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Meet the WritersImage of Louis L'Amour
Louis L'Amour
Our foremost storyteller of the authentic West, Louis L'Amour has thrilled a nation by chronicling the adventures of the brave men and women who settled the American frontier. There are more than 260 million copies of his books in print around the world.

Author biography courtesy of Random House, Inc.

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* Signed, First Editions by Louis L'Amour
*Smoke from This Altar (poems), 1939
*Westward the Tide, 1950
*Hopalong Cassidy and the Riders of High Rock, 1951
*Hopalong Cassidy and the Rustlers of West Fork, 1951
*Hopalong Cassidy and the Trail to Seven Pines, 1951
*Hopalong Cassidy: Trouble Shooter, 1952
*Hondo, 1953
*Crossfire Trail, 1954
*Kilkenny, 1954
*Heller with a Gun, 1954
*Showdown at Yellow Butte, 1954
*Utah Blaine, 1954
*To Tame a Land, 1955
*Guns of the Timberlands, 1955
*The Burning Hills, 1956
*Silver Canyon, 1956
*Last Stand At Papago Wells, 1957
*The Tall Stranger, 1957
*Sitka, 1957
*Radigan, 1958
*The First Fast Draw, 1959
*Taggart, 1959
*Flint, 1960
*The Daybreakers, 1960
*Sackett, 1961
*Lando, 1962
*Shalako, 1962
*Killoe, 1962
*High Lonesome, 1962
*How the West Was Won, 1963
*Fallon, 1963
*Catlow, 1963
*Dark Canyon, 1963
*Hanging Woman Creek, 1964
*Mojave Crossing, 1964
*The Sackett Brand, 1965
*Kiowa Trail, 1965
*The High Graders, 1965
*The Key-Lock Man, 1965
*Kid Rodelo, 1966
*Kilrone, 1966
*The Broken Gun, 1966
*Mustang Man, 1966
*The Sky-Liners, 1967
*Matagorda, 1967
*Chancy, 1968
*Conagher, 1968
*Down the Long Hills, 1968
*The Lonely Men, 1969
*The Empty Land, 1969
*The Man Called Noon, 1970
*Reilly's Luck, 1970
*Galloway, 1970
*North to the Rails, 1971
*Brionne, 1971
*Under The Sweetwater Rim, 1971
*Tucker, 1971
*Callaghen, 1972
*Ride the Dark Trail, 1972
*Treasure Mountain, 1972
*The Ferguson Rifle, 1973
*The Quick and the Dead, 1973
*The Man From Skibbereen, 1973
*The Californios, 1974
*Rivers West, 1974
*Sackett's Land, 1974
*The Man From The Broken Hills, 1975
*War Party (stories), 1975
*Over on the Dry Side, 1975
*To the Far Blue Mountains, 1976
*The Rider of Lost Creek, 1976
*Where the Long Grass Blows, 1976
*Borden Chantry, 1977
*Fair Blows the Wind, 1978
*Bendigo Shafter, 1978
*The Mountain Valley War, 1978
*Iron Marshall, 1979
*The Proving Trail, 1979
*The Warrior's Path, 1980
*Lonely on the Mountain, 1980
*Yondering (stories), 1980
*The Strong Shall Live (stories), 1980
*Buckskin Run (stories), 1981
*Milo Talon, 1981
*Comstock Lode, 1981
*The Cherokee Trail, 1982
*The Shadow Riders, 1982
*The Law Of The Desert Born (stories), 1983
*Bowdrie (stories), 1983
*The Lonesome Gods, 1983
*Ride the River, 1983
*The Walking Drum, 1984
*The Hills Of Homicide (stories), 1984
*Bowdrie's Law (stories), 1984
*Son of a Wanted Man, 1984
*Frontier (essays), 1984
*Passin' Through, 1985
*Jubal Sackett, 1985
*Last of the Breed, 1986
*Trail to the West (audio version), 1986
*The Night Over the Solomons (stories), 1986
*Riding for the Brand (stories), 1986
*Dutchman's Flat (stories), 1986
*The Trail to Crazy Man (stories), 1986
*The Rider of the Ruby Hills (stories), 1986
*West from Singapore (stories), 1987
*The Haunted Mesa, 1987
*Lonigan (stories), 1988
*Long Ride Home (stories), 1989
*Education of a Wandering Man, 1989
*The Outlaws of Mesquite (stories), 1991
*Valley of the Sun (stories), 1995
*West of Dodge (stories), 1996
*End of the Drive (stories), 1997
*Beyond the Great Snow Mountains (stories), 1999
*May There Be a Road (stories), 2001
*With These Hands, 2002
Photo by John Kamilton/Globe Photos