Zoo & Wild Animal Medicine: Current Therapy / Edition 4

Zoo & Wild Animal Medicine: Current Therapy / Edition 4

by Murray E. Fowler, R. Eric Miller, R. Eric Miller

ISBN-10: 0721686648

ISBN-13: 9780721686646

Pub. Date: 09/01/1998

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

This latest volume remains the only book available that focuses on the medical problems of captive and free-ranging wildlife. It features the most current information, following the approach and format of previous volumes and conveniently cross-indexed to Volume 3.


This latest volume remains the only book available that focuses on the medical problems of captive and free-ranging wildlife. It features the most current information, following the approach and format of previous volumes and conveniently cross-indexed to Volume 3.

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Elsevier Health Sciences
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

PART I: GENERAL, Conditions Covering Multiple Orders or Families of Animals. Use of Pulse Oximetry in Monitoring Anesthesia. The Role of Pathology in Zoo Animal Medicine. Applications of Biotelemetry in Wildlife Medicine. Quarantine: A Necessity for Zoo and Aquarium Animals. Designing an Ideal Animal Shipment. Health Problems in Mixed Species Exhibits. The Application of Minimally Invasive Surgery for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Treatment of Captive Wildlife. Use of Ultrasonography in Zoo Animals. Validity of Using Diagnostic Tests that Are Approved for Use in Domestic Animals in Nondomestic Species. Evaluating Immunodeficiency Disorders in Captive Wild Animals. Vitamin D — Metabolism, Sources, Unique Problems in Zoo Animals. Meeting Needs. Vitamin E — Metabolism, Sources, Unique Problems in Zoo Animals and Supplementation. Principles and Applications of Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. Plant Poisoning in Zoos in North America. Snakebite Protocols in Zoos. Tuberculosis in Free Ranging Mammals . Vermin Control. ZOONOSES. Cryptosporidium Spp. . Toxoplasmosis in Zoo Animals. Rabies: Global Problem, Zoonotic Threat and Preventive Management. Nontuberculous Mycobacteria - Potential for Zoonosis. Zoonoses Acquired from Birds. PART II: FISH. Anesthesia in Fish. Preventive Medicine Programs for Fish. Fish Pharmacotherapeutics. REPTILES. Use of Antimicrobial Drugs in Reptiles. Chameleon Medicine. Crocodilian Anesthesia. Medical Management of Sea Turtles in Aquaria. Health Assessment of Chelonians and Release Into the Wild. Organ Location in Snakes for Diagnostic and Surgical Evaluation . The Reptilian Renal Portal System — Influence on Therapy. Periodontal Disease in Lizards. PART III: AVIAN MEDICINE. Iron Overload in the Animal Kingdom. Comparative Nutrition and Feeding Considerations of Young Columbidae. Medical Management of the California Condor . Water Quality in a Waterfowl Collection. Dealing with Oiled Birds. Avian Analgesia. PART IV: MAMMALS. Contraception. MONOTREMES and MARSUPIALS. Diseases of Koalas. Sedation and Anesthesia in Marsupials. Medical Management of Tree Kangaroos. CHIROPTERA. Medical Management of Megachiropterans . Chiroptera: Recent Advances in Fruit Bat Nutrition. RODENTS and LAGOMORPHS. Rodent and Small Lagomorph Reproduction. PRIMATES. Diseases of Prosimians. Diseases of Callitrichidae . Emerging Viral Diseases of Nonhuman Primates . Great Ape Neonatology . Veterinarians's Role in Monitoring the Behavioral Enrichment Standards of the Animal Welfare Act . Tuberculin Responses in Orangutans (Pongo Pygmaeus). Diabetes in Primates. CARNIVORES. Emerging Viral Infections in Large Cats . Giant Panda Management and Medicine in China . Medical Management of a Cheetah Breeding Facility in South Africa . Intrahepatic Cysts and Hepatic Neoplasms in Felids, Ursids, And Other Zoo and Wild Animals. Chemical Restraint and Immobilization of Wild Canids . Otter Anesthesia . Disesases and Medical Management of Reintroduced North American Otters. Assisted Reproduction Techniques in Non-Domsestic Carnivores. Gastritis in Cheetahs. Veterinary Contributionsto the Black-Footed Ferret Conservation Program. MARINE MAMMALS. Diagnostic Cytology in Marine Mammal Medicine . Leptospirosis in Marine Mammals . Toxicology in Marine Mammals . Diagnosis and Treatment of Fungal Infections in Marine Mammals. The Medical Management of Stranded Small Cetaceans . Hand-Rearing Techniques for Neonatal Cetaceans . Morbillivirus Infections of Marine Mammals. Fetal Ultrasound in Dolphins with Emphasis on Gestational Aging. Manatee Medicine. ELEPHANTS. Radiographic Techniques for the Elephant Foot and Carpus. Calving Elephants (Normal). Dystocia in the Elephant. Relocation of African Elephants . Antibiotic Therapy in Elephants . Flaccid Trunk Paralysis in Free-Ranging Elephants . (Part I) Oral and Nasal Diseases of Elephants (Part II) Poxvirus Infections in Elephants. PERRISODACTYLIDS. Skin Diseases of Black Rhinoceroses (Diceros Bicornis). The Anesthesia of White Rhinoceroses. Tapir Medicine . Rhinoceros Feeding and Nutrition . Infectious Diseases of Equids. ARTIODACTYLIDS. Use of Tranquilizers in Wild Herbivores. Preventive Medicine Programs for Ranched Hoofstock . Designing a Trichostrongyloid Parasite Control Program for Captive Exotic Ruminants. Embryo Transfer and Semen Technology from Cattle Applied to Nondomestic Artiodactylids . Rotavirus and Coronavirus Infections in Nondomestic Ruminants. Johnes Disease in Zoo Animals. Paratuberculosis in Free-Ranging Wildlife in North America. Brucellosis Caused By Brucella Abortus in Free-Ranging North American Artiodactylids. Brucella Suis Biovar Infection in Free-Ranging Artiodactylids . Contraception in Artiodactylids Using Porcine Zona Pellucida Vaccination. Paraelaphostrongylus Tenuis and Elaphostrongylus Cervi in Free-Ranging Artiodactylids . Anesthesia of Captive Nile Hippopotamus . Anesthesia of Non-Domestic Suids . Okapi Medicine and Surgery . Mycobacterium Bovis Infection of Cervids: Diagnosis, Treatment and Control . The Useof Chutes for Ungulate Restraint . Scrape-Like Spongiform Encephalopathies (Prion Diseases) in Non-Domesticated Species . Medical Management of Duikers. Capture and Handling of Mountain Sheep and Goats. Medical Aspects of Arabian Oryx Re-Introduction

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