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Title: The Greatest Showman [Blue, Black and White Mixed Vinyl] [B&N Exclusive], Artist: Pre-Order Now
Title: Stranger Things [Music from the Original Netflix Series] [With Poster] [B&N Exclusive], Artist:
Title: I Wish You Love: More From the Bodyguard [Exclusive Cover] [B&N Exclusive], Artist: Whitney Houston Pre-Order Now
Title: American Teen, Artist: Khalid
Title: La La Land [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack], Artist: Justin Paul
Title: Mamma Mia! [B&N Exclusive], Artist:
Title: Stranger Things 2 [Original Series Soundtrack], Artist: Kyle Dixon
Title: Hot Fuss, Artist: The Killers
Title: Rio Grande Mud, Artist: ZZ Top
Title: Sweet Revenge, Artist: John Prine
Title: ÷ (Divide) [2LP 45rpm 180-Gram Vinyl w/Digital Download], Artist: Ed Sheeran
Title: Holy Diver, Artist: Dio
Title: Harry Styles [180 Gram LP], Artist: Harry Styles
Title: Thriller, Artist: Michael Jackson
Title: The Thrill of It All, Artist: Sam Smith
Title: Kind of Blue [180-Gram Vinyl], Artist: Miles Davis
Title: Tres Hombres, Artist: ZZ Top
Title: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Artist: The Beatles
Title: Blue Moon Swamp [Blue Vinyl] [B&N Exclusive], Artist: John Fogerty
Title: Back to Black, Artist: Amy Winehouse

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