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Image of 
									Elie WieselElie Wiesel
Since his unprecedented memoir Night woke up the world to the atrocities of the Holocaust in 1958, Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel has dedicated his days to turning his survival story from one of horror to one of hope. From several works inspired by his experience to his insightful reflections in After the Darkness, Wiesel’s work serves to both admonish and inspire.

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Fact File

Elie Wiesel
Current Home:
New York, New York
Date of Birth:
September 30, 1928
Place of Birth:
Sighet, Romania
La Sorbonne
Congressional Gold Medal of Achievement, 1985; Nobel Peace Prize, 1986; Ellis Island Medal of Honor, 1992

Oprah's Latest Pick

Selected Works

Book Cover Image. Title: 
								Night, Author: 
								Elie Wiesel.

Our Price:  $ 9.95

by Elie Wiesel
Recently announced as the latest pick for Oprah's Book Club, Wiesel's Night describes a teenage boy's ordeals in the Nazi death camps of World War II. Probably the most widely read account of the Holocaust to be written by a survivor, Night is memorable not only as a depiction of terror and genocide, but also as the record of a single human being's struggle to preserve his humanity in the face of evil.

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Book Cover Image. Title: 
								Accident, Author: 
								Elie Wiesel.
*  Night (1958)
*  Dawn (1960)
*  The Accident (1961)
*  Dimensions of the Holocaust (1977)
*  Twilight (1987)
*  All the Rivers Run to the Sea: Memoirs (1994)
*  After the Darkness: Reflections on the Holocaust (2002)
*  The Time of the Uprooted (2005)

*  See the Elie Wiesel chronology

Wiesel's Latest Novel

Book Cover Image. Title: 
								The Time of the Uprooted, Author: 
								Elie Wiesel, David Hapgood.

Our Price: $ 22.49
You Save:  10%

The Time of the Uprooted
by Elie Wiesel, David Hapgood
Forced to flee Czechoslovakia with his family in 1939, hidden by a Gentile cabaret singer in Budapest until the end of the war, compelled to flee again when Hungary is subjugated by the Soviets, Gamaliel Friedman is indeed "uprooted." Only when he lands in New York and meets up with a group of fellow exiles does he find the path to reconciliation.

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Wiesel's Kafkaesque Experience

In an interview with the Hall of Public Service in 1996, Wiesel discussed a particular reading experience that moved him: “After the war, I began reading, of course. I went to the Sorbonne and I began reading literature. Dostoyevsky and Thomas Mann, the usual. And Kafka. I remember the awakening that occurred in me when I read, for the first time, Franz Kafka. It was in the evening when I began reading. I spent the entire night reading and, in the morning, I heard the garbage collector around five o'clock. Usually, I was annoyed at the garbage collector. It's a very ugly noise that they make, ugly sounds. That morning I was happy. I wanted to run out and embrace them, all these garbage collectors, because they taught me that there was another world than the world of Kafka, which is absurd and desperate, and despairing.”

*  Franz Kafka's works

Photo by Sergey Bermeniev