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Zodiac And The Salts Of Salvation

Zodiac And The Salts Of Salvation

by George Washington Carey

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After digesting the material presented by Carey and Perry, readers will have a new understanding of basic homeopathic principles, as well as being able to tie various homeopathic remedies to the sun signs. Once this is understood, it is reasonable that the position of the Moon and ascendant in the natal chart and even the position of Saturn may well be indicators


After digesting the material presented by Carey and Perry, readers will have a new understanding of basic homeopathic principles, as well as being able to tie various homeopathic remedies to the sun signs. Once this is understood, it is reasonable that the position of the Moon and ascendant in the natal chart and even the position of Saturn may well be indicators of homeopathic remedies that are needed by the physical body. For example, when an Aries is too quick to anger, perhaps a regular does of kali phosphate may even out the temper. Or when Virgo is beginning to feel digestive problems, kali sulphate may help balance out the minerals in the body. Nothing beats going to the doctor when needing a diagnosis/ however, knowing the basics of homeopathy can also be likened to keeping a first aid kit in the house. In Part I, Dr. Carey relates the parts of the body to the biochemical cellsalts (homeopathic remedies) that were espoused by Dr. Schuessler. Part II, by Inez Perry, enlarges upon the symbolism of the sun types and the basics about the homeopathic remedies. She discusses the twelve sign types in relation to Biblical symbolism, and also combines information from the Kabbalah, masonic texts, eastern and western philosophy, to trace the spiritual symbolism of the signs. She then shows how the twelve basic biochemical remedies work with the sign types. According to Carey and Perry, astrology deals with the body (anatomy) of the Grand Man (the universe), and by analogy, with the human body as it relates to astrological symbolism. The authors bring back to contemporary astrology students the ancient symbolism that was once common knowledge to astrologers.

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The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation


Samuel Weiser, Inc.

Copyright © 2013 George Washington Carey and Inez Eudora Perry
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-87728-708-7



DR. GEORGE W. CAREY'S booklet, "The Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac," has seen many editions; but it was not until 1906 that I secured my first copy, and, mentally hungry for truth, eagerly devoured its pages.

Such actual meat and drink it was to me, so fascinatingly interesting, that I was convinced at once of its immeasurable value to humanity. That realization became intensified, year after year, as constant experience and intensive research work furnished conclusive proof. I believe that the day is not far distant when Dr. Carey will be acclaimed as one of the world's greatest benefactors.

In this chaotic and materialistic age he discovered and published a priceless key, that which unlocks the door to mental as well as physical health. The understanding and use of this key will accomplish the physio-chemical process whereby mankind may regenerate. This means the slow but sure rise from physical and mental degeneracy, disease, unhappiness, and death to that glorious state which is the heritage of every one—perfection. Thus will be consummated the Scriptural injunction, "Be ye therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect." Matt. 5 :48.

The great majority of people will be startled, if, indeed, not actually shocked, by the statement which fifteen years of earnest research and experience causes me to make. Duty and a sincere wish to help humanity are also contributing factors, but there is another and more powerful reason. Our solar system is entering, once again in the cycles of the ages, the sign of Aquarius, the Son of Man, and those who know the Truth, or any part of it, must write, speak, and live it. Aquarius is the humanitarian, or human sign, and the planet (vibration) Uranus is the ruler of this division of the zodiac, which is the path of the solar system.

Therefore, as this is the Age of Truth, those who work with and for it are working in harmony with natural law, while those who follow the opposite course will wonder why they are not prospering. To prosper means to have sufficient for one's necessities, to be physically and mentally comfortable.

It is only truth that matters; opinions do not count. Dr. Carey was not interested in the latter, he was an iconoclast. He felt impelled to make scientific statements no matter how they were received.

My method (and purpose) is the same as his. I aspire to give out facts as I know and have proved them to be.

Therefore, please consider, carefully and earnestly, the following statement which should be written in letters of flame:

A knowledge of, and the practice of, the process necessary to the attainment of perfection is absolutely impossible without a thorough understanding of physiological chemistry. This Dr. William Schuessler furnished in his Biochemic System of Medicine, and the perfect key was supplied by Dr. Carey in his allocation of the biological salts with the zodiacal signs.

