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Title: The Complete Peter Rabbit (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions), Author: Beatrix Potter
Title: Brahms' Lullaby, Author: Suzanne Vasilak
Title: Johnny Castleseed, Author: Edward Ormondroyd
Title: Mary Had a Little Lamb, Author: Suzanne Vasilak
Title: Hill and the Rock, Author: David McKee
Title: Just a Minute!, Author: Anita Harper
Title: First Book for Bedtime, Author: Modern Publishing
Title: Today I Thought I'd Run Away, Author: Jane Johnson
Title: Me and Marie, Author: Patty McGurn
Title: Butterfingers, Author: Dennis Reader
Title: Marvel Universe, Author: Peter Sanderson
Title: Sharks, Author: Mojetta
Title: Babar Eats Lunch, Author: Laurent de Brunhoff
Title: Goody New Shoes, Author: Harriet Ziefert
Title: Babar and His Friends in Celesteville, Author: Laurent de Brunhoff
Title: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Author: Van Gooc
Title: Babar Story Book: The Show Must Go On, Author: Jean de Brunhoff
Title: Muppet Babies Big Book of Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales, Author: Lauren Attinella
Title: Fireman Bear, Author: Western Promotional Books Staf
Title: Babar Gets Dressed, Author: Laurent de Brunhoff

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