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Title: The Art of War (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions), Author: Sun Tzu
Title: The Philosopher's Notebook, Author: Quid Publishing
Title: The Prince, Author: Niccolò Machiavelli
Title: How the Scots Invented the Modern World, Author: Arthur Herman Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The 15-Minute Philosopher, Author: Anne Rooney
Title: Forgotten Fatherland: The Search for Elisabeth Nietzsche, Author: Ben Macintyre
Title: The I Ching Gift Set, Author: Wu Wei
Title: The 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written: The History of Thought from Ancient Times toToday, Author: Martin Seymour-Smith
Title: The Military Experience in the Age of Reason: 1715-1789, Author: Christopher Duffy
Title: Philosophy (Big Questions Series), Author: Simon Blackburn
Title: The Story of Civilization: The Age of Reason Begins, Author: Will Durant
Title: Philosophy of St.Thomas Aquinas, Author: Etienne Gilson
Title: Tao of Zen, Author: Ray Grigg
Title: History of God: The 4000 Year Quest for Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Author: Karen Armstrong
Title: Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Barnes & Noble Signature Editions), Author: Friedrich Nietzsche Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Walden and Other Writings, Author: Henry David Thoreau
Title: Sayings of Confucius, Author: Mark Williams
Title: Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World's Undeciphered Scripts, Author: Andrew Robinson
Title: Sayings of Confucius, Author: Confucius
Title: Selections from Protagoras, Republic, Phaedrus, Gorgias (Essential Thinkers Series), Author: Plato

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