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Title: Artificial Africas: Colonial Images in the Times of Globalization / Edition 1, Author: Ruth Mayer
Title: African Cinemas: Decolonizing the Gaze, Author: Olivier Barlet
Title: Beyond Casablanca: M. A. Tazi and the Adventure of Moroccan Cinema, Author: Kevin Dwyer
Title: African Experiences of Cinema, Author: Imruh Bakari
Title: Sub-Saharan African Films and Filmmakers: An Annotated Bibliography, 1987-1992, Author: Nancy J. Schmidt
Title: African Cinema, Author: Manthia Diawara
Title: In Darkest Hollywood - Exploring the Jungles of Cinema's South Africa, Author: Peter David
Title: Issac Julien: True North-Fantome Afrique, Author: Isaac Julien
Title: The Making of the African Queen, Author: Katharine Hepburn
Title: African Cinema: Politics and Culture, Author: Manthia Diawara
Title: Kings of the Jungle: An Illustrated Reference to ¿Tarzan¿ on Screen and Television, Author: David Fury
Title: Media in Africa and Africa in the Media, Author: Gretchen Walsh
Title: A State in the Making: Myth, History, and Social Transformation in Pre-Colonial Ufipa, Author: Roy G. Willis
Title: Africa Shoots Back: Alternative Perspectives in Sub-Saharan Francophone African Film, Author: Melissa Thackway
Title: Francophone African Cinema: History, Culture, Politics and Theory, Author: K. Martial Frindethie
Title: Africa Shoots Back: Alternative Perspectives in Sub-Saharan Francophone African Film / Edition 1, Author: Melissa Thackway
Title: Postcolonial Images: Studies in North African Film / Edition 1, Author: Roy Armes
Title: See So That We May See: Performances and Interpretations of Traditional Tales from Tanzania, Author: Peter Seitel
Title: Arab and African Film Making, Author: Lizbeth Malkmus
Title: When Whites Riot: Writing Race and Violence in American and South African Cultures, Author: Sheila Smith McKoy

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