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Image of 
									Anna QuindlenAnna Quindlen
Whether in her columns or in bestselling novels such as One True Thing and Black and Blue, Pulitzer-winning writer Anna Quindlen encourages readers to see the embraceable in life, and to look critically at both the rules we pick up from society and the rules we have made for ourselves.

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Fact File

Anna Quindlen
Current Home:
New York, New York
Date of Birth:
July 8, 1952
Place of Birth:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
B.A., Barnard College, 1974
Pulitzer Prize for New York Times column "Public and Private," 1992

*  Anna Quindlen's official web site

Quindlen's Latest

Selected Works

Book Cover Image. Title: 
								Good Dog. Stay., Author: 
								Anna Quindlen .

Our Price:  $ 9.34
You Save:  37%

Good Dog. Stay.
by Anna Quindlen
“The life of a good dog is like the life of a good person, only shorter and more compressed,” writes Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anna Quindlen about her beloved black Labrador retriever, Beau. With her trademark wisdom and humor, Quindlen reflects on how her life has unfolded in tandem with Beau’s, and on the lessons she’s learned by watching him: to roll with the punches, to take things as they come, to measure herself not in terms of the past or the future but of the present, to raise her nose in the air from time to time and, at least metaphorically, holler, “I smell bacon!”
Book Cover Image. Title: 
								A Short Guide to a Happy Life, Author: 
								Anna Quindlen.
*  Object Lessons (1991)
*  One True Thing (1994)
*  Black and Blue (1998)
*  A Short Guide to a Happy Life (2000)
*  Blessings (2002)
*  Loud and Clear (2004)
*  Being Perfect (2005)
*  Rise and Shine (2006)
*  Good Dog. Stay. (2007)

*  See the Anna Quindlen chronology

Quindlen's Favorite City

Book Cover Image. Title: 
								Imagined London: A Tour of the World's Greatest Fictional City, Author: 
								Anna Quindlen.

Our Price: $ 9.87
You Save:  9%

Imagined London: A Tour of the World's Greatest Fictional City
by Anna Quindlen
In an interesting departure, Quindlen describes the mysterious, glamorous city of London for this new series launched by National Geographic. "Rather than lead us to the usual landmarks, Quindlen muses on her real passion: English literature and its London legacy," observes the New York Times. No literary snob, she veers from Henry to P. D. James and explores Sherlock Holmes's beat, Nancy Mitford's romps and Evelyn Waugh's targets, with room for plenty of Dickens.... Quindlen's appreciation of the literary city shows just how much a reading experience can enrich the physical journey."

Advice, Columnist

Quindlen's prowess as a down-to-earth newspaper columnist has made her a popular pick for commencement addresses, a sideline that ultimately inspired her 2000 title A Short Guide to a Happy Life. Quindlen's prescriptive message tends to be a combination of stopping to smell the flowers and being true to yourself. Quindlen told graduates at Mount Holyoke in 1999, "Begin to say no to the Greek chorus that thinks it knows the parameters of a happy life when all it knows is the homogenization of human experience. Listen to that small voice from inside you, that tells you to go another way. George Eliot wrote, 'It is never too late to be what you might have been.' It is never too early, either. And it will make all the difference in the world."

*  A Short Guide to a Happy Life

The Best Book to Read First

Quindlen's Re-Reads

Book Cover Image. Title: 
								Black and Blue, Author: 
								Anna Quindlen.

Our Price:  $ 7.19
You Save:  10%

Black and Blue
by Anna Quindlen
Considered Quindlen's strongest novel, Black and Blue offers a sympathetic and compelling view of one woman's experience of, and escape from, domestic abuse.

*Read an excerpt
Book Cover Image. Title: 
								Pride and Prejudice, Author: 
								Jane Austen.

Our Price:  $ 4.95

Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen
When asked which books she most often re-reads, Quindlen points to holiday family favorite A Christmas Carol; but when it's her choice, she goes to two classic titles by Austen and Faulkner: "The restraint and the irony in Pride and Prejudice are a kind of professional guidepost for me, while the virtuosity of Sound makes me consider challenging myself in new ways as a writer. Finally, I just love them both."

*A Christmas Carol  by Charles Dickens
*The Sound and the Fury  by William Faulkner