Zombie Spring's Roland Thomas Type IV

Zombie Spring's Roland Thomas Type IV

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by Frank Okusako
Roland Thomas Type IV is the exciting, final sequel to the Zombie Spring and Trooper Tyree saga. This 2nd sequel is a continuation of Chapter 14, "The Song of Roland," from the series starter, "Zombie Spring."
The 3rd book in the series follows the adventures of Roland Thomas after he was infected and Turned during the Battle for LA. As the world's first Type IV,


Roland Thomas Type IV is the exciting, final sequel to the Zombie Spring and Trooper Tyree saga. This 2nd sequel is a continuation of Chapter 14, "The Song of Roland," from the series starter, "Zombie Spring."
The 3rd book in the series follows the adventures of Roland Thomas after he was infected and Turned during the Battle for LA. As the world's first Type IV, Zombie, he finds that he has a much to offer the human race, and soon the Living begin to think of him as Mankind's second chance. Thomas' arrival coincides with the arrival of villains from the first book, Ben Arnold and Aroneia Burr. Ben is the world's second Type IV, but whereas Thomas fights for the Living, Arnold has his own agenda.
Thus begins a 16 year struggle of building walls and vast armies, that eventually involve the children of all the main characters in books 1 and 2. The kids, Thomas' Zombie Brigade, and six aging infantry corps take on the might of Ben Arnold's Empire of the Dead and refight a famous old battle from the past, in the swamps of Louisiana.
Nothing's held back in this final version except for a few tiny, tiny strands that I can use if I decide to write a fourth book someday way, way off in the future. With the completion of this 3rd book, I believe that there are no loose ends left over from the series.
How is this book different than the other two? I added new dimensions that leave the world of horror, Zombies, battles, and death and enter a more thoughtful domain of convoluted science and perhaps fantasy. In my opinion, this book is the best of the three that I have written, and I think that maybe it breaks some new ground in Zombie lore: 400+ pages of good fun.
RT Type IV is divided into 3 books or sections: Roland to the Rescue, Area 51-Sixteen Years Later, & the War Moves East. I think that readers will find Area 51 interesting in a sci-fi way/fantasy way.
The Roland Thomas book contrasts somewhat with the first two books. In this 3rd book, I spend a lot of time in the minds of the Zombies, particularly Roland Thomas'. I also spent some time with philosophical issues, and wove them into my usual battles, comedy, and romance. Except that this time, I decided to take most of the corn out of my romances and make them endearing and memorable instead. There is a wedding scene to end all wedding scenes in the 2nd section.
For those of you who love battles, I have not left you out. There's a ton of it.
Readers new to the series should start with book 1 and then 2. That way you will understand the characters. There are many of them, and most of them span all three books. Roland Thomas Type IV might be a standalone book, but for your greatest enjoyment, at least read the Trooper Tyree sequel because more characters migrate from that book than book 1.
PROFILER: To help people decide whether or not they might enjoy this book, I offer a profiler. I've never seen it done before on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Here goes! ZS's Trooper Tyree is a Zombie Lite version of the Zombie genre. Yes, it has plenty of gore and huge battles, but much of it is meant to be funny, and much of it is meant to teach a little history. It is not a dour world-view of what would happen. The content is centered around happy, upbeat young people, who think they can win out against all odds and maybe make a better life for themselves. If you like happy stories with a little romance interspersed with lots of military blood and guts, then you're in the right place. So who might or might not enjoy this book? Fans of the movie, The Road, or the TV series, Walking Dead, might consider looking elsewhere for their entertainment because those shows are sad with a world view that all is lost and nothing will ever be the same again. If you liked Zombieland with Woody Harrelson, Abraham Lincoln vs. the Zombies, or Warm Bodies then you are more likely to have a nice evening pouring through these pages. Bruce Campbell, Woody Harrelson, and Brendan Fraser could be characters in this book. Matt Damon, Christian Bale, and Viggo Mortenson are great actors, but I think they'd pass on an offer to star in my series. For youngsters: Mild cursing, but no foul language or nudity. Bloody death and combat situations.

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Amazon - Amazon Reviewer 1
If you are a zombie fanatic like I am you will enjoy this complete series. It shows zombies in a new and fresh state while holding onto the typical characteristics of the zombie. It has the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, very enjoyable, a good read. Thanks Chris for your time. Sorry to here you won't be writing for awhile. You are a great read with good editing.
Amazon - Amazon Reviewer 2
I first found the series on January and finished the first book eager for more. I heard of the two sequels about Tyree and Roland. I bought Tyree about a week after I finished Zombie Spring. Unfortunately, I had to wait for Roland. When it finally come out, I was overjoyed. The overall story was amazing although it was a little short at the end, but I understand why. Chris definitely left himself some room to continue with the battle of New Orleans and zombies in space..................
Amazon - Amazon Reviewer 3
This was a very fun read. It has all or most of the characters from the first two books and is kind of like reading 3 books in one. The book has adventures in the present and future. It also explores elements of "zombie sci-fi". There are powerful zombie villains, a fun zombie wedding, and of course, great battles and action. Some of the babies who are born at the very end of the first book are teenagers and have to fight for their life in an epic battle towards the end of the book...
Amazon - Amazon Reviewer 4
If you have read the first two books you must read this one.
Once again it's hit out of the ballpark and is in no way your normal Zombie book. A++++ to the writer.

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I'm a grandpa writing Zombie stories for my grown up children and now my grandchildren. I had fun using my own name in the story as well as every member of my family including our two dogs Shinpuu and Betty Boop. I call my books heirloom books because they are meant to give a certain amount of immortality to all my loved ones, while at the same time, no one has to dust an e-book ever. I chose the Zombie genre because Zombies are exciting, and I have no doubt that my grandchildren and my future great grandchildren will have fun reading about their grandpa, grandma, parents, and even themselves as they battle the Undead across our country. Zombie Spring, the first book was written more for my family than the public. Trooper Tyree was written almost exclusively for the public. Roland Thomas Type IV was self-indulgence because I always wanted to write a little sci-fi/fantasy.

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Zombie Spring's Roland Thomas Type IV 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this third installment. I will miss these characters. The author writes with humor, wisdom and alot of heart.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this series. If you have not tead the other two books, you really should read them. All the characters feel like old friends, and you want to continue to read about their lives. The author managed to create characters that are likeable and memorable. You can tell the author enjoyed what he was writing and liked and knew who his characters are. I wished the series could continue.