Zooman Sam

Zooman Sam

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by Lois Lowry, Diane deGroat

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Everyone's favorite little brother is back, dressed as a zookeeper at his nursery school's Future Job Day.

Sam Krupnik is all set for Future Job Day at school. He already knows that he wants to be a zookeeper when he grows up. Sam's mother and his sister, Anastasia, help him make a terrific costume to wear on Future Job Day. The trouble is that it's so

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Everyone's favorite little brother is back, dressed as a zookeeper at his nursery school's Future Job Day.

Sam Krupnik is all set for Future Job Day at school. He already knows that he wants to be a zookeeper when he grows up. Sam's mother and his sister, Anastasia, help him make a terrific costume to wear on Future Job Day. The trouble is that it's so terrific Sam wants to wear it all the time. Luckily Sam's teacher helps out by suggesting that he tell the class about a different animal each day. Sam likes being the center of attention, but can he keep on being Zooman Sam forever?

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"In this fourth book about Anastasia's spunky little brother, Sam Krupnik really comes into his own. . . . Lowry gets everything about Sam just right." — Booklist, Boxed

"Another visit with the Krupniks is time well spent." — School Library Journal

Horn Book
It's Future Job Day at Sam's nursery school, and not only has his mom made him a "Zooman Sam" jumpsuit, his sister Anastasia has acquired for him a whole mess of sports caps with such fitting logos as Tigers and Cubs. In a class filled with future firefighters, Sam's zookeeping aspirations really stand out, and he's especially thrilled when his teacher tells him he can wear a different cap each day and tell the other children about each animal: "For six weeks he could stand in front of the circle and feel that feeling of being the most interesting person in the room." This is a slender thread on which to hang an entire novel, but Lowry spins interesting variations on her theme, and the book ends with a swell (and well-prepared) surprise. Sam remains every middle-grader's little brother; parents, too, will be amused. r.s.
Children's Literature - Heidi Green
The fourth of Lois Lowry's books about Sam Krupnik is as enjoyable as her previous three, as well as her books about Sam's unforgettable older sister, Anastasia. Sam is just four years old, but he knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up--a zookeeper. So when his nursery school teacher asks all the students to come dressed as a member of their future profession, Sam has no problem with this except that he lost the note about the assignment and forgot to tell his family about it until the night before. And so, with the help of Anastasia and their mother, he becomes Zooman Sam ("Zookeeper" just won't fit on the coverall when Mrs. Krupnik is stitching the words), charged with the task of explaining the wide assortment of zookeeper responsibilities. It takes Sam days, and he ultimately learns not only about being zookeeper, but also about being a teacher. Ultimately, he discovers something even more important about himself, and this provides a satisfying conclusion to an endearing book.
School Library Journal
K-Gr 4 Four-year-old Sam Krupnik longs for recognition and a moment in the spotlight. Fortunately, he has an understanding and patient family so that when he decides to be a zookeeper for Future Job Day at his nursery school, his mother stitches up a uniform and his older sister, Anastasia, provides 30 hats, each with an animal's name on it (Cubs, Gaitors, Lions, etc.), donated by her friend's sportscaster father. Sam also has an understanding teacher who uses the boy's lengthy presentation to discuss one animal each day and to read an appropriate book. In the process of choosing his hat for each day and talking about the animals, Sam has learned to read, and impressing others doesn't matter that much any longer. Another visit with the Krupniks is time well spent, for they are uncomplicated, funny, and unpretentious. A few black-and-white drawings are scattered throughout and add to the fun. Great as a read-alone, or as a read-aloud to younger children. Marlene Gawron, Orange County Library, Orlando, FL Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
For "Future Job Day" at Sam Krupnik's nursery school, the four-year-olds have been instructed to dress up as representatives of their desired profession. Sam doesn't want to be a fireman, as do all the other boys in his class. Instead he wants to be "somebody important, somebody interesting, somebody more than ordinary," a secret concept he privately and quite marvelously dubs "the Chief of Wonderfulness." With the assistance of his impossibly even-tempered mother and ever-helpful sister, Anastasia, Sam dresses up in a spiffy homemade zookeeper's costume. Sam's teacher allows Sam to tell his class about a different zoo animal every day, a privilege that he finds both thrilling and challenging. The plotting is leisurely, the story is slender, and a subplot about the training of the family dog barely registers. This cast of familiar characters isn't as vibrant as usual, and the material runs out of steam before the novel ends. Fans of the Sam books may find satisfaction in the nicely foreshadowed but still unanticipated punch line. (Fiction. 7-12)

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Sam Krupnik Series
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8 - 12 Years

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Lois Lowry is one of the preeminent writers of contemporary children's literature.

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DR14 More than 1 year ago
I counted this book a favorite book of mine. I read the book, ZOOMAN SAM written by the author Lois Lowry. This book is about the little four year old boy Sam. In his school, their planing to have all dressed like their future job or in other words they are planning to have their own future job day. They have to wear a dressed of their future job profession such as if you want to be a fire fighter, you have to wear like fire fighters. Little Sam has hard time figuring out what he wants to be in the future and what clothes he is going to wear in their future job day in the school. His dad wants him to be a college professor which he doesn't like to be in his future. Finally, Sam decided to be a zoo man. His mom find a suit for him and his sister, Anastasia find him a zoo keeper's hat. Most of his friends wants to become a fire fighter and few wants to become a teacher etc. All of the students have to explain about their own job in front of the class in which Sam explained about his future job as a zoo keeper. Also he worked very hard at his house to train their dog Sleuth because nobody can a food word loudly in their house. Sam and Anastasia's friend Steve trained him. Guess what all of his family members consider him at the end. While I was reading, I found that there were lots of different themes, but the one I think the main message from this book is that you can always help your friends or family to solve their problems no matter who are you or what you have. In this book, Sam wants to be a zoo man in his future and his dream is to have a zoo keeper as his future job. Well, he is in elementary school right now and his teacher Mrs. Bennett plan to have all students wearing a dress that was require in their own future job. Sam wants to wear overall that zookeepers usually wears, but he doesn't have it at his home. His family came up different ideas at dinner before the future job day. Finally, they all agreed with Sam being a zoo man and come up different clothing that he can wear. They do not have anything that zookeepers wear. Then his dad gave him a suit that a mechanic wear in the auto repair shop. It was all falling tearing apart. His mom stayed late night repairing the overall suit after Sam went to bed. Sam's sister Anastasia went to his friends house at dark night to get the zoo keeper's hat for him. His mom and his sister, Anastasia didn't have anything before but they still helped him to be prepare for the school next day. This Zoo Man Sam is a really good book because I enjoyed while I was reading. There are lots of things that will makes you laugh, some times sad as well. I was wandering about Sam if he wants to spend his life with animals or he might change his job. I was surprised when Sam became a totally different person other than zoo keeper. You will find out how Sam changes to a whole new world at the end. This book relates to Sam's future and may be it will help you decide what you want to be as well in my opinion. So, I would recommend you read this book once about the little boy Sam to find out the secret about him.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book made me laugh out countless of times. Sam is just a normal kid, which is really fun to read about bacause Louis Lorway makes reading about everyday things SO MUCH FUN AND SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!