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Title: The Trojan War in Ancient Art / Edition 1, Author: Susan Woodford
Title: The Parthenon, Author: Mary Beard
Title: The Greek Vase: Art of the Storyteller, Author: John H Oakley
Title: The Parthenon Marbles: The Case for Reunification / Edition 3, Author: Christopher Hitchens
Title: The Parthenon Enigma, Author: Joan Breton Connelly
Title: Mistress of the Elgin Marbles: A Biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin, Author: Susan Nagel
Title: Disarmed: The Story of the Venus de Milo, Author: Gregory Curtis
Title: Aphrodite's Tortoise: The Veiled Woman of Ancient Greece, Author: Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
Title: The Acropolis: Global Fame, Local Claim, Author: Eleana Yalouri
Title: Minoan & Mycenaean Art (World of Art), Author: Reynold Higgins
Title: Greek Sculpture: The Late Classical Period and Sculpture in Colonies and Overseas (World of Art), Author: John Boardman
Title: The Palace of Minos at Knossos, Author: Chris Scarre
Title: Athenian Red Figure Vases: The Classical Period (World of Art), Author: John Boardman
Title: Worshipping Athena: Panathenaia And Parthenon, Author: Jenifer Neils
Title: Understanding Greek Vases: A Guide to Terms, Styles, and Techniques, Author: Andrew Clark
Title: Classic Greek Masterpieces of Sculpture, Author: Photini N. Zaphiropoulou
Title: Reading Greek Vases, Author: Ann Steiner
Title: The Parthenon: From Antiquity to the Present, Author: Jenifer Neils
Title: The Archaic Style in Greek Sculpture, Author: Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway
Title: Style and Politics in Athenian Vase-Painting: The Craft of Democracy, circa 530-470 BCE, Author: Richard T. Neer

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