The truth of the foregoing statement is as definite and real to me as the fact that I live, move and have my being. I wish it could be made even more emphatic so that it would be engraved forever on the minds of those who read it.

Dr. Schuessler's system is the only true system of medicine, for it is the method of supplying the blood with its component parts. The Bible most truly states a great chemical fact (Leviticus 17:11) in the following words: "For the life of the flesh is in the blood—for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul."

As the blood is the life of the flesh, it naturally follows that, as man is a trinity (body, or flesh, soul and spirit), the quality, condition, or health of his body determines that of his soul, which corresponds in exact degree.

The word "atonement" means at-one-ment or harmony. If the blood were chemically perfect, the highly differentiated and attenuated nerve and glandular fluids, which constitute the soul, would also be perfect. It is only when the blood is chemically perfect that the full quota of Spirit, otherwise God-power, can enter the body, for "Like attracts like."

The study of Schuessler's Biochemistry enables us to become acquainted with the different kinds of material or basic substances which the Great Chemist and Architect of the Universe created as a medium for the Spirit, which is Life.

Spirit manifests imperfectly when material is deficient.

Deficiency means dis-ease, lack of ease, inharmony, imperfection.

Dormant, unhealthy, or imperfect brain cells do not make for an efficient brain. Thought corresponds to the nature and condition of the brain cells, for they constitute our thought machine, and the quality and value of that which it brings forth depend entirely on its condition.

Herein lies the explanation of all the trouble in the world, sin, crime, disease, death, unhappiness, insanity, fear, cowardice, lack of positivity, differences in opinions and the wars of nations and peoples.

Each one of us represents a consensus or aggregate of vibrations, a sum total of those present in Nature at the time we come into birth. Indeed, it is what makes birth possible. A certain rate of vibration is manifesting at that particular time and a corresponding result is produced.

"Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Sowing and reaping, reaping and sowing constitute birth and death. If we were not responsible for the kind of life we live, we would not then be accountable for the form of death which we attract.

Is it not, then, equally logical that a reincarnating ego must, because of the vibratory law of attraction, come to birth in an environment and into conditions which are decided by this self-same law? Otherwise justice would not exist. Justice is conformity to divine law. It is the working out, the expression or administration of law—doing the right thing because it is the best.

In Greek mythology, which constitutes the sacred and secret writings of that people, we find this statement which, it seems to me, agrees perfectly with the foregoing. "Amphion built the walls of Thebes (the human head) by charming (producing a harmonious vibration) the stones (mineral elements) into their places by the music of his lyre." (The lyre is a certain marvelous organ in the head.)

It is a poetical way of stating that the human head, which is the beginning of the human body, is formed according to a vibratory law, for by it the very mineral atoms are grouped together and cells formed. The meaning of Thebes is head. It was originally a physiological term.

Showing the chemical correspondence of the mineral salt Kali phos, or phosphate of potassium, to the highest part of the head, the cerebrum, alone elevates Dr. Carey to the heights where honor and gratitude should forever be accorded him. For this salt is the dynamic material which generates spiritual electricity, and ensouls the physical form with life.

And this is only one of his twelve astounding allocations. For astrology, that synthesizer of all knowledge, both cosmic and microcosmic, in the universe and in man, reveals to us why Kali phos is the Aries salt. This substance, through which the Most High manifests in man, is the cause of actual life in his form.

And to the degree in which the cerebro-spinal nerves are supplied with it, will energy or life manifest in and through him. The light of intelligence (Spirit or Father) will burn brightly if this substance, which alone can feed it, is sufficiently and adequately furnished.

Therefore: a perfect supply of the right chemical elements means perfect cells, a perfect brain, perfect thought, perfect acts, perfection—A GOD-MAN!

In contributing the foregoing I bespeak my deep and lasting gratitude to Dr. George W. Carey for the chemical light which he has thrown on dark places. Reader, Truth is the water of life! May you drink deeply, and begin to learn how to live forever!

"And let patience have its perfect work, that ye may be PERFECT and ENTIRE and LACK NOTHING."—James 1:4.


