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Title: Homosexuality in Greek Myth, Author: Bernard Sergent
Title: Lukian von Samosata - Alexandros oder der Lugenprophet: Eingeleitet, herausgegeben, ubersetzt und erklart von Ulrich Victor, Author: Ulrich Victor
Title: Restless Dead: Encounters between the Living and the Dead in Ancient Greece, Author: Sarah Iles Johnston
Title: Religions orientales - culti misterici: Neue Perspektiven - nouvelles perspectives - prospettive nuove, Author: Jorg Rupke
Title: The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece, Author: M. Rigoglioso
Title: Gospel Message and Hellenistic Culture, Author: Jean Daniélou
Title: Religious Teachers of Greece: Being Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion Delivered at Aberdeen, Author: James Adam
Title: Greek Way of Death, Author: Robert Garland
Title: Homeric Gods: The Spiritual Significance of Greek Religion, Author: Walter Friedrich Otto
Title: New Heroes in Antiquity: From Achilles to Antinoos, Author: Christopher P. Jones
Title: The Religion of Ancient Greece, Author: Thaddeus Zielinski
Title: Ancient Greek Religion, Author: Jon D. Mikalson
Title: Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Greek Religion, Judaism, and Christianity, 100 BC to AD 200, Author: Maria-Zoe Petropoulou
Title: Athens in Jerusalem: Classical Antiquity and Hellenism in the Making of the Modern Secular Jew, Author: Yaacov Shavit
Title: Magika Hiera: Ancient Greek Magic and Religion, Author: Christopher A. Faraone
Title: Personal Religion Among the Greeks, Author: Andre-Jean Festugiere
Title: The Sacred and the Feminine in Ancient Greece, Author: Sue Blundell
Title: In the Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks, Author: Fiona Macdonald
Title: The Uses of Greek Mythology / Edition 1, Author: Ken Dowden
Title: Greek Mysteries: The Archaeology of Ancient Greek Secret Cults, Author: Michael B. Cosmopoulos

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