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Title: The New England Mind: The Seventeenth Century, Author: Perry Miller
Title: In the Name of the Father: Washington's Legacy, Slavery, and the Making of a Nation, Author: Francois Furstenberg
Title: The American Enlightenment, 1750-1820 / Edition 1, Author: Robert A. Ferguson
Title: Prodigal Daughters: Susanna Rowson's Early American Women, Author: Marion Rust
Title: The Seduction Novel of the Early Nation: A Call for Socio-Political Reform / Edition 1, Author: Donna R. Bontatibus
Title: Main Currents In American Thought Vol. 1, Author: Vernon Louis Parrington
Title: Executing Race: Early American Women's Narratives of Race, Society, and the Law, Author: SHARON M HARRIS
Title: Democracy, Revolution, and Monarchism in Early American Literature, Author: Paul Downes
Title: Paradise Lost and the Rise of the American Republic, Author: Lydia Dittler Schulman
Title: The Writings of Jonathan Edwards: Theme, Motif and Style, Author: Bill Scheick
Title: The Plight of Feeling: Sympathy and Dissent in the Early American Novel, Author: Julia A. Stern
Title: Jonathan Edwards: A Reference Guide, Author: M. X. Lesser
Title: Puritan Poets and Poetics: Seventeenth-Century American Poetry in Theory and Practice, Author: Peter L. White
Title: Captivity and Sentiment: Cultural Exchange in American Literature, 1682-1861, Author: Michelle Burnham
Title: New World, Known World: Shaping Knowledge in Early Anglo-American Writing, Author: David Read
Title: Democratic Personality: Popular Voice and the Trial of American Authorship, Author: Nancy Ruttenburg
Title: Major Writers of Early American Literature: Introductions to Nine Major Writers, Author: Everett Emerson
Title: Writing in the New Nation: Prose, Print, and Politics in the Early United States, Author: Larzer Ziff
Title: Revolutionary Histories: Cultural Crossings 1775-1875, Author: W. Verhoeven
Title: Truth's Ragged Edge: The Rise of the American Novel, Author: Philip F. Gura

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