Zombies on the Loose

Zombies on the Loose

by Anne Rooney

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Children's Literature - Melissa Joy Adams
Legends about people rising from the dead to hunt humans and feast on their flesh have been around since the Middle Ages. These legends generated during this time because people were sometimes accidentally being buried alive. When these people escaped from their unfortunate fate by climbing out of their graves, it caused people to believe they have risen from the dead when in fact they were alive the whole time. Rooney presents the reader with the various zombie legends and discusses what in real life caused these different legends to develop. Voodoo and the process Voodoo sorcerers use to create zombies are addressed before Rooney delves into the real-life stories of people claiming to have once been zombies. Are zombies real or fictional? Scientific facts and rationale answer this question. Following the basic components of the "Crabtree Contact" series, this book deals with a subject children will readily enjoy and presents this subject through straightforward language and alluring, yet often grotesque, graphics. A glossary and index are also provided to assist the reader, making the book especially good as a tool for quick and easy research. Readers already familiar with zombie legends will find this book too simplistic and lacking depth. Reluctant readers and those learning about zombies for the first time will be pleased with this book. Reviewer: Melissa Joy Adams

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Crabtree Publishing Company
Publication date:
Crabtree Contact Series
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7.04(w) x 10.28(h) x 0.32(d)
IG610L (what's this?)
Age Range:
10 - 14 Years

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