Zygmunt Bauman: Dialectic of Modernity

Zygmunt Bauman: Dialectic of Modernity

by Peter Beilharz

This four-volume set collects 97 contributions discussing the ideas of postmodern sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, whose interests span many fields and whose critical interpretation heretofore has been scattered across a wide array of disciplines. Arrangement is in sections on background and biography—including interviews, appreciations, and contributions by Bauman's… See more details below


This four-volume set collects 97 contributions discussing the ideas of postmodern sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, whose interests span many fields and whose critical interpretation heretofore has been scattered across a wide array of disciplines. Arrangement is in sections on background and biography—including interviews, appreciations, and contributions by Bauman's significant other, Janina; Socialism and intellectuals; the Holocaust; the Postmodern; ethics; death and religion; sociology and Marxism; and extensions and applications of Bauman's work in many countries. Editor Beilharz (sociology, politics, and anthropology, La Trobe U.) is also one of the contributors. There is no index. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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Table of Contents

Volume I
Appendix of SourcesIII
Editor's Introduction: Bauman's ModernityXI
Part 1Profiles and Surveys
1.Reading Zygmunt Bauman: Looking For Clues3
2.Modernity, Postmodernity and Ethics: An Interview with Zygmunt Bauman15
3.The Journey Never Ends: Zygmunt Bauman Talks with Peter Beilharz27
4.Gesprach mit Janina Bauman und Zygmunt Bauman38
5.Context and Sociological Horizons44
6.Three Appreciations of Zygmunt Bauman63
7.Bauman's Ways of Seeing the World69
8.Zygmunt Bauman: How to be a Successful Outsider79
9.Identity and the Limits of Comparison: Bauman's Reception in Germany86
10.The Right to Inconsistency101
11.Sociology, Postmodernity and Exile: An Interview with Zygmunt Bauman128
12.Culture and Power in the Writings of Zygmunt Bauman146
13.Laudatio fur Zygmunt Bauman173
14.Zygmunt Bauman182
15.Demons of Other People's Fear: The Plight of the Gypsies195
16.The Walls Tighten Around Us206
17.A Dream of Belonging: My Years in Postwar Poland233
18.Review of Janina Bauman's Winter in the Morning249
19.Out of the Ghetto254
20.A Sad Story256
21.Endings and Contradictions: Observations on Holocaust Literature258
Part 2Socialism and Intellectuals
22.Poland and Britain: Two Concepts of Socialism271
23.The Origins and Significance of East European Revisionism280
24.Polish Revisionism: Critical Thinking in Poland from 1953 to 1968288
25.A Pleading for Revolution: A Rejoinder to Z. Bauman333
26.The Social Role of Eastern European Intellectuals Reconsidered341
27.Intellectuals and Modernity: A Post-Modern Perspective355
Volume II
Part 3The Holocaust
28.Bauman in Germany: Modern Violence and the Problems of German Self-Understanding3
29.Modernity and Totalitarianism12
30.Modernity, Libertarianism and Critical Theory: Reply to Pellicani29
31.Genocide, Civilization and Modernity51
32.Genocide and Decivilizing Processes in Germany67
33.Civilization and Ambivalence90
34.Holocaust Topologies: Singularity, Politics, Space106
35.The Holocaust and the Modernization of Gender: A Historiographical Essay146
36.The Terrorism of Reason in the Thought of Zygmunt Bauman161
37.Sociology, History and the Holocaust173
38.Race, Ethnicity and the Rational Organization of Evil185
39.Modernity, the Holocaust and Politics192
40.Testimonies and Studies212
41.The Holocaust, Modernity, and Tough Jews221
42.Genocide and the Social Production of Immorality235
43.Uber die Rationalitat des Bosen: Interview mit Zygmunt Bauman250
44.Modernity and the Holocaust272
45.Overall Interpretations: Zygmunt Bauman, Jeffrey Herf, Goetz Aly278
46.Historicizing the Holocaust297
47.Towards a Geography of the Shoah315
48.The Critique of Instrumental Rationality323
Part 4The Postmodern
49.Zygmunt Bauman's Postmodern Turn333
50.Postmodern Ethics: The Missing Ground347
51.Zygmunt Bauman: From Modern to Postmodern360
52.Zygmunt Bauman376
53.Modernity, Postmodernity and the New Middle Ages386
Volume III
54.The Discontented Epoch: Freedom and Security in Bauman's Postmodernity3
55.Inter Putatorem et Vastitatem: The Ambivalences of the Garden Metaphor in Modernity17
56.The Consequences of Alterity: Zygmunt Bauman's Modernity and Ambivalence35
57.Zygmunt Bauman: Personal Reflections Within the Mainstream of Modernity46
58.Closed Spaces, Restricted Places: The Resurgence of Politics in the Work of Zygmunt Bauman56
59.Review of Liquid Modernity63
Part 5Ethics
60.Why Does Proximity Make a Moral Difference? Coming to Terms with a Lesson Learned from the Holocaust71
61.Business Ethics and Bauman Ethics88
62.Postmodernity and the Ethics of Care: Situating Bauman's Social Theory106
63.An Ethics of the Ephemeral? The Possibilities and Impossibilities of Zygmunt Bauman's Ethics: A Review of Some Recent Books by Zygmunt Bauman133
64.Making Moral Citizens: On Himmelfarb's De-moralization Thesis147
65.Durkheim, Morality and Modernity: Collective Effervescence, Homo Duplex and the Sources of Moral Action163
66.In Defence of a Dialectical Ethic Beyond Postmodern Morality180
67.Zygmunt Bauman's Poisoned Gift of Morality191
Part 6Death and Religion
68.Review of Mortality, Immortality and Other Life Strategies207
69.Death, Medicine and the Right to Die: An Engagement with Heidegger, Bauman and Baudrillard214
70.Modernity, Mortality, and Mystery241
71.Death. So What? Sociology, Sequestration and Emancipation265
72.Postmodernity, High Modernity and New Modernity: Three Concepts in Search of Religion282
Part 7Sociology and Marxism
73.Society under Suspicion: Bauman and Rorty301
74.Creativity and the Rise of Social Postmodernism: Foucault, Lyotard and Bauman327
75.Against 'Modernity': A Dissident Rant348
76.Is Bauman's Bureau Weber's Bureau?: A Comment369
77.The Stranger and Social Theory382
78.McFascism? Reading Ritzer, Bauman and the Holocaust396
Volume IV
79.Counting Memories? Revisiting Bauman, Reading Wright3
80.Review of Memories of Class Maurizio D'Entreves13
81.Dead Indians, Flawed Consumers and Snowballs in Hell: On Zygmunt Bauman's New Poor20
82.After the Poor: A Future With a Past27
83.Consumers, Identity and Belonging: Reflections on some Theses of Zygmunt Bauman40
84.Consumption, Identity-Formation and Uncertainty56
85.Bauman, Intellectuals and Modernity77
Part 8Extensions
86.Transcending Modernity? Individualism, Ethics and Japanese Discourses of Difference in the Post-War World87
87.Hybridity, Globalization and the Stranger102
88.The Impertinence of Intellectuals: Democracy and Postmodernity in Latin America139
89.On Communism, Post-Communism, Modernity and Post-Modernity165
90.Introduction to Organizing Modernity186
91.Privileged Nomads215
92.The Color of Jews: Jews, Race, and the White Australia Policy237
93.The Feminisation of Stigma in the Relationship Between Israelis and Shoah Survivors260
94.Cannibalism and Bulimia298
95.Modernity and Behaviour Control342
96.The Utopics of Modernity354
97.Authoritarian High Modernism373

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