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Title: Locally Laid: How We Built a Plucky, Industry-changing Egg Farm - from Scratch, Author: Lucie B. Amundsen
Title: The Beekeeper's Bible: Bees, Honey, Recipes & Other Home Uses, Author: Richard A. Jones
Title: Beekeeping For Dummies, Author: Howland Blackiston
Title: The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre!, Author: Carleen Madigan
Title: How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog): Visionary Scientists and a Siberian Tale of Jump-Started Evolution, Author: Lee Alan Dugatkin
Title: Backyard Beekeeper - Revised and Updated: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden, Author: Kim Flottum
Title: Raising Chickens For Dummies, Author: Kimberly Willis
Title: Smoke the Donkey: A Marine's Unlikely Friend, Author: Cate Folsom
Title: The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals: Choose the Best Breeds for Small-Space Farming, Produce Your Own Grass-Fed Meat, Gather Fresh Eggs, Collect Fresh Milk, Make Your Own Cheese, Keep Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, Rabbits, Goats, Sheep, Pigs,, Author: Gail Damerow
Title: The Bee Book, Author: Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff
Title: The Horse Encyclopedia, Author: Elwyn Hartley Edwards
Title: Honeybee Democracy, Author: Thomas D. Seeley
Title: Saving Simon: How a Rescue Donkey Taught Me the Meaning of Compassion, Author: Jon Katz
Title: The Chicken Chick's Guide to Backyard Chickens: Simple Steps for Healthy, Happy Hens, Author: Kathy Shea Mormino
Title: The Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folklore, Author: Hilda M. Ransome
Title: The Beekeeper's Problem Solver: 100 Common Problems Explored and Explained, Author: James E. Tew
Title: The Practical Beekeeper Volume I, Ii & Iii Beekeeping Naturally, Author: Michael Bush
Title: Raising Goats For Dummies, Author: Cheryl K. Smith
Title: Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals / Edition 7, Author: Rowen D. Frandson
Title: The Screaming Goat, Author: Running Press

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