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Title: The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Author: Richard H. Wilkinson
Title: Egyptian Birth Signs: The Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Horoscope, Author: Storm Constantine
Title: The Book of Doors Divination Deck: An Alchemical Oracle from Ancient Egypt, Author: Athon Veggi
Title: Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt: Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart, Author: Nicki Scully
Title: Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt: The One and the Many, Author: Erik Hornung
Title: Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods / Edition 1, Author: Dimitri Meeks
Title: Gods and Myths of Ancient Egypt, Author: Robert A. Armour
Title: Gods and Symbols of Ancient Egypt: An Illustrated Dictionary, Author: Manfred Lurker
Title: A Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Author: George Hart
Title: Eye of Horus, Author: David Lawson
Title: The Egyptian Gods: A Handbook, Author: Alan W. Shorter
Title: Gods of Ancient Egypt, Author: Barbara Watterson
Title: Kindgotter im Agypten der griechisch-romischen Zeit Zeugnisse aus Stadt und Tempel als Spiegel des Interkulturellen Kontakts, Author: D Budde
Title: Egypt: Gods, Myths and Religion, Author: Max Wade-Matthew
Title: The Neteru of Kemet: An Introduction, Author: Tamara Siuda-Legan
Title: God and Myths of Ancient Egypt, Author: Robert A. Armour
Title: Syro-Palestinian Deities in New Kingdom Egypt, Author: Keiko Tazawa
Title: Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods, Author: G. M. Goshgarian
Title: Ancient Egypt: An Illustrated Reference to the Myths, Religions, Pyramids and Temples of the Land of the Pharaohs, Author: Lorna Oakes
Title: Gods and Men in Egypt: 3000 BCE to 395 CE, Author: Francoise Dunand

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