullest. The rest of the book lives up to its promises with most of the strips revolving around Zippy speaking to roadside attractions-when he isn't speaking to works of cubism, that is. Griffith draws his characters in a stylized manner, but the real-life attractions (catalogued in the "Pindex" found in the back of the book) are drawn photorealistically. They blend together so well because of the compatible meeting of the bizarre. This is a strip that thrives on the mix between the real and the unreal. (Mar.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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Meet the Author

Bill Griffith is the artist behind the legendary weekly comic Zippy. Griffith's prolific output has been included in such publications as the Village Voice, National Lampoon, and the New Yorker. Along with Art Spiegelman, Griffith co-founded the influential anthology Arcade and is credited for coining the popular phrase, "Are we Having Fun Yet?" He currently lives in Connecticut with his wife, the cartoonist Diane Noomin.

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