 It was on September seventh, in eighteen hundred forty-five,
 The planets of the heavens were wonderfully alive;
 Luna was well in Scorpio, with Sol in Virgo's light,
 While Venus was exalted, just between, in Libra bright.

 Said Luna, "Listen, Venus! although we are semi-square,
 It's up to you and me to send to Earth a spirit rare;
 That dark star's out of tune, and needs a strong, awakening soul
 Like those that you, fair Queen of Art, do beautifully control!

 "Let's send down to the Earth today—today, but ne'er again—
 One of those Alchemists of life they call September men!
 A genius, Venus—listen from your Occult House, I pray,
 A genius of that Virgin soil that must all Science sway."

 The Goddess of Love answered, "I know, but take one peep—
 Uranus's opposition is a thing to make me weep!
 And his house rises soon—so—heavens! what could we ever do?
 A genius we might send, but Oh! what MUST we send him through?"

 "Naught cares a genius," Luna smiled; "send him through hottest hell,
 He'll smile, and take his way unmoved, declaring all is well!
 I've picked the man—with heart of gold—an OR of vital force,
 And at the proper hour, we'll speed the soul upon its course!"

 Still Venus hesitated—"But Mercury, what of him?
 He's in his night-house, don't you see, where all his force is dim!
 And Jove opposed, you see"—"Be still," said Luna, "he
 Is close behind Old Sol, in Seventh, where Messengers should be!

 "And as for Jupiter, of course I'd rather he would smile,
 But if he won't—he'll have to frown another little while;
 We'll fix him in Third House to make a man of broadest mind,
 A Father of Big Thought, a chief and leader of his kind!"

 "But Luna—can you think it safe? The Dragon is at rest,
 Its Head within religion's house where all is at its best;
 Its Tail down in the lower mind—O what a power today!
 But this Saint George would saunter forth this heavenly beast to slay!"

 A deep bass growl from distant space rolled through the home of spheres,
 And Venus drew near Luna, seeking solace for her fears.
 "Hush! don't let grim old Saturn hear, or He'll retard the plan,
 And cast his gloom o'er all our works in every way he can!"

 "Eclipse for Saturn and his frowns," said Luna, full of scorn,
 "Let Mars and Neptune in first house the leading aspects form;
 While Uranus, defying both, will leap o'er all that bars,
 And lure to earth to plead for us a student of the stars!"

 "He is the one to ever rule the true Aquarian born,
 So what care we for Saturn's chill, or Mar's malignant scorn?
 He'll draw unto the Earth, I'm sure, a Saint George full of fire,
 To slay the world's conventions with a sword of purpose dire!"

 Hark! A swift war-like commotion through the stellar spaces ran,
 As all the heavenly planets overheard the little plan;
 "We will not have this rebel loosed on earth," protested they,
 "We will not countenance such revolt. Man must our laws obey!"

 They all recalled the many lives they'd helped him live before,
 They all looked back on ages past, and then—they sternly swore,
 Not once again could they be blamed for such peculiar dope
 As now boiled in Life's crucible to mold this horoscope!

 "We've met in trines; we've fought; we've joined; we've met in terms of sex;
 We've formed all sorts of aspects that can human souls perplex;
 But if he goes to earth again, just count our force not there!
 For if we're to come to orb, we'll all act on the square!"

 Then all reversed their motion, and walked backward, one by one,
 Endeavoring to escape the thing the karmic gods had done;
 But, retrograde or not, the word went forth to shake the earth,
 And Gee-OR-Gee, (the Gold in Earth) came to the hour of birth!

 And ever since, the planets as they grace his horoscope,
 Have kept their faces towards him, walking backward, void of hope,
 For he upsets all theories, and their age-old thought he jars,
 Preaching a New Age Eternal, in defiance of the Stars!

 He came to slay the Dragon, and to span the Bridge of Time;
 To find the chemicals of life, and blend their force sublime,
 To unlock earth's grim secrets, facing revolution's strife,
 And scaling highest heaven to demand immortal life!

Los Angeles, California, February 19, 1916.

