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by Aaron Frisch

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Children's Literature - Toni Jourdan
Welcome to the wonderful world of zombies. Frisch brings the subject to life—or should I say "brings to non-life"? He presents not only the history of the spooky creatures but also a description of what it takes to be a zombie. Chapter by chapter we learn what zombies are and where they come from. (Hint: it is not just from the grave; look for that dead giveaway sign of dirty fingernails.) They are slow and walk stiffly as they lumber down deserted streets while screaming humans run from them, holding on to their heads to keep their ever-popular zombie treats, brains, right where they belong. Zombies were immortalized in Night of the Living Dead (1968) and have since surfaced in multiple other films, music videos (Michael Jackson's Thriller) and popular TV shows. Play a video game these days, and yo will find yourself fighting zombies in war zones, tropical islands, and office buildings. They are everywhere. So, let us say you want to become a zombie. According to Frisch, this is one equal opportunity creature. Boys, girls, men, and women of all ages are perfect for being a zombie. Oh sure, there's no such thing as a real zombie, but do not let that stop you. Just slap on some old clothes, roll in the dirt, walk slowly with arms reaching out, and slowly utter that immortal word: "Brains...." This is a fun look at the scary world of zombies. Young readers that enjoy the idea of a cemetery late at night will shiver with delight as they are led step by slow zombie step into the dark recesses of a zombie's neighborhood. It might even help take the spooky out of zombies for young kids who are frightened by the idea of the pretend undead. The book includes a list of websites and other resources for readers who wish to dig even deeper into the world of the zombie. One of six books in the "That's Spooky!" series. Reviewer: Toni Jourdan
School Library Journal
Gr 1�3—These image-heavy guides to monsters of myths and legends strike a delightful balance between creepy and cheesy. Large stills from movies and stock photographs are paired with pages of information on abilities and characteristics of these scary subjects. Each title gives a solid overview, with text that provides wide coverage in a short amount of space. The visuals are intriguing and grotesque but not too terrifying. Amusing features include a page that instructs readers in how to spot each creature (the vampire, for example, has notable "red eyes," "pointy teeth," "black cape," "pale skin," and "leftover blood" lingering on the corner of his mouth) and a guide to acting and/or dressing as a ghost, mummy, etc. Though the books lack consistency (historical significance is discussed for mummies, for example, but not for witches), overall they are satisfying additions, especially around Halloween.

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