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Title: The Art of War (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions), Author: Sun Tzu
Title: The Art of War and Other Classics of Eastern Thought (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions), Author: Various Authors
Title: The Philosopher's Notebook, Author: Quid Publishing
Title: Wise Words: Philosophy for Everyday Life, Author: Stephen Trombley
Title: Philosophy in 50 Milestone Moments, Author: Daniel Smith
Title: The 15-Minute Philosopher, Author: Anne Rooney
Title: Art of War: The New Illustrated Edition, Author: Sun Tzu
Title: Symposium and Phaedrus, Author: Plato
Title: Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar...: Understanding Philosophy through Jokes, Author: Thomas Cathcart
Title: Albert Einstein: Out of My Later Years, Author: Albert Einstein
Title: The Art of War (Barnes & Noble Signature Editions), Author: Sun Tzu
Title: The Ways of the Samurai: From Ronins to Ninjas to the Fiercest Warriors in Japanese History, Author: Carol Gaskin
Title: Zen Lessons: The Art of Leadership, Author: Thomas Cleary
Title: Tao Te Ching: A New Translation & Commentary, Author: Lao Tzu
Title: Rights of Man (Essential Thinkers Series), Author: Thomas Paine
Title: The I Ching Gift Set, Author: Wu Wei
Title: The Story of Civilization: The Age of Reason Begins, Author: Will Durant
Title: I Ching: The Classic Chinese Oracle of Change, Author: Rudolf Ritsema
Title: Dictionary of Philosophy 3e, Author: A. R. Lacey
Title: Alpha Beta: How 26 Letters Shaped the Western World, Author: John Man

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