Note. Mrs. Painton will be remembered by many of the older astrologers and especially by the Fellows of the American Academy.


Dr. George Washington Carey was born in Dixon, Illinois, on September 7th, 1845, and was one of a large family of children. His father's name was John Carey, and bore the relation of grand-nephew to John Quincy Adams. On his mother's side, a grandfather served with General Marion during the Revolution. His mother's name was Ruth Odell. When George Carey was about a year and a half old, the Careys left Illinois and came by covered wagon to Oregon, a journey of six months. The motion picture entitled "The Covered Wagon" gives an extremely realistic presentation of the main features of that trip and Dr. Carey greatly enjoyed seeing it.

He had very little schooling, but his parents were well qualified to teach him the fundamentals. His father was well known for his humorous verses which embodied much of Irish wit. As a child George was very delicate, his parents being doubtful that he would grow to manhood. His earlier years were spent on a farm, the evenings enlivened by music. Later on, he became leader of the village orchestra.

In his early forties he became the first Postmaster of Yakima, Washington, and held the position for several terms. Hearing of the science of biochemistry, he resigned to devote his life to its study.

Together with a number of physicians, Dr. Carey founded the College of Biochemistry in Yakima, Washington, and a few students enrolled and graduated, among them being the College founders; but, as this was many years ago, not much interest in the subject was aroused, and the project was given up because of lack of support.

Dr. Chapman was one of those taking the course, and the book which he wrote on biochemistry has been a popular household work.

Today this science is coming before the world, seemingly by leaps and bounds. Schools devoted to the teaching of biochemistry in a practical way are starting up in many states of the Middle West, and entire families are learning how to supply their blood deficiencies. After years of almost heartbreaking pioneering, of almost utter discouragement, on the part of its advocates, the science is now fast becoming recognized. In 1928, I believe, the Eclectic College or Chiropractic of Los Angeles added biochemistry to its curriculum.

Most people are not aware that biochemistry is an ancient Sanscrit science. Once again the cycle has appeared, upon whose wave it is borne. When Dr. Carey wrote his work on The Biochemic System of Medicine, its first press recognition was in a Health Magazine published by biochemic physicians in India. It stated: "We are glad to see that a western brother is helping to bring back the ancient science of biochemistry."

The book referred to above is now in its twenty-third edition. Years ago, when Dr. Carey wrote this treatise, he was financially unable to publish it, and sold the copyright to the Luyties Pharmacal Company, of St. Louis. Old Dr. Luyties, the founder of the firm, as well as Dr. Boericke, had interviewed Dr. William Schuessler, the originator of biochemistry, in Oldenburg, Germany. They learned his method of preparing the cell salts or mineral constituents of the blood, and presented it in this country. Since Dr. Carey's death in 1924, the last edition of his book was re-edited by a Dr. Arthur Perry, and it has lost its old familiar aspect. The writer of this article is now preparing a new and up-to-date edition combining with the science of astrology. This will enable anyone to work out his or her own individual chemical plan from the birth data.

It was Dr. Carey, who, in one of those strange and rare moments which come to those who seek, ascribed to each sign of the zodiac its corresponding chemical element or salt (salt is an old term for "earth"), and wrote The Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac, the most unique work of the century and the most valuable. It has been regrettable that so many have copied this work, plagiarists who have never mentioned his name as the distinguished author. Recently a Chicago magazine carried an advertisement, much of which was copied, word for word, from one of his circulars, no credit given and no quotation marks used.

Because the work was never copyrighted by Dr. Carey is no excuse for not giving the author credit for it. It is for the purpose of emphasizing this, and securing for him permanent recognition, that this fourteenth edition is combined with some new writings of my own, and copyrighted.

And as it is the fourteenth in the series, it means a new product, the mystical fruit of a new age, the Aquarian, concerning which Dr. Carey often wrote and spoke. It is a new product, because for the first time it is definitely stated to be the Key to Physical Regeneration and Spiritual Illumination.

Excerpted from The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by GEORGE WASHINGTON CAREY, INEZ EUDORA PERRY. Copyright © 2013 George Washington Carey and Inez Eudora Perry. Excerpted by permission of Samuel Weiser, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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