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Title: Athanasius and Constantius: Theology and Politics in the Constantinian Empire, Author: Timothy D. Barnes
Title: The Early Church and the State, Author: Agnes Cunningham
Title: The ecclesiastical edicts of the Theodosian code, Author: William Kenneth Boyd
Title: Poverty And Leadership In The Later Roman Empire / Edition 1, Author: Peter Brown
Title: Ambrose: Church and Society in the Late Roman World / Edition 1, Author: John Moorhead
Title: Poverty and Leadership in the Later Roman Empire, Author: Peter Brown
Title: From Constantine To Julian, Author: Samuel Lieu
Title: Christians and the Roman Empire, Author: Marta Sordi
Title: Beyond the Empire: Rome and the Church From Constantine to Charlemagne, Author: Desmond O'Grady
Title: Jesus and the Politics of his Day, Author: E. Bammel
Title: Church and State in Early Christianity, Author: Hugo Rahner