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Title: Killer Whale vs. Great White Shark (Who Would Win?), Author: Jerry Pallotta
Title: Whale vs. Giant Squid (Who Would Win?), Author: Jerry Pallotta
Title: Great Migrations: Whales (National Geographic Readers Series), Author: Laura Marsh
Title: A Whale of a Tale!: All About Porpoises, Dolphins, and Whales (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library Series), Author: Bonnie Worth
Title: Amazing Whales!, Author: Sarah L. Thomson
Title: Humphrey the Lost Whale: A True Story, Author: Wendy Tokuda
Title: The Blue Whale, Author: Jenni Desmond
Title: Whales: The Gentle Giants (Step into Reading Book Series: A Step 3 Book), Author: Joyce Milton
Title: The Eye of the Whale: A Rescue Story, Author: Jennifer O'Connell Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Wild Whale Watch (Magic School Bus Chapter Book Series #3), Author: Eva Moore
Title: Whales, Author: Gail Gibbons
Title: Journey of a Humpback Whale (DK Readers Level 2 Series), Author: Caryn Jenner
Title: Big Blue Whale (Read and Wonder Series), Author: Nicola Davies
Title: Trapped! A Whale's Rescue, Author: Robert Burleigh
Title: Narwhal, Author: Katie Marsico
Title: Baby Whales Drink Milk (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1 Series), Author: Barbara Juster Esbensen
Title: The Whale Who Won Hearts: And More True Stories of Adventures with Animals (National Geographic Chapters Series), Author: Brian Skerry Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Grandes Migraciones: Las Ballenas (Great Migrations: Whales), Author: Laura Marsh
Title: Blue Whales, Author: Ruth Bjorklund
Title: Killer Whales (Children's Press Nature's Children Series), Author: Charnan Simon

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